The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Last Sitting President

James Manning has the same fear that I have expressed a number of times.

It may seem as though folks are waking up in mass, and I truly hope that they are, and are discovering just how bad things are and are planning to go to the election polls to create a tsunami tidal wave this next election.

However, I fear greatly that the international bankers and the Washington Mafia will pull out all the stops and will resort to anything to keep Obama in power.

We can thank our lucky stars that Obama has not quite yet stolen our guns and that he has not yet raised his army of brown shirts, that he has told us that he intends to raise, but you better believe that his cronies are working on it full time.

Obama has already raised massive amounts of cash for his reelection and is expected to exceed a billion dollars. How much more money and influence the international banking community and his other cronies will raise beside that massive amount of campaign cash is unimaginable.

One thing for sure, you can expect voter fraud to run rampant this next election and you can better well believe that the old, or should I say new old, Black Panther Movement will be there at the polls just hanging out for Barry's best interests again.

Acorn will be there as well however they will be disguised with a myriad of shiny new names for their illicit organizations for the purpose of stream lining the voting process as Obama has promised us already in the past.

No one here in Washington state has come forward yet and explained just how they are going to prevent the Washington state ballets from being fraudulently changed by someone who has a pencil in their hand and access to them. This ballet was either intentionally designed for the intentions of perpetrating voter fraud or it was designed by the biggest idiot to ever grace our legislature and I also strongly feel that it has handily been used for that purpose already.

Do you really think that you can take another fifty years of Obama?

That would amount to the same thing as convicting every US citizen, except the elite bankers and politicians, and sentencing them all to life imprisonment.

Whether we like it or not, we are going to witness the biggest and most important event of our American history in the next year and it is going to be plenty interesting.

Keep that powder dry.

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