The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drugs, guns, cartels and government corruption

Drugs, guns, cartels and government corruption, the gun running saga continues and so far, all we’re missing here is seedy sex but then we haven’t got to the bottom of the pit yet.

Today’s administration and Congress are giving the book writer’s years, or rather decades, worth of stories, books and movie plots. The material is being generated faster than a team of writers can hardly keep up with and actually has more intrigue and clandestine drama than the best of the mystery writers.

Unless we lose our first amendment rights before we can change out the current clan of Washington mobsters, we will have loads of entertainment from the books and movies for a good long time.

To list all of the clandestine and sinister plots going on at the present would take me weeks to ferret out and list, but here is a new twist on the gun runner scam.

As I have said before, the purpose of the government selling guns to the drug cartels and helping them get them over the border was to give the administration some ammo in order to tighten up on gun control or even abolish them in time. Not to try and arrest members of the drug cartel for purchasing and using these guns. How stupid is that?

However when you sit back and take another look and try to understand why practically all members of government including the FBI, Drug enforcement, ATF and most members of Congress, the administration and the justice department are mostly all stonewalling the investigation of this, it becomes more and more clear.

Money and power; the world’s drug trade measures in the billions if not maybe even trillions of dollars. Ever wonder why we have had this war on drugs for so long and it only seems to get worse over time?

The answer is simply the fact that those who profit from drugs do not want the drug supply to dry up and those who profit from drugs are not just only the cartels, growers and street dealers. No the war on drugs are making many rich and just who are these guys who are in the position of receiving out right bribes or those who receive money and favors from lobbyist’s?

If the justice department is not actively doing anything about the problem, then you might rightly guess that the folks who are complicit with this goes very high up the command chain.

I’m convinced that if the US and Mexico were really wanting to team up and stop the supply of drugs, the job would have been finished long ago or at least much more successful than it has been so far.

Given the amount of corruption that we are aware of these two countries, it is easy to see that the war on drugs is just a ruse that we the people are supposed to swallow. After all if we had this big of a drug problem and there was no apparent action on the part of government, we would all be very suspicious, wouldn’t we?

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