The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, May 9, 2014

Small potatoes, huge concern

Small potatoes, huge concern

True capitalism, or rather true free marketing, normally brings better products at ever decreasing prices as manufactures get better at mass production and we have witnessed that in the cheap prices of some electronic products. The same can be said for the service industry as well. Competition keeps prices at the lowest level simply because if you don’t or can’t, someone else will or can.

It has been said that capitalism has to be regulated to ensure that greedy corporations don’t monopolize an industry and charge excessive prices because the competition has been eliminated.

There may be some truth in that assumption, however reality has shown clearly that it is the very regulations that our lawmakers generate on an annual basis that is the true culprit in driving up prices and reducing service.

It would be one thing if our lawmakers were to make laws out of concern for the citizens that elected them but these lawmakers rarely or never hear the voices of the concerned citizen. They are however hammered relentlessly by lobbyist working for various corporations that more often, than not, write their own laws that allow the corporations to deal with the public, as they see fit, without fear of competition and it is always labeled as some  form of consumer protection act.

The citizen consumer finds himself in a never ending spiral of higher and higher costs of services and goods but it's done in an incrementally small but steady process so as not to upset the consumer to the point of actual defiance. How much are you paying for cable TV?

The cost of living in America now requires all members of a household, old enough to work, to help support the family, making America’s working class more impoverished as time goes on.

We are told that we now live in a world class driven economy and that we must adjust to it. Truth is America cannot compete with the world simply because we are hamstrung by our own laws, rules and regulations and that forces us to import products from countries that do not have uncountable shackles to comply with.

The same that applies to a house hold also applies to a small business as the cost of business is driven by the same pack of rascals driving up their costs as well. Maybe you have noticed that most businesses in the US are now chain owned stores and services that have the capital and political clout to better deal with the shear bureaucracy of an overwhelming government with the myriad of regulations.

Maybe it is time for America to start thinking about Big Over Bloated Government and start doing something about it and maybe the citizens need their own lobbyists.