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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Educating the general voting public

Educating the general voting public

Gayle and I get together with some friends on a regular basis; have had a good number of conversations about how bad things are in Washington and yes they now know that Obama is a very bad thing.

However, after all of the discussions that we have had with them, they just made an incorrect statement that shows me that educating the folks, that unfortunately have had too much of the progressive koolaid thrown at them, can be a daunting job.

This is totally understandable as most of us do not like getting involved with politics and have since the inception of our freedom, trusted the elected officials to look out for our welfare as they were elected and sworn to do. Also most of us are way too busy with making a living to keep ourselves properly informed and the politicians have gone out of their way to keep all government transactions mind numbingly difficult to follow by using legalese jargon to write the bills. How many folks really understand the contracts that they have signed? And why is legalese even necessary in any of our activities?

Our friends statement was something like this; “I know that Obama is not good for our country but I don’t trust the republicans because they are going to cut my Social Security and Medicare benefits. I think that I will vote for a democrat”.

Of course we know that the ridicules idea of cutting SS and Medicare is just democrat fear mongering and an outright vicious and cunning lie, but most folks don’t know it because the media supports the democrats/republican progressive movement which is nothing more than the international banker sanctioned Washington Mafia.

This is a very good example of why it is imperative to keep up the efforts of educating the larger voting public. The progressives have spent years at indoctrinating all of us and our children and it can’t be undone overnight. But undone it must.

Most of the citizens of this country are not yet aware that the media is totally owned and controlled by the international banking community and that their agenda is to divide and conquer the voting public by any dubious and devious means at hand. This is why they keep bringing up the completely unsolvable debate over abortion, smoke and mirrors.

Most citizens are not aware that nearly all media is used by these nefarious rascals to entertain and deceive the American public into convincing them that things are not what they seem and to convince them to distrust those that would favor and support freedom..

The media brings us filtered news that has been spun by those in control to prevent the public from learning the truth that they are actively manipulating Congress to legislate away our freedoms, destroy our Constitution and to bring about the “New World Order” and the “The One World International Banking System” by purposely destroying our economy.

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