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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eric Holder is forcing banks

More on Banking and government gone too far

Attorney General Eric Holder is forcing banks to "relax their mortgage underwriting standards and approve loans for minorities with poor credit as part of a new crackdown on alleged discrimination”.

More on this story;

Is this just Obama ideology and reverse discrimination run amuck or is it simply a part of the ongoing and obscenely obvious Obama plan to purposely bankrupt America before he gets tossed out on his ideological ear?

Now that might be construed as racism to some but I’m as far removed from racism as one can be, in this world that we live in, and I, and a lot of other folks, are extremely sick and tired of being called racist by every jerk, like Eric Holder and his army of cronies, who can only express themselves in that tired and pathetic way.

I find it increasingly difficult to understand why our Congress, even as corrupt as it is, has not stood up in complete disgust to these fraudsters and perpetrators of treason and taken some meaningful and decisive task against them.

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