The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letter to Patty Murray and Obamacare

Clueless in Seattle

Patty you and your fellow cohorts in Washington don't seem to have a clue, or maybe you all do and just choose to ignore the masses, for whatever reason, that are banging on your doors in vain to get your attention.

The majority of the folks in America know that public health care will be the death of America and the complete destruction of both our liberty and the constitution. Those that are in support of this bill are still living in never never land waiting for their free candy from the government.

Your primary job is to uphold and to protect the constitution of our country and I am asking you to do just that or pack up your bags and leave office. Should you choose to remain in office, I will suggest that you re-read our constitution and renew your vows to protect it and I also ask that you ask your fellow Senators to do the same.

I am also asking you again to file suite against the presiding president of the United States and start immediate impeachment proceedings for the reasons that he is not upholding his vows to protect our constitution and our cherished freedom. In fact it is evident that he is acting as though he has complete disregard for our constitution and our bill of rights. This man is not suited for the office that he presently holds and is leading this country down a very dangerous road from where we may never be able to ever return.

Do the right thing and please protect our constitution before it is too late and we all have all lost our freedom forever.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


America has spoken out very clearly, loudly and with great passion about not wanting the so called “public option” of health care and no one in government chooses to take heed.

The thinking and prudent American is with very good reason very worried about the public option giving everyone substandard healthcare and strangling the nation with red tape and bureaucracy. Call it “Barackracy” if you like. But the real reason that the majority of the thinking citizens of this country or “we Americans” fear this legislation is that we do not want to go any further down the road to socialism. This is not the direction that our forefathers had in mind when they gave us this great nation. This whole thing is an Obamanation and because we see the present administration using tactics such as “reconciliation” and “trigger” to ram this down our throats, it is beginning to smell very much like rotten fish.

However, most Americans would indeed agree that the health care system is in need of repair and that greed was instrumental in overtaking the system that is robbing the citizen, but this mess was created by congress in the first place. The present administration would like us to think that it was the greedy doctors and greedy insurance companies that created the high cost of healthcare but it was in fact the government or rather congress that created this mess by choosing to fatten their wallets by doing the bidding of special interest groups via their lobbyists.

Congress created this mess by forming the AMA and the FDA and then letting the foxes run the hen house. How can you propose to the American people that enacting more of the same insane kind of legislation will somehow fix the problems created by congress in the past?

Surely you must know that the actions that are being taken today will result in disaster tomorrow and the America that we love today will no longer exist.

Surely you must know that these actions may very well result in the complete breakdown of the government and unless Americans have completely given up to despair, may very well result in revolt and anarchy. Lord help all those in congress if that happens, where will they hide?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Health care reform means more power for the IRS

By: Byron York Chief Political Correspondent September 2, 2009

There's been a lot of discussion about the new and powerful federal agencies that would
be created by the passage of a national health care bill. The Health Choices
Administration, the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, the Health Insurance Exchange — there are dozens in all.

But if the plan envisioned by President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats is
enacted, the primary federal bureaucracy responsible for implementing and enforcing national health care will be an old and familiar one: the Internal Revenue Service. Under the Democrats' health care proposals, the already powerful — and already feared — IRS would wield even more power and extend its reach even farther into the lives of ordinary Americans, and the presidentially-appointed head of the new health care bureaucracy would have access to confidential IRS information about millions of individual taxpayers.

In short, health care reform, as currently envisioned by Democratic leaders, would be built on the foundation of an expanded and more intrusive IRS. Under the various proposals now on the table, the IRS would become the main agency for determining who has an "acceptable" health insurance plan; for finding and punishing those who don't have such a plan; for subsidizing individual health insurance costs through the issuance of a tax credits; and for enforcing the rules on those who attempt to opt out, abuse, or game the system. A substantial portion of H.R. 3200, the House health care bill, is devoted to amending the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 in order to give the IRS the authority to perform these new duties.

The Democrats' plan would require all Americans to have "acceptable" insurance coverage (the legislation includes long and complex definitions of "acceptable") and would designate the IRS as the agency charged with enforcing that requirement. On your yearly 1040 tax return, you would be required to attest that you have "acceptable" coverage. Of course, you might be lying, or simply confused about whether or not you are covered, so the IRS would need a way to check your claim for accuracy. Under current plans, insurers would be required to submit to the IRS something like the 1099 form in which taxpayers report outside income. The IRS would then check the information it receives from the insurers against what you have submitted on your tax form. If it all matches up, you're fine. If it doesn't, you will hear from the IRS. And if you don't have "acceptable" coverage, you will be subject to substantial fines — fines that will be administered by the IRS.

