The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Second Declaration by Keith Thompson

"Marxism in America" by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

Divide and conquer

Reading some of the rhetoric by conservatives I often have to wonder, when will folks get over the "you have got to be religious to be a good man" crap? I know some democrats as well as independents that are religious and some democrats are actually good people. I also prefer to believe that I am one of the good guys and I don’t have to pay a preacher off in order to claim it.

I think that religion has gotten to be another divider of the people only overshadowed by the folks who use racism to keep us divided. Never forget the great military strategy of divide and conquer, it works just as well, if not much better, in politics.

As long as the two parties are allowed to blame each other for our woes or as long as we think that being religious or not being religious are superior, we will never see any improvements in society or our government. It is the great politico scheme, and I don't see any real difference in the two parties, unless you can come up with two separate words that both mean fraudsters and cheats.

The solution to America's problems is not going to rely on which party is in office, but in how the American people can overcome the present one party system of corruption. Yes, there is good people in both parties and a lot of good people who aren’t in either party.

However, the most urgent problem that American's needs to solve is how to get rid of the presidential impostor now in office, stop the terrible machine that he has managed to set up so far and prevent him from implementing any more of his sinister plan. Obama came very close to pulling off his coup and he still might if we can't find a way to stop him from using the lame duck congress to finish his nefarious deeds.

What is a liberal?

When I was young, a long time ago, I considered myself as being somewhat liberal, or at least a nonconformist at heart and I still am. Some of the stuff that I was told as a youngster, even by well meaning people, was just all wrong.

As time wears on, reality sets in and changes your perspective on things but you also get caught up in the made to order issues of the politicos and you see how politicians can keep you from viewing what is really going on behind closed doors. Things such as abortion will never be settled by congress and should never be brought up to cloud real issues.

What is being displayed today as being liberal is anything but and it is nothing that I could ever be a part of.

Obama is not a liberal by any standards, he is a dyed in the wool communist and a presidential impostor.

I'm not religious but I believe in the US constitution and everything that it stands for.
I'm not a republican nor democrat instead I place my freedom over any party anytime.
I am a member of the tea party however and will be until someone hijacks it for their own personal use.
Mostly what I am is a US citizen who is way beyond being concerned with losing his freedom. Hell I have been warning folks of this for 40 years or so and until lately was always told that I was just all wet.

These days it is difficult in the least to determine what the definitions of liberals, democrats, republicans, right , left etc. are. But in the majority of the cases it is easy do define most politicians as being charlatans.

Maybe it is time to change all this, if we can. Meanwhile, I'm going to go on thinking that I'm a liberal thinking, freedom loving old foggy who still believes that the constitution is the greatest written contract on earth and still worth while fighting for.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Call to Action.

A Call to Action.

Texan’s have “Remember the Alamo” for a call to action slogan.

World war two submarine veterans have “All ahead forward, and damn the torpedoes”.

What should be America’s cry of action?

“Remember Valley Forge”?

“Remember the Liberty Bell”?

“Give us Liberty or Give Us Death”?

“Go West Young Man”?

“You can have my liberty after you pry my gun from my cold dead fingers”?

“Live Free or Die Fighting”?

Or should it be something a little more civil and sedate like “Change you can believe in”? Really?

Or perhaps it will be “Remember Obamacare”?

One thing is for sure, they are all fighting words and I do hope that we all remember all of the above, especially the last two so that we will never fall for such depravity again.

The problem with politics.

The problem with politics.

The problem with politics is that most of us resent being nothing more than a money well for those that have money.

Those that are in office are continually trying to raise your taxes in order that they can stuff more money in their own pockets and there is a number of ways that been invented by members of congress to implement this treachery handily. All of these treasonous acts are labeled as necessary to saving something from something and who on earth is going to vote for something that would purportedly harm a child or endanger a species, etc. If most folks would take the time to investigate these treasonous propositions that are perpetrated on the people they would realize the exact nefarious nature of the beasts.

During the campaigns for the election process, the incumbents are quick to use your tax dollars by various dubious methods (check out the illegal actions of Obama and Pelosi jetting around the country with your aircraft and spending your tax dollars to raise campaign money for their cronies) to rake in more campaigns funds and the wanabees are constantly calling on you to send in more and ever more donations to defeat the incumbents so that they can become the incumbents who in turn can repeat the money cycle forever.

Let us pray that the Tea Party folks, when elected to office, can somehow resist the temptations of the cookie jar and keep their minds on the business at hand that inspired them to action.

