The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, June 24, 2010

shut down the Internet

Say no to a government 'kill switch' for the Internet

A proposed law would give the president sweeping new powers to shut down the Internet if he declares a 'cyber emergency'

Article by Bill Snyder

Forcing economic evolution

Forcing economic evolution on energy prices is purely a political strategy bent on tendering more taxes on the already overtaxed while at the same time, fattening the wallets of those that have a vested interest in the dubious deed.

However going green seems, to many of us, as a good idea that should demand immediate attention and strong action and there may be some good reasons why we want to swing over to the green side both environmentally and to world mounting tensions over energy.

The biggest problem to jumping on the green bandwagon is the fact that the world is not running short of oil. On the contrary it seems as if we have huge proven fields that promise to last us for years to come and we’re still finding them. Jimmy Carter must be astounded by all the new found oil after all of those gas rationing tickets he printed.

Who in their right mind is going to mortgage the farm and spend the children’s college funds in order to fund a green startup that is doomed, at the start, by the fact that big oil has lots of oil and is not going to just sit around with capped wells and no income?

The fact that Obama and his cronies in congress want to drive up the price of energy to triple or more (CAP AND TAX), in the name of saving the planet, are simply ludicrous and especially in the light of our current economic crises, created by the government in the first place. How can I get on this gravy train? Sign me up.

Given the fact the supply and demand still rules the world; the only way that the government could enact the green movement would be to gain complete 100% control over energy use and maybe everything else. Given the track record of government running anything, the whole concept comes under serious but laughable doubt.

Although the Soros owned lame stream news media never reports anything of this nature, many folks have had some incredible ideas that would have been well received by any genuine green minded devotee.

For instance, someone had the idea of using solar panels to shade desert soil and grow crops not other wise possible at that location but came under scrutiny by the government as being harmful to the ecosystem. How can you propose green with a straight face and make silly rules such as that? I have spent some time with a similar but more reaching plan, but at this time, it is all just academic.

This is why going green will never work until its time has come. When will the time come? It will come when it is the best option of the moment and is driven by natural supply and demand. That demand may be caused by a real tangible shortage someday but not soon, by any means. However it may be caused sooner by world wide political strife and presidential politico driven moratoriums on drilling in the US.

Ford motors might just know something that we don’t; they are buying up lithium mines.

Keep your powder dry

Criminal Indecision

Reflecting on Obama’s blatant and criminal indecision to try and save the gulf from complete disaster brings me once again back to this thought. I really do hope that I'm wrong about all this; I would give anything to be wrong.

Earlier I had stated that Obama needed only three things to have his perfect excuse for enacting marshal (read that socialist, communist or fascist and once in place it will be permanent) law.

I said that he needed the presidential executive order which was put in place already by Bush, that he needed the health care bill to be passed and that he lastly needed a catastrophe to seal the deal.

I assumed that the catastrophe would be the crash of the US dollar that Obama has been working so hard to get and which in fact is looming but we now also have the Gulf oil spill. How handy is that?

Obama also needs the spill to be as devastating as he can get it in order to seal the CAP AND TAX fiasco that they all are drooling over. We’re talking about tripling your energy bill, running off what few industrial plants that we have left, killing off millions more jobs and sending our once proud and industrious workers to the streets to beg.

Obama knows that after the fall elections things are going to be much different in congress and he knows that he is running out of time before he becomes a lame and dead duck, his last two years in office, if in fact he is not impeached by then.

If the falls election process goes on unimpeded by the white house or congressional shenanigans, much of what he has accomplished will come under the hammer and will become an unfunded bill that will also become under the scrutiny of constitutional minded judges. This will render his coup attempt useless although he will have accomplished much damage to our country and economy.

Let us all hope, and also pray if you’re religious, that enough of our congressmen can see through his bold and brash attempt to transform our republic to a whimpering banana style communistic government where everyone is equal. That is equally poor except for those elitist that are in power or who are in good graces with those in power.

Those that have not noticed yet that their world is about to take a very nasty and undesirable turn, are incredibly naive or they are still asleep and cozy in their fantasy land. Don’t you think that it is high time to wake them up, before the wreck, not after?

Be sure to vote this fall and should things prevent that, keep your powder dry.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Voting rights under attack

The past several months I have been spouting off about losing our voting rights and that this fall could very well be your very last chance to vote. If we should manage to even get that far. Urgent, things are heating up.

What I have been saying is to get out this fall to vote because it may very well be your last chance to vote and to be sure to vote very wisely for the exact same reason.

There are several reasons for me saying that and I would like to show you one of those reasons that the entrenched thugs are doing at this very moment to prevent themselves from being booted out of office, this fall, by the enlightened and enraged public.

Obama told us months ago that he was going to revamp the election process in order to streamline the system. First he plans to automatically make any one who has any kind of federal record a voting citizen. Second he plans on having his league of thugs out gathering up voters and the same folks (once known as ACORN but now under different alliances) handle the voting and counting processes.

At the present time, Obama and his cronies are siccing the FEC (Federal Election Committee) on the very folks that are trying to clean up the corruption in government.

Is it not so very ironic that the very same organization the (FEC), which was supposedly enacted by congress in 1975 to prevent corruption in elections, would now be used by the corrupted elected officials who are still entrenched in office to destroy those folks that would try to fight the corruption in office?

At the present the Campaign for Liberty Foundation is under heavy attack by the FEC and needs your support. Please visit their web site and sign the petition in support of your freedom to freely vote this fall.

Please remember this: It is not about the Democrats versus the Republicans, it is not about abortion, it is not about race, it is not about what religion you happen to like.

This fall will be all about whether or not the voting public will put aside their petty wants and take the time to sort out the greedy politicians as usual, who promise everything and give nothing but grief in their quest of greed and try to find any candidate who has a little integrity.

Use your vote to fight the corruption in Washington but also Keep Your Powder Dry.


Good point to remember; Just because we might be a little paranoid, doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't out to get us.

Friday, June 11, 2010

It is time for all good citizens to ask themselves two questions.

It is time for all good citizens to ask themselves two questions.

We know that hordes of American citizens are waking up to the reality of politics as usual and are becoming very concerned if not downright angry about the wholesale corruption in congress and the white house.

Why is it that these same enlightened folks cannot defeat these incumbent politicians, at the poles, that have proven themselves to be self serving greedy parasites unworthy of office and perhaps deserving jail time? A primary example of this is the recent blatant victory of every incumbent politico parasite in the California primary. Lets hope that we can do much better this fall.

The answer; we have allowed them to rig the system whereas our votes have little or no meaning anymore due to such practices as gerrymandering the districts, giving free handouts and voting privileges to emigrants etc.

The second question is much more difficult to come to grips with.

How will we get these parasites out of office so that we can undo the past damages and install new laws that will protect our selves from future parasites and to better protect our constitution from these very same parasites?

As if things were not bad enough as is, we now also have to worry about the new threat of the progressive movement which is now being taking over by the real bad elements that are no longer inclined to wait for the natural progression of socialism to creep into our lives. These guys are openly Marxist communist radical revolutionaries and are advocating any means to overthrow our country and constitution including violence and ethic cleansing. Are these the same folks who support gun legislation or have they just used these misguided idiots to make there goal of destroying America easier?

I guess that make three questions. When will the average American start asking hard questions?

All that I can say is; don’t tell any one that you own guns or where you keep or hide them and keep your powder dry.

And be sure to vote this fall, it may very well be your last time to vote, if you all don't vote, and be sure to vote wisely.