The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who is going to get tossed under the bus next? Will it be Obama?

Who is going to get tossed under the bus next? Will it be Obama?

What is really going on or why was the IRS scandal leaked and why is the AP now finally accusing Obama of misdeeds?

First it was “Fast and Furious” then Benghazi, followed by the IRS scandal and now the AP wire tap by Obama? Of course this is but a very short list of his perpetrated crimes.

Obama has given the term Slick Wiley a new face and new meaning as he is about the closest thing to Teflon that we have seen.

With the full and intense help of Eric Holder and the “Mainstream Media”, Obama has shed allegations of criminal misconduct like a duck sheds water and has, up to now, escaped prosecution and impeachment.

However the Benghazi scandal keeps growing bigger than the trio can cover with a bulldozer and is now threatening to unseat Obama and finally reveal to the world, those that are still asleep anyway, just what and who he really is.

Now it is well known that Eric Holder’s main job is to guard Obama’s flank and do his dirty work and it is also known that the mainstream media has been in fact Obama’s main ally and has helped Obama spin a mountain of lies into a grab for the White House and has helped him to all but trounce the Constitution and the freedom of the people with the likes of Obamacare and his myriad of Executive orders etc..

So if the real powers that lurk in the shadows feel that Obama is going to go down, despite the efforts of the media to cover for him, will they throw him under the bus in order to stay the course of seizing full control of America?

Someone leaked the IRS scandal after many months of it being suppressed for a reason and it was either Obama himself to try and take the heat off of Benghazi, or perhaps it was Hillary out for revenge and her power grab, or it could be someone else again.

As far as the Bankster owned AP; after years of spinning events into whatever best suited the progressives and aided the Democrats, they are all of a sudden now condemning Obama for transgressions of spying on telecommunications of more than 100 journalists who report on government and other matters.

It would appear that panic is rampant in the White House and the AP would like to distance themselves from the ship before it sinks, or rather the Shadow men need the AP to distance itself from Obama in order to stay on tract of furthering the Progressives.

It should be noted and remembered that to simply impeach Obama will not nullify his criminal actions and release us from tyranny; it will in fact take charges of high crimes and misdemeanors or treason to rid ourselves of his criminal actions and keep our freedom.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We need a thousand Paul Reveres

Behold a Pale Horse: America's Last Chance - Trailer (Part One)

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