This fall will set a new high level in the amount of money ever spent in an election and the fact that this in not even a presidential election should give you some insight as to how important this race is and also give you some clue as to how close we all are to losing our freedom.

In today’s world, it is not enough to simply cast a vote for someone that you think would do a better job of running our country. In fact most folks have given up voting because they can no longer see any difference in any of the candidates that are running for office and they are quite right in their astute observations.

However obvious it is, that there is but little difference in the Democrats and the Republicans, it is important this fall to vote for a Republican over a Democrat in order to bust up the Obama coup attempt. Yes please vote for a republican even if you have to suppress gagging as in the case of voting for Dino Rossi over the sad Patty Murray.

It is going to take more than one election to get our freedom back, after all we still have Obama to contend with yet and we can also un-elect the republicans should they prove to be politicians as usual and I’m quite sure that some, at least, will.

The problem is obvious, there is too much money at stake and winning by any means, no matter how nefarious, is a guaranteed way to get your fingers in the cookie jar. Once elected, you are in a league of elitist crooks who have contrived enough power that they no longer have much need for stealth.

Of course the new members of congress have to learn the ropes and rules of the game in order to become players and just like any game, the best players come out on top as a rule. The plan, on our part, should be to overwhelm the game with enough new players that we can instill new rules. Maybe we should call them old rules as designed by our drafters.

This is all good for the players, however bad for a free nation, and it is also good for the media because the media rakes in huge sums of money in the campaigns paid for by, no other than you, the tax payer and you, the generous contributor of campaign funds.

So while you are sending off your hard earned money in hopes of changing and improving government, you wind up lining the pockets of the media who in turn knows who butters their bread and gives them favorable but largely falsified reviews and inaccurate and sometime false accounts of their behavior and actions.

How can we overcome such a hypocritical and despicable operation? Simple; only support or vote for a candidate who will sign a contract that he or she will honor the sworn oath to uphold, abide by and protect the constitution of the United States of America, and hold him or her accountable to it.

Tricking the ballot

After struggling with the wording on several of the initiatives on the Washington Ballot, I finally sent it in yesterday.

The first initiative was I-1053 and I read and re-read it over a period of 4 or 5 days. Being stubborn and considering myself as being reasonably intelligent, I did not think it necessary to seek any professional counseling in order to get the proper interpretation of the initiative. I was wrong.

This morning I received, in the mail, a postcard, from a trusted source, with some recommendations as how to properly vote on several of the initiatives and I had all of them right except for the one that I had spent several days reading and re-reading.

Also this morning I received an E mail from another one of my trusted sources with further information in regards to the way that I had discovered that the ballots are set up so as to make it easy for anyone to fraudulently change your vote.

My suggestion was to cross out the name of the opposition so that no one could simply change your vote by crossing out your choice and making a new vote. However she suggested that that could nullify your vote or maybe your ballot entirely.

My questions hopefully will be much simpler to understand than the initiatives on the ballot.

Is our election process run by a pack of morons?

Is the whole damn election process contrived or designed, by sinister government officials, for the explicit purpose of nullifying your vote, in case you failed to vote properly, of course?

We know that the election process in many foreign countries are a total shame and joke, I’m beginning to see how our election process is going the same way.

A ballot that had been designed so that it can be altered by anyone after it is cast.

A ballot that has initiatives that are written to be misleading and difficult to read.

A president that has been allowed to set up his own election control board, i. e. the SEIU.

A president and Congress that is spending tax dollars and using government aircraft to raise campaign funds for members of his own party. Shows the importance of this race.

A president and Congress that has practically broken every rule and law in the nation to try and maintain democrat control of the congress during a midterm election.

A government including the White House Administration, Congress and the Judicial Department that has declared war on the Constitution of the United States and its people.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

To the honorable members of Congress.

To the honorable members of Congress.

Please obey the Constitution's limits on federal power.

These are very trying days for most Americans with today’s economy, high unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies and strained uncertainty.

Well over half of the nation is concerned with the loss of their freedom and the apparent and complete lack of regard for the citizen by most politicians who seem to still be in the same operational mode of self serving greed and shady contrivances.

The other half is either the zombies who were successfully brainwashed by the current progressive party or are folks that have not awakened to the real facts yet.

This fall’s election will not only be historically important, it will also show just how divided our nation has become due largely to the forces of the sinister works of incumbent elected officials who will stoop to any low to remain in office or those who will also use any vile means to get into office for the same nefarious reasons.

