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Thursday, July 7, 2011

ATF firearms used in Border Patrolman murder

What possible good can come by the resignation of ATF department head Kenneth Melson over the fast and furious gun runner fiasco?

As long as Obama is in office, replacing department heads will simply be a dog and pony event and government tyranny will continue to thrive. This has also been the case with other past presidents as well because throwing department heads under the bus usually take the heat off of the situation.

It should be plain by now, however, that the ATF has no legitimate or good reason for its existence, “after all prohibition was repealed years ago”, but is a very useful tool to keep around in case some despot needs another police agency to carry out some dirty work.

It should be pointed out that the ATF is being used today primarily, as a tool by the Obama administration, for the treasonous task of usurping the 2nd amendment. I have long since lost count as to how many reasons that there are to either impeach Obama or better yet arrest him for treason.

Thanks to those patriotic officers in the ATF who still believe in the USA and the Constitution that they saw fit to blow the whistle on the treasonous shenanigans perpetrated by the white house and the department of justice.

What Obama and Holder were trying to do was to have the media somehow discover that firearms that had been purchased in Texas by some bad boys found their way into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and criminally used against the US border patrol and others.

The newspaper headlines were supposed to have read something like this;

Texas Guns used by Mexican Drug Cartel” Followed by;

“Thousands of firearms sold by Texas gun dealers are falling into the hands of Mexican drug cartel and being used against border patrols and to kill innocent people”.

Instead the newspapers should now read;

ATF firearms used in Border Patrolman murder” Followed by;

“Firearms supplied by the ATF, used by Mexican drug cartel in the murder of border patrol officer”.

For the whole story by Martin Gould and Abigail Walls

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