The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Will the Real Liberals Please Stand Up

Will the Real Liberals Please Stand Up

There was a time when most of us thought that the term “Liberal” was relevant to the term “Freedom” or “Liberty. These early Liberals were brave people willing to stand up to the tyranny of “Dogmatism” and censorship by the far extreme right. Many of these people risked being jailed for what they thought were normal and natural acts and no one’s business but their own. These liberals did much to improve the oppressive hold on the rights and freedoms of the people and are still needed today.

Something happened and today the term liberal has an entirely different meaning to most of us as they are perceived as being anti American and supportive of a totalitarian and overwhelming government which is quite different from the previous standpoint.

In spite of the ongoing and mostly phony battles between the two political parties, there actually still are, I believe, a number of liberals in the world with enough intelligence to not shit in their own nest. These are the people who can still see through the dogma and the slyly contrived disinformation and actually see the forest for the trees.

Unfortunately however, these are the liberals seldom heard as the oppressive din of the progressive movement and their bleating and intellectually challenged minions drown out any common sense fostered from whatever and any source for their own personal agendas.

Anyone with a desire to bring down a power giant such as the USA only need to find the little chinks and cracks and focus the bright spot light of disenchantment on them long enough and feed the uneducated with malicious lies and half truths, will eventually drive a wedge between the, otherwise like minded, people.

Couple this with decades of making people much more reliant on government rather than being self reliant and you have people willing to vote away their very own freedoms for handouts that they have become accustomed to and now demand.

America is being defeated by the oldest trick in the book of warfare; Divide and Conquer.

I really don’t believe that any sane American would give up freedom willingly but have been snowed by those that would use them to destroy our way of life for personal greed.

America needs to know the common enemy in order to unite against them and to stop fighting each other over trivial differences.

Americans also need to know just how close we all are to losing what is so dear to all of us and what the dire consequences are when we do.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

100 years of being defrauded by the FED and the IRS.

Just a little over 100 years ago a group of international thugs from the banking industry cartel convinced Congress, Jeckel Island, to create a central banking system, name it the "Federal Reserve" and give it free reign to operate without any federal oversight.

Shortly after and fearful that the public would catch on to how they were stealing the nations wealth, they created the IRS to try and cover their illicit operations.

But that wasn't enough yet, so they set out to purchase the controlling interests of the news media in order to squelch anyone digging into the nefarious activities of the FED.

Don's just take my word for it, look it up.

Don't you think that after 100 years of being screwed by a couple of rogue agencies, out of your hard earned money and have it used to create over 1600 useless government agencies, that it might be time to say no?

And before you jump on the sleazy and worn wagon of, we need a flat and fair tax, consider this; The Federal government operated a lot better and represented the people a lot better before the IRS was created.

The taxes needed to run the government were already in place and are still in place today.

The problem with the government is not that it has too little money, the problem is that it has too much money.