This fall’s election comes down to whether or not we will still have our freedoms and our country after the election and the aftermath of the expected revengeful attacks on our freedom by the large number of lame ducks that will be thrown out of office this fall.

Most of us believe that it is a travesty that any one who has been tossed out on their ear for not representing the people, should be able to go back to Congress, as a lame duck, and wreak havoc with a vote that can not be held accountable.

To all of those that may fit into the above dubious description, I would warn that all members of Congress will all be carefully watched by a number of concerned citizens and should the unthinkable happen, we will know who are, or should be, accountable.

I beg of each and everyone who has the power to influence the outcome of our freedom this fall, or at any other time, to put aside any self interest and become a member of the community of decent freedom loving Americans and refrain from tossing out the most valuable thing that we all cherish so much, our freedom.

Should any members of Congress not have a clear idea of what it is that I refer to, I have but this to say; please do nothing, with the exception of resigning your position in office.

There is no current bill in Congress with the exception of auditing the Fed, etc. worthwhile voting on and the vast majority of them would be detrimental to our freedoms.

Concerned Citizen


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Politician

The Politician

October 18, 2010 by Bob Livingston

"You have a choice between the natural stability of gold and the honesty and intelligence of the members of government. And with all due respect for those gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, vote for gold." –George Bernard Shaw.

I have written to you in the past that we must know the mind of government or pay a huge price and perhaps pay with our lives. Ask the people of World War II Germany.

They didn’t think that the National Socialists would be too bad. Then they thought that things would get better. Then they lost everything, and many lost their lives.

The U.S. today is a fascist state no different from Nazi Germany. The only thing missing is the swastika and the jackboots. American fascism is far advanced from the German National Socialists.

The State has had many years to build on the Nazi state. The machinery is fine tuned and the propaganda is far, far advanced over Herr Goebbels. This means that American fascism can advance its agenda much further without detection.

But our subject today is the politician. Moreover it is about the mentality of the politician/bureaucrat and the fringe big business and the investment bankers. The point is, if we know the mind of the politician, we know all the above. They are all in “the club.”

Right off purge the thought that “your elected representatives” are yours. They belong to the government. The government owns them and the government pays them. They don’t vote for you. They vote for the government.

One thing here, we are talking about politicians, not statesmen. Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the only statesman in Washington as far as I know.

What we’re about to do is describe and define the mentality of the American politician. We will profile them so that in the future we can read, decipher and know their minds.

Of course, it really is simple. If we believe the opposite of what they say (as I have taught my children) we will be on terra firma and we can know their Ponzi mentality and their despicable demeanor.

Politicians, bureaucrats, et al are wordsmiths. They twist words that sound good to us but lead to opposite conclusions. This semantic trickery is used in everything and in every proposed legislation.

Many are lawyers, and doublethink legalese is their forte. Their political life is all about deception. This is their cover so that they hide the fact that they work for the government.

I should now go back to explain the source of this evil stealth empire with moral rot that has become endemic. The source of this crescendo of total moral breakdown is the paper money syndrome.

Paper money fiat is directly the foundation of Machiavellian mentality. Politicians, et al have a defective gene which draws them toward politics and they feed on fiat no different from a cow feeding on grass. The politicians’ fiat mentality can be described as a parasite that attracts other parasites of like mind.

The fiat (paper money) mentality is rot and decay that attracts likes because they can’t survive independently as creators of wealth. They are destroyers and consumers of wealth. They love the politics of envy, they are the epitome of greed, selfishness, laziness and physical dependence on authoritarianism. They are vipers who eat their young. A police state is their ultimate dream.

They protect the power elite and they want power over the people at the people’s expense. They want the world in a concentration camp. They harbor a perfect hate for humanity and they would love the Gestapo. You remember, of course, that they almost unanimously passed (rubber stamped) the Homeland Security Act and the USA PATRIOT Act which police the American people.

They have not objected to turning America into a national concentration camp.

Politicians don’t know the truth from a lie and they live it. They live and breathe deception. The rule of law is for the peasants. Force should be used along with the mass murder of war if necessary. Tyranny is a prerogative of power.

Politicians want the political state in which they have the status of untouchables. Yes, politicians have the same psyche and privilege the world over, but at this point in history greed is more contained outside the U.S.

Politicians want to regulate everybody who is not in “the club.” They act as if they despise the people and reserve for themselves privilege. They are perpetually embittered at the producers and creators of wealth. They want to pile on horrendous taxes as perfectly wished by the bureaucracy.

