The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic

The Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic

As a very concerned citizen and small businessman (I make hand made knives) who has spent the past several years trying to understand why America has fallen to the tragic and perilous situation that we are in, I personally ask and even beg each and everyone that I send this important notice to, to please take the time to read the material and to act upon it, as I profoundly believe that our very freedom, welfare and our survival is at stake and time is running out fast. However there is hope and knowledge is a very powerful tool to own.

All across the nation, there are a myriad of highly concerned groups, ranging from the folks trying to save our Second Amendment Rights to folks working to stop the insane and debilitating government intervention in general, that is killing our economy and our freedoms, to the now famous Tea Party movement trying to place a non corrupted candidate on the ticket to run against Obama.

All in all these groups collectively add up to a sizable portion of the general public although the media tries its best to either ignore them or tries to ridicule them as extremists.

Although these groups do add up to a substantial amount of voters, it may not be enough to counteract those that are still under the influence of the brainwashing inflicted upon them by the public school system, the filtered and spun media and Hollywood propaganda.

In fact government has become so corrupted as to pose a serious threat to our ability to use the standard means of the ballot box to vote out the corrupted ones and replace with honest citizens who would follow, protect and abide by the Constitution.

Anyone who is following the GOP candidates who are vying for the position to run against Obama can see that the sinister forces are hard at work to either trivialize, or demonize the very candidates that would in fact work to restore our freedoms and our economy along with some common, or should I say not so common, sense to the nation’s government.

Our government has been usurped by those that do not care about your freedoms or your economic welfare and this coming year will define America either as a fallen nation under a dictatorship or it will see the rebirth of the greatest nation on earth. In either event this coming year will be the most important and celebrated year of the nation or it will be the worst tragic travesty in our national history and the end of freedom in the free world.

Our forefathers envisioned this day and were wise enough to give us the very tools to overcome the evil forces that are at work today and getting very near to the successful ends of their ominous and devious tasks. The question is; do we have the courage and the will to defend ourselves against those that would take it away and make us all slaves.

There are two groups teaming up to put this tool to work and it is headed up by Colonel James Harding, the leader of Veteran Defenders.

The following is the plan and the links to the organizations that are working to keep your freedom and they do need your help and they need it right now, to day.

Your help could be all or some of many different parts ranging from simply sending out this notice to everyone on your list and telling every one of your friends or family and coworkers to actually going to Washington and participating in the most important event that probably will ever happen in your life.

Do not procrastinate or dismiss this event as your very freedom, personal welfare and survival may very well depend on it. Yes I fear that it is just that serious.

Lyle Brunckhorst

The United States Patriots Union (USPU) and Veteran Defenders of America (VDA) are requesting that you stand up and defend American values in a patriotic march on Washington D.C. on 11-11-11. If you support the 2nd Amendment, small businesses, and the other USPU values listed below, then the time has come to stand with your fellow Americans in support of what made this nation the greatest in the history of the world.

Personal Freedom - Individual Liberty - State Sovereignty and Rights - An unalienable Right to Life - Free-Market Economics - The Bill of Rights - The US Constitution as written and ratified - National Sovereignty and Security - Color Blind Justice and the Rule of Law - Our Declaration of Independence - A right to work, earn and own - A morally and ethically sound society and government

The goals of these groups and the march can be found in A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic

If you like what you see, please disseminate this information to everyone.

We hope to see you there, and thank you for your time!

The United States Patriots Union


Wonderful media sources that deserve our support for coverage of the 11.11.11 Veteran's Day event...

Congressmen are also on board. Check out the DVD "Agenda: Grinding America Down"

The DVD can be purchased at

Colonel James Harding is the leader of Veteran Defenders and is one of the most decorated internationally recognized military leaders and pilots of our time.
His bio:

His interview on the 11-11-11 march:

Articles about the USPU leaders and the 11-11-11 march:

Will anything become of the oaths taken by our judges, military and law enforcement members, and all federal and state employees?

Additional call to action info:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don’t be all that surprised if Obama wins in 2012

Don’t be all that surprised if Obama wins in 2012

As bad as the economy is, as treasonous as Obama appears to be, the fact that Obama may not even be a citizen and that many Americans think that he is either inept or deliberately trying to destroy America, he may still wind up being reelected.

First off is the fact the no matter what Obama does, he still has a following that will go to any means to end capitalism and convert America to socialism or maybe even full blown communism.

Second many Americans have no idea of the perils that are hanging over their heads and believe that nothing bad will ever happen in America.

Third many of the folks that are unhappy with things in America blame the wrong folks that are responsible for the sad situation that we are in.

