The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Call to Action

At the risk of alienating a few of my friends and colleagues and driving off what damn little business that remains, I am asking that all of my friends, colleagues and others to not only join me in my efforts but to please take the same chance and do the same thing.

As some of you know or have at least had to have heard by now, our country is under a massive attack from within and although a great many people have become enlightened, way too many folks are still sound asleep or have been thoroughly brainwashed and actually think that things are better now and they will start receiving free bennies.

We are losing our freedom at lightning speed now under the current administration that was shifted into high gear by the last administration but actually started by various administrations within the past 100 years. So you see this is not a Dem versus GOP, a Wade versus Roe or any other frivolous bicker point that we have been trained into arguing over. While we argue over minor trivia, the progressives keep winning and taking it all.

The biggest problem lies in the fact that most folks, as well as I, do not really know what to do, however in the meantime, I do recommend at least the following tact:

Educate yourselves thoroughly on what is really going on. However, do not expect to find factual information on the “Lame Stream News” such as CNN, NBC, ABC, etc.

Find and sign both the “Audit the Fed” and the “Impeach Obama” petitions.

Write your congressman including your representatives, senators and governors demanding that they follow and protect the US and state constitution and insist that they do not pass any unconstitutional laws and insist that they toss out any existing unconstitutional laws.

Insist that they investigate all incidents of ethics violations, especially those that concern the constitution, and demand jail time for those that try to usurp the constitution.

Insist that all lawyers, politicians and bureaucrats follow and protect the constitution as they are sworn in to do or go to jail.

Inform your leaders that you will not tolerate or abide by any unconstitutional law.

Remove your children from the public school system until they stop the practice of indoctrination and agree to start teaching proper American history without the “progressive” (read that communist thinking) slant.

Pull the plug on television; do not allow your children to watch cartoons or any other children’s programs that are embedded with progressive or socialistic (propaganda) views.

Stock up for the long haul, get yourself prepared for any event and join a tea party.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A letter of declaration to Barack Hussein Obama and the Leaders of the House and Senate.

Consider this letter to represent the people of the United States as a proclamation to decree that any and all laws, rules and regulations, made by any means of government that can not be clearly warranted or justified by the United States Constitution, are considered as nullified and defunct.

No American who has taken the time to understand any of the current health care bills now in congress are in favor of it and indeed most Americans who have taken the time to understand the ramifications of this bill are terrified by it and are becoming adamant about it not passing.

It is true that most Americans are concerned about health care and that something needs to be done about it, but no one wants the government to use it as an excuse to pass some government controlled Orwellian monster that is at best a government grab of our freedom and rights. We the people are suggesting that government is the primary problem in the first place with the myriad laws now governing our health.

We the people know that passing this bill will ring in the end of freedom in America and will destroy our beloved country and way of life. We therefore denounce this bill and basically take a very dim view of most of the other bills now proposed in Congress as well.

What concerns the American public greatly is the cavalier and contemptuous attitude of our elected officials in regards to their sworn oath to protect and follow the guidelines and rules of our Constitution. Obviously the very parts of our government that were charged with the responsibility of prosecuting those same folks, who commit treason or criminal acts and are trashing our constitution, are themselves mired down with corruption.

We would like to remind you that it is within the constitutional powers of the states to dismantle the government when it is evident that it has become corrupt and out of control and to re-establish a new government based on the sound principles of our forefathers and our constitution. I therefore call upon our states leaders in this dark hour to do just that and fire all concerned in Washington and renew our great country.

It is also within the constitutional powers of the people of this great nation to dismantle a corrupt and out of control government if the states fail to and if the states do find themselves so mired down in corruption as well, then it will be up to the citizens of this great country to do the job.

We the people are sick and tired of a government that uses stealth, lies, intimidation, illegal expenditures and devious tactics behind closed doors against its very own citizens to enact legislation concocted by special interest groups to rob the American public of not only their hard earned money but also of their hard fought for freedom.

We the people are sick and tired of an engineered political system that has made a mockery of the election process. The American citizens are becoming aware that there is little difference between the parties and that most political issues, battled over between the two, are nothing more than smoke and mirrors and petty issues. We therefore demand transparency and integrity of our government and its elected members and criminal prosecution for those that abuse it.

Therefore be warned that if you continue to proceed in trying to pass this devastating and evil bill and continue to trash our constitution, we will be forced to respond to our civil and legal duty and dismantle the golden palace that you have built for yourselves from the ill gotten gains and the sweat and blood of the American people.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Open letter to all State Govenors

It would seem as though the federal government has become far too large, far too wasteful, far too corrupt and that it now thinks that it has the complete authority over all of the states and all of the states citizens and that it no longer has to comply with the very instrument and its rules that gave it these powers in the first place. It is also apparent that many of the elected folks in government has invented ways to ensure re-election by methods such as "Gerrymandering" and are starting to use other methods that amount to outright voter fraud. One example would be the illegal activities of Acorn and another example would be the infamous Florida hanging shad.

This is an open invitation for each and all of the 50 States to stand up to the out of control US government and take back this country and re-establish the same principles that we originally based it on. It is time for the states to regain their sovereignty again and enforce the clearly written rules of our constitution.

I am asking the Governors and the lawmakers of each and every state to unify and enact policies that will refute any and all Federal laws that do not clearly and concisely meet the specifications and approval of the US constitution and the bill of rights.

I further ask that all states form and sign a petition and collectively submit it to congress to either strip the US government of any laws that are not clearly constitutional or better yet dismantle the US government and then reform a new US government as provided by the US constitution.

We can do it, all we need is a little courage and be willing to take back our freedom.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Privatizing Wealth Redistribution

How is it that a group of elected rascals can on one hand accuse capitalistic health care corporations of cheating the citizens out of their hard earned money while on the other hand make deals behind closed doors that will hand these same corporations the full powers of the governments law to do the same thing but with far more reaching tentacles and strip the freedom from the citizens at the same time?

Read more on this By Tom Mullen

Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi and Robert Gibbs

Very much to the point.

"There's no case suggesting that the individual mandate you seek in your health care legislation is constitutional. You and the president have both sworn to support and defend the Constitution. The oaths you took do not grant you a right to do what you please, or even what you think is right. It is to do only what the Constitution allows you to do." Read the rest of the letter.

Going, going, gone

I've been watching and trying to warn folks about the rascals in Washington for nearly 50 years and I cringe every time these parasites get together to create more laws.
I can assure you that it is a very rare day when any government passes a law that has some benefit to mankind or to the citizen. However you can always count on the fact that someone or some ones will benefit from each and every law passed.
The fact that corporations seem to always have the upper hand is proof enough that those who own the gold will make the laws. As a citizen, just how many laws have you bought lately?
The idiot who proclaimed that crime does not pay, had little understanding of government. Where else can you break the law with complete impunity if not as an elected official?
The American people have lost much of their freedom to these blood sucking parasites in the past under a myriad of guises. Can you imagine just how much you are going to lose with this monster 2,000 page bill if it passes?
Folks you have to realize that governments never do things for people, they only do things to them. When have you ever witnessed an elected official fulfill any promise he made while campaigning or promoting a bill?