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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why the American system of selecting a presidential candidate is useless

Why the American system of selecting a presidential candidate is useless

Given the fact that both parties, “camps” if you will, are more attuned to big business and big banks than they are to the American people that they supposedly support, it is no surprise that we have strayed so far from the American dream.

If you support the idea that there is a problem and therefore a probable cause and you approach it with the same keen mathematical solving attitude as used in geometry, you come to the realization that there is more than sufficient evidence of what and who the culprits are.

As in geometry, you need a base to work from and those are the indisputable facts that can be verified, at least up to now, as the recorded history still stands.

Fact; The International Bankers Morgan, Chase and Rockefeller created the FED with the help of some Congress members in 1913 and Congress created the IRS the same year.

Fact; the very same bankers bought the entire controlling interests of what is now the “Main Stream Media” in 1917 and is still in control of it.

Fact; the same bunch of rascals along with other international bankers and corporations have found ways to fund election campaigns with vast sums of money and have infiltrated Congress and other government organizations.

Fact, Hollywood and other entertainment industries are now awash with folks that dance to the pied piper and have been for some time.

Fact; Ever since the Government created the department of education our education has eroded to the point of despair and complete wonderment and in fact our children are no longer being educated but are if fact being indoctrinated and have been for some time.

I claim the above as facts for reasons that they can be researched and/or they are glaringly obvious to all except those that condone it and as long as the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, I will continue to believe they are what they are.

I could write volumes of things that are obvious and wrong and from the present president back to the beginning of our country, but what is most striking is the ever growing and long list of atrocities that the present president has done since in office and to what other factions of powerful men are doing at the present, both foreign and domestic.

The main thing to consider is the influence that the bankers and corporations, both foreign and domestic, can have on Congress and the various departments of government as well as the 50 states.

So what is really going on is the most expensive production of smoke and mirrors that the world has ever seen and most of the players are indebted or outright owned by the production company including the majority of both parties. Some of the players have been relegated to the roles of “extras” and the chosen actors given stardom roles.

So it is easy to see that if you accept the obvious, and please check it out if you will, it is easy to add up and discover just exactly what is going on and why.

The bank of England never liked our gold standard any better than they liked our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution as it imposed great difficulties in controlling our wealth.

Over time the foreign banks and other moneyed concerns slowly infiltrated our system and penetrated both parties to incrementally and insidiously seed our government officials with notions that have at last crippled our economy and our freedoms.

They now own the banks, the media, our entertainment industries, the printing companies that fill our schools with tripe and most of our elected officials.

As you can see, it makes little difference to these shysters whether or not a republican or a democrat sits in office as long as the elected candidate is a member of their club.

So on goes the show; it is filled with wonderful entertainment as Newt and Mitt slug it out for the position to run against Barrack and we can place our bets as the repubs duke it our with the dems and sling mud from hell to breakfast and back again.

The main thing is that the obedient media works hard to keep your eye on the balls that they want you to watch and it is their duty to make sure that you see very little of what is reality or who may have the real answer to our woes.

As you may have surmised by now; if the international bankers and corporations have that much control over the media, Hollywood, the public schools, Congress and most departments of government, how could we possibly know what is going on and how can we overcome it? The American system of choosing a leader has been rendered useless and America is no longer a nation of free men unless Americans wake up and very soon.

Our last bloodless bid for retaining our freedom is about to vanish, with this election, and we are still watching “Dancing with the Stars” staring Mitt and Newt, or is that Mutt and Jeff.

Over the past 70 or so years they have carefully laid the seine nets and they are now drawing the pursing strings closed. Are we fast enough to escape the net?

Ron Paul is possibly the only candidate that has not been corrupted by the afore mentioned rascals better known as the “Washington Mafia”.

Monday, January 16, 2012

It pays very well to own the media

It pays very well to own the media

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Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Etc.)

Michael Snyder, Contributing Writer, Activist Post

Wouldn't it be great if a Republican presidential candidate could just buy the support of just about every major conservative talk show host in America? Well, it may not be as far-fetched as you may think.

Clear Channel owns more radio stations (850) than anyone else in the United States. They also own Premiere Radio Networks, the company that syndicates the radio shows of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, among others.

Needless to say, Clear Channel basically owns conservative talk radio in the United States. So who owns Clear Channel?

