The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Peaceful Measures fail

When Peaceful Measures fail

How many times do the present administration and the leftist zombies need to see the masses marching in protest, voicing their angry opinions at town hall meetings? And how many E mails and letters do the masses have to write in order to get the attention of those who would otherwise allow our country go down the drain because of someone’s misplaced ideology?

Most politicians would probably fit the description “when he ain’t kissing babies, he is steeling their lollipops” and like most politicians, Obamason went way over the top when he told a willing and gullible nation that everyone is going to get free candy from now on for voting for him. In fact old Uncle Sam is so rich that he will care for you from cradle to grave unless of course you are one of those rich folks who need to divvy up your booty.

He isn’t the first to promise things that he knows he will not and can not possibly keep but he is the first to organize an army of thugs that have perpetrated nearly or every illegal endeavor to illegally elect a president that refuses to even produce proof of his US citizenship.

Now that he is in office, he is propelling himself at full speed to enact as many laws that he can that will give him supreme power in case of an emergency and at the same time he is running at full speed to indeed produce the very emergencies that he needs to implement marshal law which we will never recover from.

The Obamason is coming at you in all directions at once and, as I mentioned before, full speed and damn the torpedoes. So many directions that it boggles the mind and overruns any one man or group to keep abreast. This folks was planed out for some years and implemented under our very noses. My biggest question to date; where in the hell was the media if not in fact in bed with the very rascals that are working at light speed to destroy our way of life. The media would benefit themselves and our country and all of its citizens if it were to study history and find out what always happens to the “free”, if it is, press whenever a coup takes place.

Speaking of free press or free speech, take a gander at what the government is trying to do with our first amendment rights. When you hear the government use a term such as “fairness” you know that it is an oxymoron and it wants to shut up folks on radio that are not in lock step with the administrations wishes.

We all need to make a tribute to folks such as Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston and the tens of thousands of hardworking, trustworthy and honest folks who support our second amendment rights to own firearms and bear arms in case that government does go berserk, whacko and out of control. Just where we would be now, with this administration, if we had allowed our second amendment to be taken away with the myriad of attempts, most of which were backdoor sneak attacks, by the misguided left. Once again thanks to the NRA.

It is only fair to say that the first amendment would be long gone now if not for the second and once it is gone, the rest of our amendments will be soon to follow leaving the man in the chair complete power over us all.

This quick look at what is now coming into play makes the whole argument over health care seem quite mundane does it not? Although it seems so inconsequential, the passing of his health care bill of over 1,000 pages it will give the messiah a much faster way to gain complete dominance. I wonder what kind of salute they are teaching our children in AmeriCorps these days.

We have arrived at a great conundrum; the folks in power choose to not listen to the ever growing forces showing up at town hall meetings, marching in parades, writing their congressmen or any other means they think that they can to be heard. In fact the politicians have done a very good job at insulating themselves from their constituents and have turned a cold and callous blind eye to every attempt to reach them about important issues. The powers at hand are hell bent to achieve their devious goals before the once complacent mob has a chance to form a strategy to stop the usurpation of our constitution.

When the people of a once proud and free nation can no longer reach or reason with a government gone mad and the imposters in office has thumbed their noses at the very folks that have elected them, then what is the remaining course of action?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open letter to congress

To my Senators and Congressman,

It is with great bewilderment and fear that I watch the events of today play out and it is with great sadness that our freedoms and way of life may soon come to an end.

I am talking about the insidious bill in congress labeled as the heath care bill. This bill, or any other similar bill, if passed will be the instrument that will finally tears down our country, destroy our free market, destroy our freedom, cripple our society, ruin our great health care system, send us into a socialistic or possibly even communistic country and make us the laughing stock of the world.

I am also talking about the myriad of other bills that should never have seen the light of day such as the one that will once again attempt to take away our constitutional right to bear arms or own a gun. Never have I seen such an all out assault on our liberties as I see today with this administration.

I see countless concerned folks, most of them in vain due to ridicule from special interest, trying to step up to the plate now at the town hall meetings and voicing their fears over this bill that Obama is trying to ram down our throats. You would see these same folks voicing their opinions and concerns elsewhere if there was an elsewhere for them to voice their concerns. The members of congress have insulated themselves very well from the very folks that have sent them to congress.