Fourth the few, but steadily growing number of folks that do understand the problem can’t stop quibbling over details that are not paramount to the situation or are letting the media sway them into thinking that they will have to pick someone who is more mainstream and more likely to be elected.

Fifth is the fact that the media is owned by the same folks that don’t really care if someone like Romney beats Obama or not because either will allow business as usual.

However they do care whether or not Obama gets beat out by someone like Ron Paul who would try to stop the “business as usual” and put America back on the road to freedom or Herman Cain who would actually make the rich pay their fair share of taxes by eliminating the tax codes that they installed for their own benefit.

Sixth Obama is the organizer and he has already told us how he plans to upset the election by using Acorn, now under different names, to run the ballot boxes and of course don’t forget the free amnesty for a vote trade off.

No time is running short and we are still tuning into the latest “Romney versus Perry” soap box as if either of these two bozos are going to make any kind of difference on anything. If either of these two clowns gets the nod, we may just as well reelect Obozo himself; at least we know what to expect form him now that he is constantly stabbing us in the neck and that Congress is tied up over him.

Maybe it is time to get the clowns off of the stage and start letting the real men of honor duke it out for the chance to bust Omama’s chops. Why don’t we try for freedom and real economic growth instead of business as usual?

Friday, October 21, 2011

The People's Declaration

A very powerful, sincere, moving and compelling declaration.
A must watch presentation.

The freedom to Create Our Own Damn Jobs.

The freedom to Create Our Own Damn Jobs.

When Stuart Rothenberg got on Fox News and proclaimed that the only GOP candidate that had a chance to get nominated was Mitt Romney, I got the impression that he was just another Mafia owned media pundit plugging for anyone in the good old boys club.

When I see this kind of shenanigan or deceptive rhetoric, I am both angered by their idiotic clinging to an ideology that will spell the death of freedom and also heartened by the fact that the sinister forces at work are terrified of a candidate with some real substance and integrity.

Obviously Stuart has some intelligence to have gotten to where he is but you have to wonder whether or not he actually believes in his own dribble and thinks he is doing America a service, or is he simply bought and paid for by the same bunch who owns the mainstream media.

A good many Americans now are awake and know that this nation is in very serious trouble and about to enter some very perilous times and you would think that someone who makes a living by writing about politics would be aware of that also.

If a good portion of Americans keep listening to the Stuart Rothenberg types and accept his dribble as fact that the best, for the nation, candidates can not win or that only a “Washington insider” can get elected, this nation will continue to stagnate and we will slip into another great depression. Not that we aren’t feeling it now but far worse.

Most of us are aware that what is killing the economy is the very same and identical thing that is killing our freedom; far too many unnecessary laws, government rules, government departments gone rogue, regulations and Marxist type policies that have placed our businesses and our economy in chains.

It would be insane that we would support a candidate that says he would repeal Obamacare but yet he still supports its sister Romnycare. It just doesn’t add up.

It is also insane that we would support a candidate that has stated that he will create “E verify” (read that as another name for Federal ID Card). Sorry but no thanks slick.

Is this a man who would be repealing the very red tape that is grinding our economy to a stand still or will he simply go on supporting more and more debilitating red tape?

Please tell all of the Stuart Rothenberg types to start supporting those that will restore what this nation needs; the freedom to create our own damn jobs.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reviving The Economy

The economy will come roaring back to life.

WE need to revisit an overlooked but all important concept of reviving the economy.

Politicians have a bad habit of saying anything that sounds good to make it look as though they have your interests at heart. They will use key words and phrases that they know are on the voter’s minds and strike stately like poses to show off how presidential they look in their three piece suit and perfect hair cuts.

Somewhere between “build a border fence” “I will pass the E verify” (another name for national ID card) and “I have a track record of building jobs” the whole point gets lost in a tangled mess of political hysteria, bullshit and lies.

As I have stated before the two leading buffoons, Mittiaso and Rickiaso, bring nothing to the table but well polished bullshit and the same old tired rhetoric that voters have been listening to for generations. Blah, blat, puke.

Those that have been paying attention will note that it is the astronomical amount of laws, rules, red tape and plain stupid governmental meddling that has killed the economy.

Why is it then that the only candidates that know this truth and have been trying to tell us this all along are the only ones that are ignored and even worse scorned as losers that have no chance of beating Obama.

America has much more than just an economic problem, it has a problem with a government that has turned against its own citizens and has become the very tyranny that our forefathers were wise enough to warn us about. Too damn bad we didn’t listen.