They justify everything in their behalf. They are the frontline of a vindictive power elite culture, the worst in world history. Not a politician alive can understand that their orgy of oppression of the public and prestige and privilege for themselves is a house of cards built upon the quicksand of fiat money. They couldn’t possibly care about the generations yet unborn.

The truth is anathema!

Double jeopardy is a cruel joke. Incarceration without charge and trial is unannounced and the system drunk on the blood of the unsuspecting public will not admit it.

U.S. courts and Federal judges (U.S. prosecuting attorneys) have become Star Chambers. U.S. citizens cannot file criminal charges in the Federal system. The only judges to ever get prosecuted are the few who rule for the people and the Constitution.

More people are arrested and in jail in the U.S. than in the rest of the world which doesn’t have habeas corpus. Bush negated habeas corpus and it was reinstated for public consumption.

Everything in the U.S. is for sale. When will Americans ever discover that the foxes are in charge of the henhouse and that politicians are in secret league with the system like a wolf pack devouring the population?

The public has been trained to think in terms of what is legal and what is illegal. The politicians and their elite bosses operate above the law and outside the law. They place themselves outside the law, just as in Obamacare they placed themselves outside their health legislation. This is contempt for the people.

Their Achilles heel is that they all have a paper money mentality, the paper money syndrome. They are infected with rot which makes them believe that this inflated myth will go on forever with perfect bliss for themselves with privilege.

Politicians hate gold because their whole purpose is to stay in office, and fiat paper money is perfect for them. Have you ever heard any politician or bureaucrat mention gold in a positive way… other than Paul?

But thank God some Americans are waking up. They can see that higher and higher prices translate into cheaper paper money. No problem to see who loses in the paper money game.

At least some Americans are beginning to see that the Emperor has no clothes and that they see a culture within a culture. Obama a Muslim? The five pointed red star is an esoteric Muslim Order. Obama is not alone. Follow the trail of the serpent!

Politicians, bureaucrats, judges and their friends are untouchables. They are a parasite culture which produces nothing but organized crime at the highest levels.

Parasites in time consume their host. This is an organic phenomena that applies to criminal politics.

The saturation point is coming and it can’t be stopped. Sociopathic political behavior self destructs over time. Satan rends himself. Ethics and decency in politics are anathema. A politician is not a statesman and a statesman is not a politician.

Politics is power and politics creates predators. Money has surpassed self worth and dignity. Politics in America is incest with the government. “Just show me the money.”

Do we hear politicians warning Americans that the money creators (quantitative easing) are destroying their savings, their retirement and their purchasing power, as well as that of future generations?

The system is now beyond resolution. We are in the final stages of economic, social and moral collapse.

Investment banks have made billions while destroying America. They create financial products that are designed to fail, market them to the unsuspecting and then take short positions against them. They are a show-me-the-money culture and the system protects them in their financial crimes. The giant real estate collapse is their work.

The word “conspiracy” is an establishment word to imprison multitudes of non-violent people (who are not in favor of the power structure) and confiscate their property outright without due process and under a feigned color of law. The politicians know this.

This is no different from the old Star Chamber motivated by the word “treason” (today it is “conspiracy.”) Then came the thumb screw and the rack to extract confession and an excuse to hang the victim. So what’s the difference today?

There are clearly privileged classes in America; those in political power backed by illegal police power. They act against the people outside the law and the Constitution. My friends, it has become so obvious.

While we slept the political regime has shifted the “burden of proof” to the defendant. One is entrapped, charged and prosecuted under Merchant Law without his knowledge. This is the new democracy. Democracy is rule of the rabble by the elite.

The possibility of reform has passed. The point of saturation of the full measure of disgust is near. Sparks can trigger revolution.

Morality has collapsed. Politicians, Federal judges and prosecutors will eat their young for fiat money, power and aggrandizement. They all have a lawyer Ponzi mentality.

Scripture condemns scribes, lawyers and hypocrites: “Woe unto you scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites…”Mat. 23.13, 27; Luke11.42,44.

Shakespeare in King Henry VI, pt ii, Act IV Scene 2, line 72: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Corporations have no rights, therefore corporate officers have no rights. A corporate person can be imprisoned with no limit, even without charge or habeas corpus, denied the right to appeal, denied counsel, denied the use of one’s own funds for defense or other purposes. The corporate officer can then be left in jail to die because he worked for a corporation. Next will be torture and denial of medical care.

John Stuart Mills wrote in his On Liberty in 1859, “let us not flatter ourselves that we are yet free from the stain of legal persecution.” Oxford World Classics pp 34, 1998 edition.