Well, it turns out that Bain Capital is one of the primary owners of Clear Channel. Yes, you read that correctly. The company that Mitt Romney ran for so long is one of the "big bosses" over virtually all conservative talk radio in America.

Of course Mitt Romney is not running Bain Capital anymore. He is a "retired partner", but he still has a huge financial stake in Bain Capital. We're talking about millions upon millions of dollars. If you doubt this, just check out page 34 of this public financial disclosure report. So if you have been wondering why so many conservative talk show hosts are being so incredibly kind to Mitt Romney, this just might be the answer.

In the media world, there is a clear understanding that you simply do not bite the hand that feeds you. Some of the most prominent conservative talk radio hosts are earning tens of millions of dollars a year.

If you were making tens of millions of dollars a year, wouldn't you be very careful to avoid offending your boss?

The deal in which Bain Capital became one of the owners of Clear Channel was initiated just a short time before Mitt Romney's first run for president. The following comes from Wikipedia....

On November 16, 2006, Clear Channel announced plans to go private, being bought out by two private-equity firms, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital Partners for $18.7 billion, which is just under a 10 percent premium above its closing price of $35.36 a share on November 16 (the deal values Clear Channel at $37.60 per share).
The deal was finalized in 2008. Today, Bain Capital is still one of the primary owners of Clear Channel.

One of the subsidiaries of Clear Channel is Premiere Radio Networks.

Premiere Radio Networks distributes a whole host of conservative talk radio shows. Everyone in the conservative world knows names such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Clear Channel also controls some other conservative talk radio hosts (such as Michael Savage and Mark Levin) that are not part of the Premiere Radio family.

The power that Premiere Radio Networks has is absolutely staggering. The following is directly from the official Clear Channel website....
Premiere Radio Networks Inc., a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, syndicates 90 radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio affiliations and reaches over 190 million listeners weekly. Premiere Radio is the number one radio network in the country and features the following personalities: Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome, Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Bob (Kevoian) & Tom (Griswold), Delilah, Steve Harvey, Blair Garner, George Noory, John Boy and Billy, Big Tigger, Dr. Dean Edell, Bob Costas, Sean Hannity and others. Premiere is based in Sherman Oaks, California, with 13 offices nationwide.
So do you think that any of those hosts is going to risk viciously attacking Mitt Romney and Bain Capital during this election season?

Not likely.

One of the controversies that has plagued Premiere Radio Networks in recent years has been the uproar over their use of paid actors to call in to their radio shows.

The following comes from Wikipedia....
Clear Channel, through its subsidiary, Premiere Radio Networks, auditions and hires actors to call in to talk radio shows and pose as listeners in order to provide shows, carried by Clear Channel and other broadcasters, with planned content in the form of stories and opinions. The custom caller service provided by Premiere Radio ensures its clients they won't hear the same actor's voice for at least two months in order to appear authentic to listeners who might otherwise catch on.
So perhaps that explains where some of the "Romney callers" come from.

There is nothing illegal about what Romney and Bain Capital have done, but it sure does not pass the "smell test".

Conservative talk radio has the potential to sway millions of conservative voters in one direction or another, and it is just not proper for Bain Capital and Romney to have such an overpowering financial interest in conservative talk radio.

And, yes, Mitt Romney is still bringing in lots of money from Bain Capital. The following comes from a Wikipedia article about Mitt Romney....
At the time of his departure, Romney negotiated an agreement with Bain Capital that allowed him to receive a passive profit share as a retired partner in some Bain Capital entities, including buyout and investment funds.[62][57] With the private equity business continuing to thrive, this deal would bring him millions of dollars in income each year.[57] As a result of his business career, by 2007 Romney and his wife had a net worth of between $190 and $250 million, most of it held in blind trusts.[62] An additional blind trust existed in the name of the Romneys' children and grandchildren that was valued at between $70 and $100 million as of 2007.[63] The couple's net worth remained in the same range as of 2011, and was still held in blind trusts.
In addition, Bain Capital and Bain & Company continue to pour huge amounts of money into Romney's campaign coffers.