This is why I am writing you this letter because there is no other civil or peaceful way for me to communicate with you and I implore you to think about the tragedy that is about to happen today in this country, stop what you are doing and do the right thing. Put aside your partisanship and do something to save our country, our freedom and our beloved constitution. If you don’t and this bill passes, ----- well I’m not sure who would be able to pick up the pieces and ever put it back together.

We have the greatest country to ever to exist in this world but it is now sick and it needs some tender loving care from folks who value freedom more than their power, their money or their stately position.

From folks that know that freedom comes hard and often has a bloody price. From folks that know that freedom means responsibility for themselves, from folks who have the courage and integrity to protect it and folks that know that if we stray from the wisdom of our forefathers, we will become lost and lose it forever. Please don’t trash it; there will never ever be another one again.

One more thing in closing, if you think that this Obamacare bill is so good for the average American, please make sure that all members of congress are under the same medical plan as the rest of us and receive the same treatment.

Comments on Ron Paul's Free Market

Ron Paul makes some very good points here and I think he is pretty much on track most of the time and I hope that he keeps up the good work. However here is some points that I think need to be addressed.

One thing that i have always wondered about is why more folks are not more upset every time congress goes into session and passes a new flury of needless laws that are engineered to make a few fat cats fatter and not so much at doing any bidding of the people. This is the very reason that these bills are written in legal jargon so that no one can make sense of them. Also without the legal ease how could you build loop holes into it for the fat cats to feed on?

A rider bill simply infuriates me and I can not understand why any one, in their right mind, would tolerate such an insidious thing. What was someone thinking?

Another thing that has always bothered me is when we know; for a fact, that a law is bad, useless, filled with engineered loop holes or otherwise simply unneeded we can always depend on it to remain in effect forever. If someone doesn't like the outcome they simply write a new bill that is sure to compound the problem even further.

Most of our governmental problems, including heath care, could simply be eliminated by going back and tossing out the garbage. If we could do this, we would not need new legislation, big or bigger government and we Americans could go on enjoying our hard won freedom.

It seems as though most folks believe that the constitution will protect them, when it is the other way around, we need to protect our constitution before it is too late.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Does Obamacare?

Now if our dearly elected president really wanted to fix health care, I would be all over it and give him my full support as it surely does need to be fixed. But is it not insane that the American public cannot get our government to simply fix things by going back to the origin of the problem and either repair the damage (loop holes) or remove the law that is causing the problem in the first place. Oh wait I forgot, if we remove all of the loop holes, how would the special interest groups survive on a level playing field. What am I thinking?

I think that it is becoming obvious that Obama doesn't care if the health care plan works or doesn't work. It is not health care that Obama is after, he has other reasons to want this plan passed into law. Here are only two of the many sinister reasons, uncovered in this bill so far, that Obama needs in his war chest and why he wants this plan passed.

Page 58: Every person will be issued a National ID Healthcard.

Page 59: The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

This is only two of the many sinister items from reading only the first half of the bill; I have not seen any thing from the second half.

Now add to this and the myriad of other unexplainable things that he is doing at a frantic pace, the fact that the president has executive power to call for emergency measures should the country come under turmoil from sources from within or outside of the country or a financial crisis, it becomes more clear and scary just what his intentions are really about. Now we may have our answer as to why he is spending our cash so wildly without any forethought of consequence. Would it be that he is trying to create the very crisis that he needs?

Gentlemen and ladies, if we buy into this insanity and allow this mad man to sell us this rotten barrel of lies, deceit, and thievery, we will never again have to worry our tortured minds about politics or any other thing except how to stay simply alive in a country now foreign to our very way of life.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Giving notice to rats

I just had an idea and I need your help.

I would like every one who finds this a conceivable idea to copy it and carry it to every board, forum and any other posting place. Add to it or improve it if you like but keep the main gist of the idea the same. We can make this work if we work at it and have some fun. Looking for some catchy slogans to use on T shirts, hats campaign buttons and bumper stickers. Put on your thinking caps folks and make a difference.

"Rid our government of the control of the FED."
Vote for any one not connected to the two party system.
Never vote for a DEM or REPUB. Write one in if you need to.

Suggestion to any candidate running for office; do not run if you do not intend to keep your promises and never make any promise that you can not keep.

Mandate by the people: That any third party candidate who successfully runs for an office, will do what ever is necessary to restore truthfulness to government and to impose penalties to any public official who uses falsehoods or misrepresentations for political or monetary gain for himself or others.

Biggest story of the century is going mostly unreported

There is a growing number of folks who believe (including myself who read the book some years ago called "No One Dares Call It A conspiracy") that neither party really has full control over our government.

