The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law

Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law; by: Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Sometimes it is not good to be right about a prediction and I had prayed that I was wrong about this one.

Obama, or rather the Internationals, are taking full advantage of the past atrocities and treasonous acts committed against the US by our past and present Congress and various unscrupulous Presidents, including the present.

Over time they have eroded our constitutional system and have placed unconstitutional demands (Unlawful Laws) into play and have now most of what they need to place the US into a complete dictatorship.

Although we can not blame Obama for its implication entirely, he surely has done nothing to stop it and has done much to further it along with his various unconstitutional and perhaps even treasonous acts. In fact he is putting on the finishing touches and needs one more term to complete it.

Anyone who has been keeping track of Obama's agenda, whether reported or not by the media, would have to come to that conclusion period. Most citizens are not aware of what is going on simply because of their misguided trust in the media.

The war with Iran is just a farce and excuse to implement Marshall law and the reason for the Marshall law is two fold; it will probably coincide with the upcoming presidential election and be an excuse to postpone it and once Marshall law is implemented, it could very well and probably will jell into a permanent rule.

That is where the so called Obamacare plan comes into play as it is a draft with a scope large enough to rule the country without the "Laws of the Land" namely the constitution. Yes Pelosi, we have read it, now that it has passed.

Are we about to see Obama's face on buildings and the US flag, Kremlin style?

Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law; by: Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The GOP is committing suicide

The Republicans are in the process of committing suicide and we will surely witness the funeral this coming November.

The GOP has only one contender that could beat Obama this fall but they would rather throw the match and allow Obama the second term, that he needs to finish of the Constitution once and for all, than allow a real patriot a shot at the White House because they know that if Ron Paul gets elected it could spell trouble for all those that are corrupted and committing treasonous acts.

Few are willing to vote for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich because the GOP has failed to head the wishes of the people and are not seen as being much different from the Democrats. And that means that the masses will stay at home glued to the sports channel and the savvy folk will start preparing themselves for the inevitable end of America.

Ron Paul on the other hand would inspire the masses to get out and vote and he would receive votes from all of the parties including the GOP folks that can't stand the so called front runners, the dissatisfied with Obama Democrats, the Libertarians, the Independents and a good share of the Tea Party.

I am beginning to expect Ron Paul running on either the Libertarian or the Independent party if he doesn't secure a brokered deal with the GOP and giving the political climate of the day, this could now be the time for a third party candidate to win.

Let's hope that something like this happens, or else it is all over but the crying.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The brewing battle

The brewing battle:

If you’re a fan of the media including the Fox News, the battle for the White House is all about jobs, national debt and taxes and they pound us with that idea day after day.

They are all wrong as none of these factors are of any significant importance to the “leading” candidates or to the potus sitting in the White House. Actually the media probably knows as much but works overtime to keep hush about the real issues of the day and ignore and demonize those that would try to expose the real issues at hand.

The national debt, oversize government, lack of jobs and over taxation are very important issues but are of no significant importance if we as a nation can’t regain our freedom and can’t escape the clutches of corruption that has permeated government from the Oval Office right down to the city parking meter attendants.

And yet none of these will even make any difference unless we can release ourselves from the chains and shackles of foreign controlled banking concerns, namely the Federal Reserve which has the unbelievable position of being a private banking enterprise that makes money out of thin air, lends it to the government and never gets audited.

Moreover, and contrary to some presidential candidates, government can’t make real jobs, only private citizens that have the freedom to operate in a free marketplace, without government interference, can make jobs that create wealth.

Government can only make government jobs or government subsidized jobs and none of these jobs create wealth, they only create government debt that the citizen has to cough up for in more taxes along with added government regulations.

The battles for the White House, for Congress along with the state elected officials are now a live or die situation and our very freedoms are at stake. It makes me furious when the media coddles some of the candidates that proclaim to be the best man for creating jobs and slashing government spending with nary a mention of the fact that our freedom is rasping its last breath and the Constitution is being ripped up before our very eyes. These politicians are not only out of touch with the citizen but out of touch with reality.

If a candidate does not have the guts to even mention an issue they most certainly will not have the courage or even the desire to try and correct the issue. It is far more important at times to listen to what the candidates are not saying and what most candidates are not saying today is quite a mouth full. Ron Paul is hated by the media because he does say it.

What is it that propels people to commit mass political suicide as if they were lemmings jumping into the sea? Is the media really the pied piper?

Why does history have to repeat itself over and over again? Have Americans so forgotten about Hitler, Stalin and the slew of other historical despots that reigned terror, genocide and destruction that they are now stone blind to the dangers of tyranny and deceit?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Washington Caucus, Snohomish county precinct 37, Kenmore Community Center 2012

Washington Caucus, Snohomish county precinct 37, Kenmore Community Center 2012

Response to the WA caucus was overwhelming as to the projected expectations and the hall was overfilled to the point that they had to take down the tables along three walls that held 3 precincts each on them in order to get every one in the door. There were concerns about exceeding the capacity due to fire codes and for awhile because it was so crowded I was concerned about how in the world it could even possibly come off.

Perhaps because of the confusion the delegates were elected before the campaign speeches, maybe to ensure that time would not run out or becomes a factor, but the job was done in record time in spite of the fact that it was so chaotic.

In precinct 37, that I was there for, there were 9 precinct members attending and 5 of us were Ron Paul supporters even though a couple of Ron’s supporters couldn’t show up, there were also 3 Mitt Romney and one Rick Santorum supporters.

As it turned out, all of the 3 elected delegates in my precinct are supporters of Ron Paul. Paul Addis, Cathy Addis and myself.

While we were all standing out side in the 3 lines to get vetted so that we could get in, I especially took notice of how many folks were wearing badges, T shirts or pins and at least 25% of those in line were wearing something of that nature and nearly 100% of those were Ron Paul supporters.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when later I saw in the news that Mitt Romney was reportedly the winner with 37% and Ron Paul was only 25%.

That would mean that all of the counted Ron Paul supporters were badge wearers and although I know that many Ron Paul people were there without pins, or badges, their votes must not have counted. Then of course maybe Bothell is a hot bed of Ron Paul folks and King County or elsewhere sways to the tune of Mitt.

If my district was over 50 % Ron Paul folks, 25% of the folks there were wearing Paul badges and yet there were folks there that were Ron Paul supporters without badges, then how in the dickens could Mitt Romney pull off 37% and Ron Paul only 25%? It doesn’t add up.

Unless the system can somehow be further compromised beyond our control, I think that the actual elected delegates will tell a far different story as Ron Paul’s delegates get tallied in the end.

When you begin to realize that the same skewed main stream media that bends over backwards to support Obama and the entire left, liberal progressive movement also panders to some of the GOP candidates and yet works overtime to ignore or demonize candidates like Ron Paul, it really make you wonder what is going on, or at least it should.