Just check out the following list of the biggest donors to the Romney campaign. These numbers come from
Goldman Sachs $367,200Credit Suisse Group $203,750
Morgan Stanley $199,800HIG Capital $186,500
Barclays $157,750Kirkland & Ellis $132,100
Bank of America $126,500PriceWaterhouseCoopers $118,250
EMC Corp $117,300JPMorgan Chase & Co $112,250
The Villages $97,500Vivint Inc $80,750
Marriott International $79,837Sullivan & Cromwell $79,250
Bain Capital $74,500UBS AG $73,750
Wells Fargo $61,500Blackstone Group $59,800
Citigroup Inc $57,050Bain & Co $52,500

As with anything, whenever you want to get to the real truth you just need to follow the money.

Earlier this week, Sean Hannity told Rick Perry that his attacks on Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital sounded like something that "Occupy Wall Street" would say.

Just the other day, Rush Limbaugh compared Rick Perry to Fidel Castro and rabidly defended Mitt Romney on his radio program....
'There’s no way you can try to dress that up,' Limbaugh fumed. 'I don’t understand it. Well, politically I understand it, but that’s just absurd. It’s sad. “Cause I really, really, really like Rick Perry! I really do. I had such hopes! I did. I’ll tell you, I did, but all of this talk about “corporate raiders,” and as I listen to politicians start talking about capitalism, lights are going off in my head. Maybe they don’t really know what it is. Maybe they’re under some misconception about what capitalism is, because this characterization of it” A distinction with venture capitalism and vulture capitalism” This bite from Perry doesn’t compute.'
So why are these conservative talk show hosts defending Mitt Romney so furiously?

I think now we know.

It is all about the money.

When you have enough money, you can get conservative talk show hosts to promote an extremely liberal candidate.

Yes, of course Bain Capital does not "control" what these talk show hosts say.

Yes, of course some of the talk show hosts toss some light criticism at Romney from time to time.

But they simply do not go after Romney like they should.

The truth is that Mitt Romney is really a Democrat that is masquerading as a Republican. When you closely examine his record, he is very similar to Obama.

There is no way in the world that any self-respecting conservative should ever cast a single vote for him.

But right now Mitt Romney is running away with the race for the Republican nomination.

If Republicans can be fooled this badly, is there any hope for the future of the Republican Party?

This message was sent by Scott Shock ( from King County Ron Paul 2012.
To learn more about Scott Shock, visit his/her member profile

Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668 |

Perhaps someday the big boys will offer me big bucks to paint a rosy light on the chosen candidate to be, on my blog, Naww.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

U.S. Senate Bill # S.968 internet takeover bill Inbox

U.S. Senate Bill # S.968 internet takeover bill Inbox

The final U. S. Senate vote on the internet takeover bill is set for January 24th. As of right now, that bill, which gives U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder the power of an "Internet Czar," WILL PASS.
Please send faxes to every Member of the U.S. Senate, and demand that they filibuster S. 968, the Senate version of the internet takeover bill.

Unfortunately, the American people are not paying attention to this catastrophe that is unfolding in the U. S. Senate. We only have a few days to stop this unconstitutional power grab. We must bombard the Senate with faxes, RIGHT NOW!

This bill will give corrupt U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder the power to blacklist or shut down any website or forum that is merely accused of being linked to "online piracy".

He will even have the authority to "sanitize" the results of internet searches on Google or Yahoo, so that only government-approved websites and information can be found online.

If this bill passes, Barack Hussein Obama will have to the ability to ban the campaign websites of his opponents, shut down the online activities of anti-Obama groups like USJF, and harass tea party forums and any other websites that don't support him.

Please fax the U. S. Senate now. This bill WILL PASS unless the American people overwhelm the Senate with faxes!

And, while you are at it, please forward this email to everyone you know, The FINAL U. S. Senate vote is scheduled for January 24th. We don't have much time!

If this bill passes, the Obama Administration won't need a court order. There will be no hearings or trials.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., will seize incredible control over the internet, and we will be nearly powerless to stop him.

Although supporters of the bill say that it is designed to prevent online piracy, this is an internet takeover bill, pure and simple. Just one "complaint" from a liberal activist, or a government agent, that you are indirectly violating an obscure copyright rule, and your
website could be fined huge sums, and it could be blacklisted from the internet.

Just imagine if Google was prohibited from displaying websites that were critical of Barack Obama, that discussed the controversy over where he was born, or that mentioned the damage that his policies are doing to the economy.