It was suggested by this same book and now many other folks that the "fed" which is a privately owned corporation controls our banks also has a strong strangle hold on both parties. If this is true, and it does seam quite feasible, then the two parties are allowed to fight over god, abortion, health care, the environment, the weather and on and on and on until the people become completely numb with apathy. However the outcome, life goes on as usual and things get steadily worse because it doesn't matter that much which party wins the government is still under the same control.

The biggest story of the century is going mostly unreported and ignored by the very same folks that we depend on to keep us abreast of events that matter to us. And for why? Is it because they fear ridicule? or is because they are owned by the same who would perpetrate the demise of this grand country?

I was involved with the campaign for Ross Perot and watched very carefully how he was finally defeated. It took the work of a team of experts to find out how to push Ross's buttons and that is how he blew the race to the white house.

It has been said that we will never have another chance to run a third party with any degree of success again. I think that this is wrong minded and a defeatist attitude and I think that the time has come that the people will find a way to vote the two party system out of office. A good start would be for the voting public to decide that no matter who runs for either of the two parties, that they will only vote for a confirmed third party candidate no matter what their name is. This would probably induce more qualified folks to run on a third party ticket. The only concern would be keeping the fed from putting up their own shill and this is another good reason to make the fed transparent and open up their books.

Friday, August 7, 2009

How to lie your way to the top.

I was following a post in the following article. Is Judge Sotomayor A Secret Right-Winger? by Mike, a lawyer, about using facts to back up everything that you say. If we all had to stop and research every thing that we ever said, it could get very quit.

Mike has a good point however about backing up things with facts but as we have all witnessed various groups have used facts that have been distorted, taken out of context, stretched, fragmented or otherwise spun into an outright lie to benefit their own advantage. Also we all know someone that, during the course of a conversation, can manufacture facts at the same speed as they can spew them.

Facts that cannot be disputed are very useful however but I often can not recall a fact in time to be of use so I prefer to speak in concepts as they are easy to digest and I like to let folks find out the facts on their own if they would. I believe that folks can grasp a good concept like the US constitution providing they have not been brainwashed to the point of being a walking vegetable.

Which brings me to this concept, how in the hell did we ever get to the point that we allow politicians, elected officials and bureaucrats to blatantly lie to us without any fear of reprisal? The citizen does not have that same option and would fear incarceration if they did.

If we had taken a different path and not tolerated that kind of thing and made our leaders face up to any and all lies used to gain position and power, we would not be in the mess that we currently are mired in.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dan Rather asks Obama for help?

Has Dan Rather finally lost his marbles (did he ever have any to loose?) or is he just simply that simple and that naive.

When Rather asked the president to help the news industry, just what in the world did he have in mind and why in the world would anyone in the news business do such a thing. Having the government helping the media would be equivalent to having the government controlling the media. Wait! What am I saying, the government already controls the media.

Did Rather come up with this all by himself? Did someone put Rather up to this for some sinister reason? Man you could get a lot of mileage out of this one. I'll have to admit that the first thing that popped into my mind was that someone is going to use Rather as a patsy and further the governments control over the media in the name of saving it. Sound familiar? This tactic has worked many times in the past.

But then what do we know, we’re all just lowly US citizens who apparently needs big government to tell us what to do.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Excerpts from Glenn Beck Radio Show

The whole story from Glenn Beck Radio Show

you know the frustration of just trying to wake your friends up and they won't listen to you

and I couldn't figure it out. And then I warned against John McCain and Barack Obama, but Barack Obama's such an obvious Marxist: No, no, no, that's crazy talk. "We're going to be socialist!" "No, no, no, that's crazy talk." And here we are. Nobody would listen. Because I couldn't put all of the pieces together.

(PRESIDENT OBAMA: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.)

GLENN: And they cheered, and that is how liberty and freedom ends. The sound of a cheer. Our freedom and liberty is so fragile right now, we should whisper her name because too loud of a voice could shatter it. We have never been more fragile than we are right now, and people don't see it.

I was on television and I said something on the air and it took my breath away. And when you know what episode, which I will share with you some point later, and you know what I discovered, what clicked finally in my head by accident, it darn near took my breath away, and you can see it once you know. You're like, whoa, what happened there?

And it's when I knew. It's when all of the pieces that didn't make sense suddenly made sense, and I knew what we were facing.

I put a research team together that worked for me, and they are people that don't have an agenda. They just want the truth. And I have asked them to disprove my theory.

