The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Is it time to alter or abolish our present form of government?

Is it time to alter or abolish our present form of government?

By Perry Willis and James Wilson
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Quotes of the Day:

" . . . when governments become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish . . . "
-- the Declaration of Independence

"If you're a successful business in America, you either quickly open a lobbying office in Washington, or Washington makes you regret that you didn't." -- Radley Balko

"If you want to get involved in business, you should get involved in politics." - Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July, and to launch our new strategy to Deny Consent, we need to start asking ourselves fundamental questions . . .

Is it time to "alter or abolish" our present form of "government?"
Does it still serve the ends defined in the Declaration of Independence?
Or has it become the enemy of our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness?

To further your thinking, please consider another example of the wanton criminality of the Federal State . . .

Timothy Carney reveals how Orrin Hatch bullied Bill Gates into becoming a part of the problem.

Microsoft gave only $50,000 to political campaigns in 1996, but $2.3 million in 2010, including maximum donations to Orrin Hatch. Why the big change?

Senator Hatch constantly used his Judiciary Committee to harass Microsoft.

He even warned the company that they would need to play the Washington game or suffer the consequences.

That's exactly how a gangland protection racket works. And it's how your so-called "government" works too.

Hatch's strong arm tactics motivated Microsoft to spend more than $100 million on protection payments. Much of this money was used to hire former members of Congress and Capitol Hill staffers -- the "made men" of the statist mob.

As Carney explains it, "Wal-Mart underwent this same shakedown last decade. Then the hedge funds caught the eye of Washington. Next on the menu is Apple. This is how Washington increases its power and its wealth."

Our political gangsters like to blame things on "corporate greed," but the politician's greed is the real problem. They're the part of the 1% that the Occupy Movement needs to focus on most.

No executive from Microsoft or Wal-Mart or Apple ever threatened anyone with violence for failing to buy their products. But the politicians do this constantly.

The comparison between the peaceful Voluntary Sector and the violent Statist Sector is stark. The supposedly evil corporations . . .

Provide you with products and services that improve your life
Give you employment
Pay dividends that help fund your retirement

And what do the statist politicians give you?

They take your money with threats of violence and use it to fund things that you often don't want, or that you actively hate. But you have no choice. You must submit, or the politicians will hurt you.

Equally bad, the political gangsters corrupt peaceful companies like Microsoft. They make them join the Mob.

If your business was at stake you might do exactly what Bill Gates did. Join the criminals. Become part of the problem.

Business owners feel compelled to fund DC lobbying operations to protect themselves from the politicians!

And then the rot sets in. It's an easy next step to use those lobbying operations to seek legal advantages over competitors. Especially if you fear your competitors will do the same thing to you.

This is politics and statism -- a war of all against all.

We must end this criminality.

In the weeks and months ahead we will argue that this system is inherently broken. It cannot be fixed. It can only be replaced. But not with another Leviathan Monopoly subject to different controls. All such controls are fantasies. Instead, we need DE-centralized forms of government obedient to consumer sovereignty.

We need to create new forms, just as the Declaration of Independence said. We need institutions that will serve rather than rule: Organizations that can be instantly fired and replaced. No more politics! No more initiation of aggression against unwilling "citizens!" No more war of all against all! No more legalized crime!

Doing this will require a mental revolution: A casting off of old prejudices, assumptions, manipulations, and mythologies.

Each of us must do the work of causing this revolution in our own minds. Then we must proclaim it to the politicians, the media, our friends, our families, and our neighbors.

We hope that you will journey with us, to explore what is needed, and to cause the change.

Perry Willis and James Wilson
for Downsize DC