Well, that is exactly what will ultimately happen if S.968 passes, and it is signed into law.

Many of this bill's provisions are modeled on Communist China's censorship law, called the "Great Firewall of China." Even the socialists in the European Parliament oppose this new American law. That is how extreme S.968 is!

S.968 already has 40 co-sponsors in the U.S. Senate. Eleven more votes and it passes!

Please fax every U. S. Senator NOW.

Extreme liberals like Chuck Schumer and Al Franken have teamed up with Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to ram this bill into law.

They are being helped by millions of dollars in campaign contributions from left-wing mainstream media companies.

They want the government to shut down all the blogs and political forums, and all of the independent news sites, so that they, once again, will have a monopoly on the news that you and I are allowed to see.

This threat against free speech is so grave and so imminent that websites like Google and Yahoo are seriously considering staging a last-ditch online protest to try to stop Mr. Obama and his Congressional allies!

Please, fax every Member of the U. S. Senate NOW, and please forward this email to all of your friends, urging them to do the same.

This bill WILL PASS unless you take action TODAY. And, while you are at it, please add to the effectiveness of your faxes by personally calling your U.S. Senators' offices at
202-224-3121. Tell him, or her, to STOP S. 968, the internet takeover bill (not that they give a hoot as they already are committing treason )

The final vote is January 24th. We only have days remaining to save free speech on the internet!

Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation

Why can't Congress through the United States Treasury issue debt-free and interest-free money based upon the wealth of this country (worth trillions)... why do we have to go cap in hand to the Rothschild controlled private and international banks who simply create money out of thin air - just numbers on a computer screen - and then charge exorbitant rates of interest on this nothingness which is currently costing us the taxpayers something like $3.5 billion a day, or around $??? a year just to make interest payments?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another step towards accepting a dictatorship.

Another step towards accepting a dictatorship.

If Obama succeeds in talking Congress into giving him the power to change, downsize, increase, streamline or any other action of government without our or Congress’s approval, we will have taken a giant step towards accepting Obama as the supreme ruler and dictator of the United States of America.

Pundits are already saying that this was a good move on the presidents part because it shows that he is ready to get things done where as Congress is hopelessly deadlocked.

Yes it is was a good plan on the president’s part and it shows that this president is no fool and knows exactly what he is doing. Governor Christie has stated that Obama is as good a politician as they come and that we should not underestimate him.

I am afraid that America has already underestimated Obama and that America was dozing off when Obama told us exactly what his plans were.

Obama is touted as an inept idiot that is way over his head and as someone that has failed to keep his campaign promises. The reality of it is, Obama has kept his promises and has been extremely successful in his endeavors. The problem is that most Americans heard what they wanted to hear and failed to heed his many promises to change America as we know it, and he has but unfortunately to our mortification.

America needs to go back and listen again to all of what he has said that he plans to do and take him seriously and then take a look at what he has done already and to what he is still planning to do.

Should anyone manage to remember all of his promises and check to see how many he has succeeded at, analyze what they really are or were intended for, take a good look at what he is trying to do at the present and what he has promised to do in the future, you would have to come to only one conclusion and that is Obama is very good at what he does and what he is doing is curtains for the USA, freedom and our way of life.

Don’t be fooled at the titles of the bills that he has rammed through Congress or the titles of the many “Executive Orders” that he has feloniously signed into law as all laws, no matter how insidious or self serving they may be, are painted with false colors and touted as necessary for the well being of the people.

Obama has been very busy and has a lot of help and it is virtually impossible to even try and list all of the horrendous atrocities that he has imposed so far. I have seen a partial list that was simply strung together with only comas separating them and it still took a full sheet of paper to list.

It sums up only one way, Obama is in the very middle of pulling off the impossible, an American coup. When I can find time, I will try to highlight Obama’s obvious steps.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fax business; a growing business concept.

The Fax business; a growing business concept.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in America and the current political crisis is just too good of a thing to not capitalize on.

These days with all three legs of government, the White House, the justice department and Congress going haywire with corruption and the frenetic floury of atrocities committed by all three, it is a perfect opportunity for making a lot of cash by capitalizing on the citizens concerns for their liberty and safety.

