The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, July 31, 2011

You can tell by the signs

You can tell by the signs that the Tea Party is winning or at least is gaining support and scarring the hell out of many members of Congress, the Justice Department and especially the White House.

For instance; Robby Mook, DCCC Executive Director would like you to believe that the “Radical Tea Party Republicans are pushing our economy to the brink of disaster”. His words, not mine.

A Democrat member of Congress; quoted as saying “The Tea Party is not fit to lead” and any of them are?

SEIU and others; “The Tea Party is nothing more than a pack of white, gun packing, slack jawed hillbillies and  KKK hooded racist”.

The far left has tried every trick and spewed every lie in the book to discredit both the Tea Party and any Tea Party member vying for political office or who has a vocal platform.

The GOP has tried to align itself with the Tea Party in hopes of gaining support from conservatives but have received cool receptions because of their political Washington Mafia stance.

Every day the Tea Party gains more and more support as the once complacent public awakens to the political nightmares that have been bestowed upon them by their elected officials out of political greed for power and money.

The good news is that we have ample time to prod the sleeping giant into a tsunami tidal 2012 election and scour out the Washington house.

The bad news is that we have little time to pick a real genuine and honest, non Mafia inflicted candidate that will go up against the biggest funded bunch of Mafioso’s to ever infest DC and who will stop at nothing to hold on to power.

We have in our midst; a couple of candidates now vying for presidential position that very well could be the dreaded wolf in sheep’s clothing (The Washington Mafia).

If we should be so unfortunate as to select one of these, it will appear at first, to be a victory but will soon find us back to the same sad position that we are in today and could even swing the pendulum to the left again. It is all a sad game of who is worse of the two.

Let us all hope that the Tea Party is successful in vetting the right candidate for the job and let us get the Mafia out of the government. You can actually see by how the media reacts as to what candidate is a real Tea Party patriot and who is the wolf in disguise.

The harder the “Lame Stream” media tries to trash a potential candidate, the better they look to me and for good reason; they are all terrified that their Mafia may crumble.

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