The soul of America has been penetrated with toxic greed. Political rigor mortis is everywhere. The State is collapsing of its own corruption.

Politicians beware, you “elected” vipers!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Historical as the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I sincerely believe that this coming election will be as historical as the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Let us all hope, and pray if you are religious, that the liberals will be apathetic and stay home watching some "reality show" or football game.

Let us also hope that if we do take back congress, that the status quo republicans will have the guts to stand up to the Lame ducks and other liberals and resist their wholesale destruction of our country.

If there ever was a time to make your self heard and to do something other than stand by and watch the total destruction of a once proud and free nation, the time is right now.

The lines are forming and it will either be a hell of a fight or we will simply go out with a pitiful whimper. I prefer not to lose my freedom and hand it over to some some damn jerk who hates what America stands for.

Unless you are particularly fond of the smell of gun powder, I would highly suggest that you all let all of your elected officials know that you are not going to let any of them get away with allowing a lame duck or a cowardly duck or a sinister duck get away with letting the Obamiacs shove their agendas down our throats this fall.

Please let them know, before the election, that you are watching every move that they make and that you will retaliate with brevity should they happen to toss away our freedom.

I will most certainly be glad when this coming election is over and we have gained back congress again, not that that will be the end of it, far from it, but I really need to get back to work as a knife maker again.

With all of my sincerest wishes


The Declaration, the Constitution, and Liberty in Our Time

It is inconceivable to most of us just how easy it was for the progressives to convince our young, via our school systems, the cartoons, situation comedies and the news media etc., that freedom is only a myth, that capitalism is bad and that big government can solve all of their problems and provide for their welfare from cradle to grave.

The following is a non-verbatim transcript of a speech delivered by Jacob Hornberger at the Virginia Campaign for Liberty's Liberty Fest in Richmond, Virginia, on September 18, 2010.

Ever since the dawn of recorded history, people's minds have been inculcated with the notion that government is the master and the people are the servants. Hardly anyone, for example, has questioned the notion that government officials have the legitimate authority to manage the economy, or direct the education of people's children, or to control religious activity, or to decide what people can read or watch. It's just been commonly accepted that government officials can do whatever they want, especially in the best interests of society, and that it is the role of the good, little, model citizen to submit and obey in the service of the greater good of society.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

One more damn good reason to fire everyone in government

I have been a customer of Eliot Management Group and they have processed my credit card transactions for a number of years.

About a year ago, I was contacted by Eliot Management Group and an organization called PCI compliance and received a stern warning, from them, that I would have to comply with PCI and that if I failed to comply, I could be fined up to $50,000.00 and or thrown in jail. This PCI organization appeared to have the full force of the government backing them so it seemed, at the time, as if compliance was not a choice on my part.

A PCI compliance fee of over $130.00 was removed from my account and then I was instructed to fill out an online questionnaire that was quite lengthy and also very ludicrous. After many attempts, I managed to fill out their form to their satisfaction; I was then instructed to install a software program on my web site that allowed them to snoop in my files, supposedly, in search of improperly stored credit card numbers, that I have never done, and probably what ever else that they might like to find.

After some months of being PCI compliant, I began to experience some difficulty in running some of my computer functions and I had to eventually instruct my virus protection program to ignore the PCI attempts to access my computer in order that I could conduct business without the intrusive and damaging interference.

While discussing this situation with a sales person who sells credit card processing for Apex Merchant Group, I was informed that there is no such company as PCI and that the charges and compliance fees, forced upon me, was generated by none other than a division of my current credit card processing company, Eliot Management Group.

Because I was duped and coerced, by threat of fines and imprisonment, into the PCI compliance scam and was misinformed, from the beginning of the actual situation created by Eliot Management Group, I decided to drop Eliot Management Group and set up with a new credit card processing company.

After making the switch, I was informed by the new company Apex Merchant Group, to make sure that I contacted the old company to ensure that everyone knew that I was no longer working with the old company.

Eliot Management Group informed me that I cannot change my credit card processing providers without a substantial penalty fee on both the credit card processing and the PCI compliance thing. They claim that I failed to let them know of my wishes to cease operations with them before their automatic renewal in August.

I feel that this company has used deceptive and coercive force on me with reprehensible scare tactics to get me to comply with an additional annual fee and an intrusive software system by the use of fraudulent means and should be investigated for fraud and theft.