As a blogger and a concerned citizen who tries to write articles and letters of concern for the purpose of educating and wakening those that are not yet aware of the extreme dangers that are now befalling us and about to destroy our way of life and our freedoms, I can very well see that one needs to somehow get funded in order to succeed with these worthwhile efforts and also in order to feed his family while working for the good of the people.

What is hard to fathom is the sheer number of atrocities that are being committed by the government and those wanting to destroy American freedom and it is also hard to fathom how much money it would cost an individual to contribute $25.00 or more for each and every one of these atrocities at that rate. It would amount to a lot of money in short order and no one would be able to send in his or her personal fax for all of the misdeeds that they were concerned with.

I don’t mind a patriot receiving some monetary support for his or her efforts to support our welfare, but I do mind some of these opportunist attempts to get wealthy off of the crisis.

I have never solicited for monetary support even though the time that I have spent has eroded my efforts to make a living as I believe it is tacky, but I have donated to what I have considered a worthwhile cause that needs funds in order to carry out their stated mission.

I simply think that it is tacky for someone that does basically the same thing as I do, to charge the same amount of fees as one would expect to donate to a real organization such as the Tea Party or to the Ron Paul Campaign for each and every fax they send out to a group of Congressmen.

Yes it could be a worthwhile effort to fax these devious rascals, providing that we could do it with enough volume, but who can afford it at the going rate?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama has just broken the law again

Obama has just broken the law again in his long stream of thumbing his nose at American law and at Americans in general.

By appointing more members without Congressional approval, he has blatantly informed all Americans that he has declared himself as supreme ruler of the land and that the Constitution and Congress are of no significant matter to him or his newly seized dictatorship policies.

Any and all members of Congress that are not actively seeking the impeachment and resignations of Barrack Obama and Erick Holder should be placed on notice.

First everyone that is not actively seeking to remove these two frauds should be voted out of office and second each and everyone of these office holders should be indicted and tried for misrepresenting the nation and its people whether they are voted out of office or not. Treason is not to be taken lightly.

It is time that the nation’s laws are followed by those in power and time to quickly administer stern punishment to those that ignore it or blatantly flaunt it.

Obama is becoming more and more embolden by the day and yet Congress ignores his transgressions as if nothing has happened.

Now that Obama has forced his new domestic anti terrorist program on us, he probably feels a bit more comfortable that the populace will not be able to swarm the White House and kick his butt back to Africa because he now has the military to protect him.

The longer that the public allows these atrocities to go on, the harder it will be to stop it and regain our country back from the hands of those set on destroying America and the principles that it stands for.

I am encouraged however by the fact that Americans are buying guns and ammunition at an unusually high rate this past few years that Obama has been office.

We can also hope that our military leaders are not inclined to support such a dictatorship and will refuse to turn arms upon the very citizens that it is set up to protect, once the citizens determine that taking up arms is the last resort. And let us also hope that taking up arms is not the last resort.

So get out there and vote for your freedom this time, not some damn Rino that tells you he has the best answer to create jobs, it will be your very last time to try and save your freedom. Don’t blow it.

Keep your powder dry, you very well may need it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Truth in Politics or Not

Truth in Politics or Not

It is ironic that most Americans will sit and listen to the rhetoric of the candidates and follow along with the discourse of the arguments as if they were real, factual and true.

It is even more ironic and extremely unsettling and sad that when a candidate comes along and tries to offer to pony up the facts, the reality and the truth, folks will instantly recoil as if they were burnt by a hot stove, accuse the candidate of being nuts and change the channel or their location so as not to have to hear any more of it. This reminds me a great deal of Pavlov’s conditioning but actually it is a bit more sophisticated than that.

Over the years we have become so conditioned to listening to misleading rhetoric and outright lies from our candidates and leaders that we actually process the tripe as being the reality even though we know that it is common knowledge that candidates for office are expected to lie and are even forgiven for breaking their sworn campaign promises. Again it is the conditioning.

Even Hollywood is infected with the virus along with our public school systems and has been infiltrated with programming with the intension of deceiving us into thinking that our capitalistic and free society is the root of the very problems that are actually created by the very same folks that are trying to deceive us. Being naïve is not so bliss.

What is probably the saddest and strangest part is the fact that we all should know better because what is happening at this very moment is right out of a pages of history and we are mostly too ignorant or preoccupied to see or acknowledge it as it happens. Heil Hitler.