Under some versions of health reform now circulating on Capitol Hill, the IRS would also be intimately involved in how you pay for insurance. Everyone would be required to buy coverage. The millions of Americans who can't afford it would receive a subsidy to pay for it. Under the version of the plan currently under negotiation in the Senate Finance Committee, that subsidy would come through the IRS in the form of a refundable tax credit. Under the House plan, the subsidy would come directly from the Health Choices Administration. In either scenario, the IRS would be the key to making the system work. Before you could receive any subsidy, whether through the IRS or not, the Health Choices Administration would have to determine whether you are eligible for it. To do so, the bills under consideration would give the Health Choices Commissioner the authority to demand sensitive, confidential information from the IRS about individual taxpayers. The IRS would have to provide it.

Under current law, it is a felony for a government official to release taxpayer information in all but the most limited of circumstances. One such exception is for law enforcement; the IRS is allowed to give taxpayer information to prosecutors in criminal cases. The information can also, in some instances, be released to the Social Security Administration and the Veterans' Administration for the determination of benefits. The health care bills would change the Internal Revenue Code to permit the IRS to give similar information to the vast, new health care bureaucracy. That means the personal tax information of millions of Americans would enter the system whether they want it to or not. "There's a mandate to buy insurance," says one Republican House aide. "You have to buy it. You have millions of people who can't buy it without a subsidy, so they will have no choice but to accept the subsidy in order to buy insurance, and then the Health Choices Commissioner will have access to their tax records." "How many hands would this information go through?" asks a GOP source in the Senate. "What are the quality controls? This increases the risk of misusing this information."

Some versions of the bill even permit the release of confidential taxpayer information for decidedly less pressing reasons. In H.R. 3200, the IRS would be required to provide taxpayer information to the Social Security Administration for the purpose of helping Social Security officials find qualifying seniors who can then be encouraged to enroll in the prescription drug program. "There is no precedent for using taxpayer information for the purpose of identifying people to go out and advertise to them," says the House expert.

So far, there has been little substantive public debate about the integral role of the IRS in nearly every aspect of the various national health care proposals. But people who are closely involved with the process are deeply concerned about what they view as a massive, and in some senses unprecedented, expansion of the Internal Revenue Service.

First, they wonder whether the IRS can handle the new demands. "There is a sense at the IRS that their purpose is to collect revenue and not to implement all sorts of other programs," says a second Senate GOP aide. "Also, the IRS isn't necessarily great at doing what it does already. How is it going to determine whether 300 million people have health insurance?"

Second, they are concerned about anticipated abuse of the system. "You're going to have lots of fraud," says the House source "People claiming lots of affordability credits or refundable tax credits. The IRS is not going to have the resources and expertise to police this stuff."

Finally, there is a third concern, more fundamental than questions of whether the IRS can handle the job: Should the IRS be involved in health care enforcement in the first place? As seen in the town halls across the country in August, many Americans are concerned about the coercive nature of the proposed national health care system. Handing the IRS the power to monitor every American's place in the system worries them even more.

Backers of the Democratic bills are betting that the handouts involved — giving people money to buy health insurance — will outweigh concerns about privacy and coercive government. Perhaps! But before Congress makes any decision on national health care, voters should know just what it will involve.

Friday, September 4, 2009

To rule the world

Or why devise a new plan when the world’s geniuses have already devised the prefect master plan?

Is it by coincidence or is it by design that Obama has and is implementing the same exact tactics that Hitler used to over throw Germany? And if he does not plan to overthrow the US government and the constitution, then why is he following the exact footsteps of the world’s worst despots?

Perhaps even a bigger and far more reaching question is why haven’t any of the mainstream media picked up on this perfect parallel and reported on it or at least asked the man in the white house about it. Surely someone at the oval office must have noticed this parallel by now. Of course if it is just a coincident it may prove somewhat embarrassing to both the reporter and the White House and if it is not a coincident, then we have our answer and of course many more questions and an even greater reason for embarrassment for the folks in the White House.

After pondering why the mainstream media has turned such a callus blind eye to the shenanigans in politics and the tyranny of government, we can only conclude that the mainstream media is owned lock, stock and barrel by the same folks that have been imposing on the US citizen a two party equals a one party system and these folks are also the same folks that are destroying our economy, our freedom, our way of life, our constitution and everything that the US has stood for so many proud years.

It is also becoming clear that after so many years of chipping away the foundation of our beloved country, these same scoundrels have emplaced an unprecedented number of legal instruments in our system in order to enact the final take over of our government or coup.

Fixing our health care should be only a matter of deregulating the over regulated health care system and certainly does not require 1,100 pages of unintelligible legal jargon to implement.

I find it interesting that Hitler also needed a similar bloated health care system to implement his take over and I also find it interesting that Hitler also needed a financial crisis in order to make his plan work. This would suggest that all Obama needs in his arsenal is the passage of this obominationcare and to print out a few more bank notes.