The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bursting the Myths of the Great Depression

This is one of the best articles that I have read for some time. It shows with great clarity why we are in such trouble today.


Bursting the Myths of the Great Depression
By George C. Leef

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Letter to Congress;

Letter to Congress;

I’m not much different than the average American in the respect that I spent most of my younger years having a good time and enjoying the fruits of my ancestor’s labors and their often supreme sacrifice in the battle fields to give me this cherished freedom.

After all, we were Americans who proved to be unbeatable when the chips were down and we were a self reliant breed of individuals who made up a community of hard working, freedom loving citizens who would step up and fight to keep this freedom.

Yes we took our fun for granted and we took our freedom and rights for granted. We took our country for granted and we expected that we could keep on taking things for granted. We were wrong however, in our thinking that our elected and trusted servants would keep a vigilant eye out for us and protect us from any harm, whether it was from a foreign threat or from some misguided or sinister threat from within.

Shame on us however, for being so lax and throwing so much responsibility on our elected officials but shame on our elected officials who allowed the corporate, the special interest, the misguided freedom hatters and those who would trade in their freedom for some proposed free handout, to destroy our beloved way of life.

Shame on our elected officials who have put forth so much effort in taxing the people in so many ingenious ways, looking out for their own interest and greed and essentially placing no visible or discernable effort in upholding or protecting the constitution.

Shame on the politicians who know that they can promise or say anything they want or think they need to get elected and yet never have to answer to their untruthfulness. Shame, shame, shame.

This country is in deep trouble for various greedy reasons, both economically and politically and is on the verge of both economic meltdown and the complete destruction of our liberties and our constitution.

It is with complete and utter chagrin that I take notice of today’s politics as usual at its usual worst as if there were no concerns other than the government’s constant need to raise more and more money for an ever expanding government.

You are on notice; you can no longer afford to be the politician as usual, the goose has finally laid its last egg and where will you be if you kill the golden goose?

Stop the nonsense. Stop congress from giving the Fed more power. Audit the Fed now before it is too late. Stop the Fed from destroying our nation. Become the citizen’s advocate and live up to your sworn oath to protect and abide by the constitution.