What far too many folks do not realize is the fact that the media is owned, totally, lock, stock and barrel by the same diabolical scoundrels that own the same FED that has taken us to the cleaners over the years ever since we allowed them to take charge of our money.

Many Americans now are aware that our country is badly broken and things are not going well, but many of these folks are still tuned into the “MSMedia” and are not seeing the true side of reality and therefore are blaming the wrong people and circumstances for the demise of both our freedoms and our economy.

Our freedom and our economy was purposefully eroded over a period of time by the same nefarious scoundrels that own our media and now control by means of infiltration both our schools systems and Hollywood.

It may have taken a period of time for us to get to this sad state of affairs but we do not have the same luxury of time to avoid the complete demise of our freedoms, what damn little that there is left.

There may be a saving grace or silver lining and perhaps the solution is simpler than one would think and would only require that good folks take up the effort and fight to educate those that are lost in the propaganda and rhetoric of the establishment and support the very few office holders with integrity out of the many corrupt members of Congress.

The MSMedia has made good and sure over the years that folks like Ron Paul would only get coverage if they could show it in a bad light and that he would not get coverage of any of his many attempts to curtail the size of government, out of control spending and the steady demise of our freedoms. His words have been criminally twisted at every turn.

Perhaps when we finally understand that the allure of money is more intoxicating than the glory of doing what is right and that we need to change how Congress works and remove lobbyists and the greed for money, we can get back to sanity.

It can be very difficult to understand why the richest people on earth would go to such great lengths to gain full control over a nation’s monetary system, purchase the controlling interest of the main stream media, install their own managing editors, get control of the majority of the members of Congress and then set about and manipulate the financial demise of the very same system that they own and control.

Perhaps the answer is more breath taking than fiction and intrinsically demonic. The poor are still poor and the middle class are disappearing and that makes you wonder where all of the wealth has gone. Even when the dollar has run its course and has the same non value as the African Zimbabwe's counterpart, the “bansters” will have converted their American dollars into something a lot more stable like gold or Swiss franks.

Another good lesson to ponder is how George Soros made his last killing a billion English pounds when he broke the bank of England and how he is positioning himself in America. Will he do it again, perhaps this time he will make a trillion bucks for his efforts?

Perhaps what we should all be asking ourselves is how did we go from a patriotic nation of self sufficient hardy people whose battle cry was “Give me liberty or give me death” to a nation of whiney government dependent people whose cry is “Gimie, gimie, gimie, please tax the rich and give it to me”?

Never have the words “The truth will set you free” been more appropriate than it would be now.

It is beyond me that folks are still tuning in to the evening news and not setting fires to the so called new agencies around the country.

It is completely beyond me that folks are not angry and rioting in the streets and demanding the heads of public office holders and the resignations of public employees.

Perhaps someday the people will gain their senses and the truth shall shine through all of the smoke and media mirrors and the people will again appreciate freedom. Let us hope that it is not too late.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's our Freedom Stupid

The New Year will bring some surprises, hopefully we will see more good ones than bad ones, but be prepared for the worst and pray and work for the best.

At this time it is difficult to tell if we will wind up with the same freedom hating Muslim in the White House, a Rino that will do the biding of the same puppet as the Muslim in chief or if we will actually get a real Constitutionally oriented and sane president who will at least try to stop our march into the abyss.

The very best that we could hope for would be a stalemate if Obama should somehow steal his way back into the White House for a second term. However expect him to increase the use of his executive privileges to overcome or bypass Congress whenever he can.

This country has already gone well past the point of no return thanks to Congress and its passing of Obama care unless it is repealed and fast before it becomes active.

But that in itself is not nearly enough, we also need to also repeal a host of other insane laws that are equally as bad such as the so called "Patriot Act" along with a myriad of other freedom robbing laws passed in the name of protecting us from a phantom evil.

And we mostly also need a new and constitutionally driven president to start the reversal of socialism and to repeal the many rules, regulations and laws that are killing our economy.

There is only one thing that will regain our economic status and that is the very same thing that gave us that status in the first place, freedom.

Bring back our freedom and the economy will come roaring back to life again.

Yes it is as simple as that.

Let the new buzz words be "It's our Freedom Stupid".