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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Calee’s Law

Calee’s Law

According to the main stream news, 2/3rds of the population is outraged by the acquittal of Casey Anthony. That would mean that 2 out of every 3 people that you personally know is outraged by the verdict of not guilty.

I happen to live in an area where I am surrounded by liberals, not necessarily the arm band progressive types,  and all of them, that I know, are just simply sick and tired of this story, as much as I am, and would like to go on to more important things in life.

We know that the media is the progressive’s promoter of socialism and the “New World Order” and we also know that no crises will go to waste by them.

We also know that tragedies are often followed by knee jerk reaction and the following passage of yet another law. And we know that the people will always be moved by emotion and the “if it will just save one child it will be worth it mindset” and the (it) being yet another twist in the hangman’s knot of freedom.

Was this a sad event? Yes it was a tragedy and 12 jurors labored over days worth of testimony and they followed the law to the conclusion that they felt that they had to come up with, and that is how justice should be dealt with in America.

Media ownership

Should we get caught up in the media spin and let them wield their verdict?

That would be the worst tragedy of all and it directly undermines not only our constitutional rights but it also speaks volumes about how the media has changed its very important role in our society from being an investigating organization and the impartial bearer of news, good or bad, to a runaway organization owned lock stock and barrel by the Council on Foreign relations which is the international banking community, since the 1917 media buyout. The media’s sole new purpose now is primarily to filter the news and spin it in favor of the progressive movement and to cover their nefarious deeds.

Bill O’Reilly writes and expounds on his show that this was a terrible tragedy, and yes it was for certain, and he further laments that we should pass new laws that might prevent this from ever happening again.

Bill O’Reilly is an idiot if he thinks that you can prevent tragedies by passing laws. If that were the case, America would be now the safest and most prosperous country in the universe because we have more laws than anyone in the entire world. In fact we have so many laws, “Protecting us from every imaginable tragedy and ourselves” that we are now living in a total paradise where everyone gets free food, free drugs, free medical care and free everything else and working for a living is now just a relic of the past because after all big government now provides for everything. Right?

Well maybe, for some, until however they run out of other people’s money. You know those lousy stinking rich folks who aren’t sharing enough.

Boiling a frog

I'm certainly hoping that folks are smarter than to allow state or federal lawmakers to knee jerk this tragedy into our daily lives. Imagine the sheer number of 911 phone calls per day if this becomes law and you are required by law to pick up the phone and dial should you have not seen your child for the past 15 minutes or what ever time factor they deem appropriate.

I have come to the realization that all of these ridiculous laws that get passed by our lawmakers to our constant amazement are primarily geared to slowly adjust us into getting used to the notion of having more outrageous laws and regulations. After all it is necessary for our own well being ain't it? It is the slow but relentless indoctrination of a once free nation into socialism and oligarchy by the slow and insidious method of boiling a frog.

Once they have nearly every aspect of your life regulated, and they nearly have now, they will simply take the constitution down from its display, one day and ceremoniously burn it. Probably on the same day that we get to watch the coronation ceremonies.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The good news is that a lot of Americans are starting to wake up, although very few know what to do. I guess for now, the best thing to do, is to pass along any information that may act to enlighten others so that we can all pull together and put an abrupt stop to this nonsense. Education is the key to liberty, the progressives are betting on ignorance and indoctrination.

Keep your powder dry

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