The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, July 29, 2011

There is no real good reason to raise the debt ceiling.

Do NOT raise the debt ceiling.

There is no real good reason to raise the debt ceiling.

There are many, many ways however to reduce spending by eliminating fraud and waste, by cutting or even gutting worthless programs and even worthless government departments.

Their is no need to weaken our military, however we should bring our troops home and stop the insane wars that have nothing to do with our safety or our sovereignty.

We have military bases located in every corner of the planet and most of these bases could be closed saving huge amounts of cash.

There is also no need to mess with Medicare or Social Security at this moment as it is self funded and has cash for the time being, however it must be dealt with in the near future.

To get right done to the issues, we could solve most of our nation’s problems by simply going back and following the US Constitution and eliminating everything that government has done that was not covered nor allowed by it.

Many laws passed by Congress are contrary to the Constitution and therefore are illegal, null, invalid and defunct. Shall we just say unconstitutional and downright non-American?

Many government departments were never needed and others have run their course and need to be repealed.

One prime example is the BATFE. This rogue department should have been repealed along with the repeal of the ban on alcohol.

Other rogue departments are too numerous to mention them all but starts with the FDA, the DEA, the AMA, the USDA, Homeland Security and hundreds more departments and projects that are bleeding the people dry and inhibiting both personal freedom and entrepreneurship.

Stop the dog and pony show over debt and just stop spending money. We the people know that after the smoke and mirrors show is over, we will be stuck with just more of the same and the cycle will continue as usual.

What worries me most about these political antics however is that after the dust settles, we find that we are stuck with yet another obnoxious and freedom destroying law that has gained us nothing but yet even more misery.

Now that you know where to chop some real serious money drain, stop asking for more.

If you really think that the government needs more, consider donating your salary and savings, sorry I'm fresh out.

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