The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Washington Tea Party parade

We didn’t start this soon enough and I suggest that we all try to get to this one.
4th of July parade

it's right here on Mercer Island at lovely Luther Burbank Park and it runs from Noon to 3:00pm

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The car of the future is coming soon

I've been watching this site for a while and I love what I see. I know that these guys are right thinking folks who will usher us into the next century with style and do more to save the planet than an army of environmentalists.

Even Jay Leno is an enthusiast of the all electric and or hybrid Aptera.

We need more of these kind of guys as well as the T Boone Pickens types.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ban on One-Handed Knives

If you're not sure that the US Customs proposal would have a real affect on your rights to own a knife check out the following link and see just how far their scope is.

Would Proposed Ban Really Outlaw One-Handed Knives?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Check this out

On sale now in Great Brittan

Hope this works out for you Brits. I can just see the frustration setting in with all of the would be murders in Brittan. What will I do? what will I do? Maybe a nice screwdriver?

US Customs re-righting law on knife rights

My letter to Fox

Glen Beck,

I like your show; I was actually shocked to see someone on television trying to do the same thing that I and a rare few others have been trying to do for years. Warn the American public of the chipping away and lately blatant attack on their freedom.

I know that there is a lot going on now with banking etc. but we need to let folks know that their basic rights to own a knife is in jeopardy, at least the right to own a one handed opening pocket knife. The US Customs of all people are using the federal register to rewrite law concerning the antiquated switchblade law to read "any knife that can be opened with one hand". This is a blatant back door sneak attack on the citizen’s rights and it needs to be halted because it will set precedence and give government more brevity with their shenanigans.

The whole US knife industry will be affected by this nonsense and it will put many of use out of work needlessly, I for one would be greatly affected with a knife that I have spent the past several years perfecting. The intentions of designing this knife were to make the world strongest and safest folding knife and it will be outlawed just as it comes into being. I have at this time no other way to make a living and it does irk me some.

The fact that one handed opening knives is the best selling, most carried and most used knife in the world would suggest the overall acceptance of this kind of knife and that government needs to take heed.

The fact that this knife is also hailed as a life saving tool by folks who work in those certain professions where such a tool is often needed to extract themselves from life threatening circumstances, is good testimony to the value of keeping them legal.

The fact that I have never heard of a single instance of illegal activity by someone using a one handed opening knife is also good testimony for the acceptance of this tool.

Not sure why the government is now suddenly so concerned with this issue, but it is time to let the people of the land let the government know how they feel about it. The fact that this type of knife has been purchased and used daily by so many law abiding citizens, should be well more proof that the people have spoken out in its approval and that the government should listen.

Another important issue is the relentless efforts of Time Warner, Comcast and others to gain control over the free internet. Nothing good can come of this and it will burden the American citizen greatly while fattening the fattest of fat cats.

One of the excuses that will be offered up in convincing us that this grab is a good idea will be (it may prevent my child from porn) and nothing is farther from the truth.

I suggest that watching TV cartoons, awash in political content, is far more damaging to children than any porn would be. And I also suggest that it is the responsibility of the parents to regulate what their children watch. However I doubt that many parents are fearful of the cartoons yet but need to be.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keep the net free

It is sad that we have to keep killing the dragon over and over and over again day after day after day.

Please support the free internet and use the URL to the letter below to put a stop to this relentless nonsense.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and I asked him how he felt about the attack on the free internet. I was astounded at his reply and I realized that many folks actually may mistakenly feel the same way.

He actually thought that if the fat cat corporate giants controlled the internet that it might somehow prevent his children from watching porn. Nothing could be farther from the truth, you can not expect any one or any organization to safeguard your children, you have to take the responsibility and do it your self.

I realize that the porn issue is a hot debate, but handing the control over to the greed ridden cable companies is not the answer by any means. Besides, I would offer that you should be far more concerned with your children watching cartoons as they are awash with political influence and a daily dose of them is a sure way of brain washing the tiny tikes. Kinda explains a lot of things if you stop to think about it. No wonder our youth wants a new America, they have all been brainwashed into thinking that it is government that will give them all they want.