But once that clicked in my head, it was like a bomb went off in my head because I knew what we were truly facing and then I went into the deepest depression I had been in for a while on this because I'm like, you know, the end seemed, from what is it, Gene Wilder in the producers, "No way out, no way out." That's the way I felt.

But I am going to ask you to volunteer for service. You leave your gun at home but you bring your brain.

they are seeing on television, they say, Glenn, I'm watching your show, I'm listening to your radio show, and I'm seeing it; oh, my gosh, how did I miss it.

I know what the problem is. I have to stop admiring the problem, and I have to now look for the solutions. And I know what some of the solutions are, and they are coming to me fast and furious right now, and I have never been more hopeful because I think we got them.

The same thing with this. I didn't go on. I just kept saying to you, there's something wrong, there's something wrong, there's something wrong, this isn't right. But I took my time and did my research and did my homework. I am going to meet with some of the best people I can find, and I've already got them lined up, and I'm going to meet with people from several different fields, and I mean the best of the best. And I am going to find the answers and I am going to bring them to you, but here's what I need you to do first. I need you to be a constitutional watchdog because we need to stop these people in their tracks, and the one thing I learned is while there is one thing about one watchdog, there's something more than twice as powerful in two watchdogs. Now imagine with the radio audience and the television audience, imagine ten million watchdogs.

somebody just called me a little while ago and said, Glenn, how come you didn't talk about this. I did. I just no longer have the time to stand on one issue because the entire forest is on fire.

Don't worry about the media. The media will find themselves in the dustbin of history

We currently and I don't know how long this lasts, but we currently have an unrestricted Internet where we can communicate and we can find the answers.

For instance, healthcare cannot be passed. No form of universal healthcare. Because it is not about the healthcare. It is about the structure,

we need to guard congress because the executive branch is devouring all other branches

It is a transformation. And what I said to you over a year ago, you will wake up someday and your country will not be the same. It's happening, and it's happening right now.

I come in and I don't know what to talk about because I've got so much to talk about. I can't cover it all.

I come in and I don't know what to talk about because I've got so much to talk about. I can't cover it all.

Don't pay attention to all of it. You'll get lost. That's what they want us to do.

So I ask you, will you be a constitutional watchdog. The time has come to bark and to bark loudly.

whatever your category is, they will find a way to ridicule you because that's what Saul Alinsky taught them to do: Have no fear. No fear no more! Stand up! You know the truth. Stand for the truth because only the truth will set us free.

Watch dogs needed

Glen is now seeking folks who would participate in his watch dog program and because of the immensity of what is happening, to focus on what you are most interested in and report any new and need to know items to him.

Folks we have got to get involved and report any and all graft, hanky panky, fraud and usurpation by government officials.

We can win back our country if we all get involved and start making noise. It worked with the underhanded attempt by the Homeland security to remove our freedom to carry a folding knife and it can work with the issues of run away government and health care etc etc etc.

Go to and get involved now, today, this very minute, time is running out and your freedom is at stake.

Vote for anyone, and I mean anyone except a Republican or a Democrat. This will remove the strangle hold that the established wizard behind the curtain has on our country.

Warning government virus

Do not go to the government run web site of cash for junkers and hit the agree button. If you do hit the agree button, it will bring up a new screen and inform you that the government now owns your computer and everything in it and can use all in any fashion that is deems fit. I got this one watching the Glen Beck Show but I failed to get the actual offending URL.

US Customs backs off revision of switchblade law

Thanks to the many folks that got involved with stopping this ridiculous intrusion into the Americans freedom to carry a folding knife, the US customs office has decide to tuck in their tail and run.

The watch dogs are to be highly commended on the about face of the Homeland Security backed efforts of the US Customs office to perpetrate such an overbearing law on the American people.

After the US Customs office and the delegates from all 50 states came under a deluge of letters etc. demanding that the customs office rethink their prospective rewording of the antiquated 1950s switchblade law, the congress stepped in and amended the prospective in an attempt to allow for the existing one handed opening knives.

Apparently the Homeland security and Customs did not care much for this amended version and decided to withdraw the prospective. I wasn’t completely happy with the amended version myself because the wording was nothing but fertile grazing ground for lawyer fodder, but it would have been much better than the original prospective by the Customs office. This worthless and antiquated law really needs to just simply be tossed out of existence due the ambiguity of it for one and the fact that the law has no real foundation for existence in the first place.