Besides, how could anyone ever explain how this could ever be Constitutional?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The solution is simple

After many months of thinking and writing about the woes of the country, I have come to the conclusion that the solution, to the myriad of problems, is very simple but perhaps maybe not quite so easy. So simple in fact that anyone who is not brain dead, (read that brain washed by the media, cartoons, the public school system and our political process to the point of mindless obedience to those that dictate), will know that it is the one and only solution to the problems at hand.

All that is necessary to regain our freedom and restore common sense is to demand of your government that all members of Congress and all other folks that are involved in government, including the president down to those that are hired as janitors, abide by the constitution and uphold their sworn oaths.

The sworn oath of these publicly elected officials states the following: That they will swear to abide by, uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America.

How much more simple can it get than that? All they have to do is to abide by the laws of the land and our freedoms will be protected. Yea it should be that easy.

The hard part is to arrest and charge those that do not adhere to their sworn oath because they are the very ones in control of the law enforcement and the military.

The most lawless group of people in the country is our very own government and they operate with a total lack of restraint and with complete shameless audacity.

The dishonest deeds of government officials are far more destructive than that of the most horrendous of crimes committed by the common citizen. The Chicago Mafia had not near the destructive power as the government with the graft it perpetrated until the Chicago Mafia became the government of today.

The solution is simple; make all folks equally accountable for their crimes unless they are an elected official, and then make those crimes a treasonous act and punishable accordingly.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Omission of the truth is as good as a lie.

Omission of the truth is as good as a lie.

This country, this coming November, is getting down to the wire, so to speak, with the most important election of the century. Either way it goes, it will be historical.

This election could very well spell the difference between the complete and total disaster and demise of the greatest nation ever to exist on earth or the beginning of the recovery from the insidious and nefarious actions of greedy politicians who are so busy with stuffing their pockets will ill gotten gains that they have failed to see that their treacherous actions have all but destroyed the great nation that they live in.

One of the reasons that the constitution gave us the freedom of speech and a free press was to make sure that this would never happen. We were given a free press to insure that all citizens were kept apprised of the actions of Congress and the government as a whole.

What in the hell has happened?
How on earth did we ever let our press fall into the hands of the enemy?
How much longer will the public keep swallowing the swill of the mainstream media? How much longer will I be able to write and send this type of message before the storm troopers take that option and or me away?
When will the people wake up and demand their freedom back?
When will we stop following the propaganda of the media?
When will folks pull their children out of school and get them away from the progressive brain washing movement?

In observing the reactions of leftist and progressives, it is amusing to see or hear them spout hatred for the Fox News channel and yet even these folks who are considered right wing go on skirting the real issues of the day.

They dwell on the Bush tax cut and the need for extending it. OK we need it extended but what we really need is a Congress that will rid us of, most if not all, of the taxes along with most, if not all, of the government agencies created over the past century.

They espouse pro life as if it were the most important issue of the day. Yes it is an important issue but it is clear, to us all, by now that it is an issue that will not get solved by Congress. And it is not an issue that will save our freedom and our country from tyranny. It is a made in heaven issue however for despot public officials that want to keep your mind off the real issues that are important, like keeping our freedom.

At this very moment, your leaders in Washington are making plans to stop this kind of communication because “they feel it is a detriment to society”.

What they really mean is that they don’t want you to see or hear anything other than government owned or sponsored propaganda.


Friday, October 1, 2010

The Lame Duck Shuffle

Just when you think that you’ve experienced the worst of outrageous acts by despotic politicians, then along comes the Lame Duck Shuffle.

Are you kidding me? These slimy slugs are shirking their sworn duties and leaving bills on the table, that they don’t want to get caught voting on, and are then going to go home and try to get re-elected before going back to Congress.

And then if they do get the boot, as most of them very well should, they will return to Congress and resume their nefarious tasks and continue to do their dirty work in their final days of depravity. How outrageous, it makes me want to puke and more.

This is not only criminal but as low a level as you can slink to and very well could be considered treasonous as well. Isn’t treason a capital crime?

Why is it that a citizen can go to jail for relatively small offense and the elected servants are untouchable for the most blatant of criminal acts?

Perhaps someone out there can find a way to corral these guys, dehorn and brand them and render them mute and as useless as a steer.

Perhaps the people should collectively offer to sue each of them if they should act in such a miserly manner and send them tens of thousands of E mails to that effect.

Collectively or not, we should all descend upon all the lame ducts with our outrage to prevent them from resorting to skullduggery as a lame duck.

And it would not be a bad idea to do the same with some who are not lame ducks but are just as lame.