First off, controlling what his children watches on TV or the computer is his responsibility, not mine or the government and certainly not Comcast or Verizon or some other company that wants to line their pockets with our cash so that we can use just a little of what is ours already.

Folks, their is nothing on earth that will replace personal freedom and their is nothing on earth that is worth more. Keep it as long as you can and when you die go down fighting for it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

US Customs making US law regarding knives

As I understand it, US Customs is using the federal register to try and re word the description of the current switchblade law.

If they succeed, any knife that can be opened with one hand will be considered illegal in the US because this regulation will influence all the federal laws of the land concerning this issue.

First off; It is hard to imagine why or how we ever managed to install such an insidious instrument such as the federal register into use. This allows any agency to sneak any proposal for new law directly past the people of this country and makes the making of new laws way too easy.

Second; It is hard to imagine that a US government dept. such as US Customs, would use such a tactic to try and make a US law governing the peoples rights to carry a knife of their choice. A bit out of their jurisdiction I would think. Who was behind this one?

Third; It is very difficult to imagine that Texan's would have allowed their legislature to pass a law that would outlaw "assisted opening knives". Someone went to sleep at the switch apparently down in Texas.

Considering the facts about assisted opening knives would weigh in heavily in their favor.

First off; Think about all of the many jobs that man does that having easy access to a knife that can be opened by one hand could be a life saving feature. Go ahead and start a list and see just how endless it can become.

Second; When is the last time that you seen in the news that someone was victimized because someone had an assisted opening knife.

Third; If we all go along with this bullshit, we will soon be giving up our screwdrivers. chisels, hammers,.... Well here again you can start a list and see just how long it can get.

If the government insists on disarming us all, we in turn should demand that the government assigns all of us an armed personal body guard 24/7.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The internet under attack again? Or way to many wolves.

It seems that every part of our lives and business is under constant daily attack by either the out of control government , some greedy corporation or some other wacko group wanting to put me out of business to save the endangered red eyed house fly.

How the hell can one survive in business when you have to spend most of your days fighting one dragon or another just to stay in business?

Lets see here, 6 hours answering E mail, writing your congressman about why they need to not do what they are doing or else we will all sink together, juggling the books to see who gets paid today and then finally out to the shop to get in a couple of hours worth of work and answering the phone to hear some recorded sales pitch. How is this going to work?

When will the shelling stop? How much more damage will we take before we decide to fight back? Will we have anything left to fight back with?

A note to my out of control government, the grubby greed ridden corporations, and any other wacko misfits, Leave my country and me alone. Better yet, just leave my country and don't come back.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Xross Bar Lock is looking good.

These days it is really tough to be upbeat and positive all of the time. It seems that bad things are happening to our basic freedom on a daily basis lately with the all of the shenanigans perpetrated by the new administration or should I say obomination.

The good note is the past several years of hard work with developing the new folding knife, has come to a head and the results are IMO stunning. Seems like everyone that I showed it to at the Blade show was in agreement with me as well. I sure got a lot of good comments and did get those very needed orders as well. Yes the Xross Bar Lock is going to be around, unless of course the Customs Service gets away with their shenanigan. Then I will be out of business just at the time that I got it going.

Switchblades and government morons

How is it that some self serving moronic sleazeball bureaucrat can simply go to a book called the federal register and sneak a proposal that will become the law of the land past the public that will affect millions of citizens and put thousands of folks out of work.

I'm talking about the US Customs service using the federal register to re describe the wording regarding the switch blade that will make any folder that can be opened by one hand illegal. Man if any ever needed a good prodding with a sharp pitchfork it is the bastard the came up with this one. I wonder if we can somehow find out who this guy is and thank him properly?

Another person that needed a sharp instrument up where the sun doesn't shine is the bastard that came up with the federal register idea in the first place. Man what an insidious and dangerous thing to have in a free society.

Maybe it's time to forget the pitch forks and load up the ol flintlock.

Damn, wher's Yosimity Sam when you need him. Blast em boys

Saturday, June 6, 2009


An idea for a bumper sticker
"You’re Damn Right I’m Angry, Problem with That?"