Our country has a serious problem, however, the solution is an easy one to grasp and understand, regain our freedoms again and the economy will come roaring back to life.

Should the American people fail to grasp the dire situation in time however, terrible things will befall its citizens and the unthinkable will come to pass in America as it has in Russia, China, Poland, Cambodia, Philippines and a number of other countries.

The very things that we shudder about, when we do hear of them but quickly dismiss as impossible in America, will become the norm and the very worst of the atrocities that cost millions of citizens their lives could become a stark and horrific reality.

Soon after the new powers of government seized all firearms in these communist countries, the cleansing of some 65 million dissenters, writers, scholars, members of the media and all other factions that are considered as unnecessary or detrimental to the regime began.

The choice is ours if we have what it takes to take back our freedom.

What will be harder to endure, fighting to regain our freedom or huddling in fear every time you hear the Homeland Security trucks coming down the road?

Can you see your self having fun at Camp FEMA?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CNN Presidential Debate

CNN Debate

Anderson Cooper was right in step with business as usual during the presidential debate and after an hour of watching the embarrassing display of childish bickering between Romney and Perry, he claimed them as still being the top runners with Cain following close behind.

In actuality these two clowns were the only two that did not bother to answer the questions asked but also they did not offer any new or useful or even remotely relevant thing to the information that voters need to make a sound decision.

Almost everyone attacked Herman Cain’s 9, 9, 9 plan and Herman lost some ground when he insisted that folks go to his web site and add up the figures for themselves. I think he should have been a little better prepared to explain his plan in more detail.

Most folks have the same fear as I do about giving Congress that many taxes to increase in the future and the idea of making all businesses deal with tax collection makes me shudder at the prospect of it.

Michele Backmann was very aggressive and demanded more attention by challenging the two clowns as well as others but fell short on giving a clear account of how she would go about accomplishing her claims to create jobs. She needs a clearer message.

Newt Gingrich came off as the most intelligent candidate in the debate and even backed up Herman’s 9,9,9 plan but was given very little chance to show off his intellect and grasp of things. However, with that said, I have no idea of what Newt’s plan would be.

As usual Ron Paul had the best and simplest message of all and his plan is rather clear but his talking style does not give him the proper stately confident leadership quality that people like to see in a candidate and that is too bad. And as usual he is given the least amount of opportunities to make his points.

Rick Santorum seems to me to be a far better candidate than that of the two before mentioned bickering clowns.

It is utterly and woefully sad that these two candidates have the most money at their disposal and they are the two that should be given the boot so that we could get down to discovering which of the other candidates, that we really want in the Oval Office, are.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Suspicions Confirmed?

Our Suspicions Confirmed?

While watching the last news cast about the foiled attempt to bomb the Saudi ambassador on US soil, I wondered if it were actually real or just made up to take the heat off of Eric Holder. The Judge even thinks that might be the case.

Guns, Freedom and Presidential Candidates

There are only three presidential candidates that have let us know how they stand behind the second amendment.

We all know that once our guns are gone, we are all toast and we will become subjects instead of citizens or even worse, we will be rounded up for the FEMA camps.

I guess that it is a great coincidence, or maybe a no brainer, that I have already indicated that there are three candidates that I would consider for president and these are the same folks that have gotten on record of siding with the second amendment.

I don't think that I have to remind most folks that over 65 million people were rounded up and executed within a few short years of losing their rights to own guns.

Perhaps you can't see Mitt Romney or Rich Perry issuing orders to round up citizens and neither can I, but I do not want either of them to pave the way and make it easy for the next degenerate despot, that might somehow get elected, to do just that.

Germany, Russia, China and several other countries convinced folks by deception or by force to give up their guns before the mayhem started. Lets not let that happen to us here in America.

All you have to do is take a good hard look at what is happening right now in America and you will have to admit that we are in great peril.

The freedom in America has over the past 70 years or more been steadily declining and we are now heading at high speed for the final assault on our beloved freedom. The saddest part is that we have allowed our government and our schools along with the faction in Hollywood to literally brainwash our children and convincing them that freedom is not good for the common good of the nation and that we need even more government to care for our needs.

I have a great fear and dread that we will not be able to wake up enough of the misguided folks to save our selves from the tyranny and atrocities that are about to befall us.

Watching the "Occupy Wall Street" thing proves to me that various sinister factions are at work and are well funded and determined to bring America to its knees. Yes some of these demonstrators have valid points but their anger and energy is channeled in the wrong direction. What really is an insult is that someone has compared this organized and largely paid for event to the real and concerned American patriots, by calling it the tea party of the left.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A message to the “Occupy Wall Street Protesters”

A message to the “Occupy Wall Street Protesters”

If I or the government or anyone else could somehow hand these protesters life on a silver platter, should we?

The answer is a resounding hell no. If we could, which we can not, but we did anyway, it would be meaningless and the recipients would still be stuck in their misery and demanding yet more handouts and entitlements. Appreciation comes from earning things through hard work.

As Confucius, or Moses or Jesus or someone, or maybe even all of the above, once said,

“To give a man a fish is to feed him for a day. To teach a man to fish is to feed him for a life time”.

You can replace “fish” with many other words and get to the same meaning.

Some of the concerns heard from these protesters are valid issues and it is wrong for Fox News to simply ridicule them all as a group of idiots, which some apparently are.

The problem lies in the fact that reporters that are trying to interview some of these protesters are screamed at by folks who apparently have no clue why they are there or have no ability to articulate their concerns.

Others that do voice concerns that are real and valid issues, direct their tyrannical rage at the wrong source and blame the very folks that could and can be their only salvation, namely the corporations.

I have always advocated that the corporations are not the only villains in the works and that it takes two or more to make a party.

Obama was the first to coin, or at least phrase the term first in public, “Private/Government Partnership” or “Corporate/Government Partnership”.

These misguided fools that are camped out on Wall Street and other places, are placing their hopes on the very same problem that created their plight in the first place, the government.

It is true that corporations can wreak terror if left alone to their own devious methods without at least some small constraint. However when the government allows or even condones the corporations to make laws that impinge on our freedoms and pocket books, that is another matter of grave concern and thereby lies the true problems at hand.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ron Paul a Real American and True Statesman

Ron Paul a Real American and True Statesman

Every day we are beset with volumes of misleading and rancor rhetoric about who can or can not win the 2012 presidential election and with most, if not all of it, coming from the “bankster” owned media, it is of no surprise then that they are trying to sell us on the hand picked rhinos from the Washington Mafia.

It is difficult enough for even those of us that do take the time to try and dig to the bottom of the rhetorical garbage, to sift out the facts from hype and seek out the real candidates from those that would serve their Mafia masters, the “International Banksters”.

The problem certainly lies mainly with the media and it is a mighty force to reckon with because most Americans still glue themselves to the filtered and spun propaganda that comes to us from the men behind the curtains that control the so called news.

The problem has become so blatant, from the Mafia type media that we can almost rely totally on what they propose and say and take that as an exact barometer of which is the exact opposite of reality.

For instance, the media is generally known by the average citizen to be heavily left slanted, yet they are telling us what GOP candidate is better suited to defeat Obama or other Democratic candidates.

It is no accident that they ignore such candidates as Ron Paul, Michele Backmann and even Herman Cain is dismissed as a flash in the pan although he is steadily and quickly gaining more and more support.

I like Herman Cain because he tells it like he sees it and he can stand his ground. However I do not like the idea of having both an income tax and a national sales tax as this will lead to disaster as soon as the left should regain control again.

I like Michele Backmann because she is not only smart but is actually advocating freedom and following the Constitution.

Although the Washington Mafia supports the likes of Mitt Romney, Rich Perry and even Chris Christy through their controlled media, they fear Ron Paul, Michele Backmann and Herman Cain because these folks are out of their control and could very well upset their felonious ring of operations.

The more that one digs into who Ron Paul is and what he is about, the more that you realize why he is feared so much by the crooked crowd in Washington and why he is probably the best candidate that America has going for 2012.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Patriots versus rhinos

Patriots Versus the Rhinos.

If things should go as bad as to allow Obama to get reelected, the American and World economies will collapse as if they were dragged into a black hole.

If Obama is removed from the White House, the economy may start to heal and the speed and breadth will depend on how effective the Congress is at repealing old and cumbersome laws.

If Obama is replaced with a true conservative, not a rhino or wolf in sheep’s clothing, the economy will undoubtedly make a steady and accelerated recovery, as we repair the damage, and we will again become a nation of power and wealth.

If we are unlucky enough to wind up with a bankster handpicked rhino, the recovery will be anemic and uncertain and any gains will be somewhat dependant on how convincing the puppet is that he is taking care of business.

However the gains, if any, will be short term.

True and long term gains in employment and the economy will only happen, if we can get the people to vote in large enough numbers to overcome voter fraud to elect a true patriot.

Elect a person who has the people’s interest in mind and not the interests of the international banksters.

Finding the right candidates is easy, simply look for the ones that the mainstream media tries to ignore, ridicule or claim to not have any chance to get elected. 

Use the exact reverse of this to find the rhinos.