The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The End of the Romerican Empire

The End of the Romerican Empire

The Roman Empire lasted for over 1,000 years or more; The American Empire will be lucky to last a fraction of that time.

“The war on drugs drains $40 billion a year from the U.S. treasury. It has destroyed financial privacy, eroded civil liberties, swelled prison populations, made law-abiding Americans into criminals, failed to reduce drug use, and ruined more lives than drugs themselves. The war on drugs should be shut down”. Laurence M. Vance

Everything in Washington is based on money and “The War on Drugs” reigns king and given the high propensity for public officials to succumb to greed, the corruption surrounding drugs grows widespread.

It has been estimated that the banking system has profited well over 80 billion dollars and is well on its way to making the 100 billion mark, in the very near future, by laundering drug money. Is it no damned wonder that we are still fighting this ridiculous war that is destroying our nation and Mexico as well?

“According to economist Robert Higgs, true U.S. defense spending is over $1 trillion dollars a year. The United States spends more on defense than the rest of the world combined. We subsidize the defense of Europe, Japan, and South Korea. We have over 1,000 foreign military bases and station troops in over 150 countries. Much of what passes for defense spending has no recognizable connection to U.S. security. Since maintaining a strong national defense has nothing to do with maintaining a strong offense in every corner of the globe, the U.S. Empire should be shut down”. Laurence M. Vance

Apparently the gigantic profiteering on the drug wars is not enough and we are scattered to every corner of the earth trying to turn non democratic countries into democratic countries while at the same time we are destroying our very own republic.

The problem with either of these wars, that are so profitable to the entrenched leaders and the puppeteers behind the curtain, is that it cost the citizens so dearly. So it would seem that the war on drugs and the rest of the other wars on the planet are really a war on the American citizen as well.

We have finally gotten Bin Laden after nearly 10 years and now it is time to bring home the troops and to start rebuilding our own republic back into the empire that it once was.

If we continue down the road laid out by our administration and we don not get a handle on the corruption in government, we will surely slip away into past and forgotten history as the greatest empire of free people that ever existed who, out of apathy, chose to toss it all away.

Keep your powder dry and stock that larder, hell is marching our way.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

how our government really works

I think that I have a much simpler way of explaining how our government really works.

Most pundits like to get into the details and the complexities of the inner workings of Congress and politics and it can get very daunting to try and keep up with. It is these very same complexities and specialized terminologies that cover up that which most of us would otherwise classify as criminal behavior.

Although our members of Congress are still chosen by way of the election process, a good majority of them have been inducted by some means or another into a not quite secret club house very much like the famed Chicago Mafia.

It seems incredulous to see such words in print and many will be shocked or even repulsed by the notion that a Senator or Representative could stoop to such a low, however it makes complete sense and to try and explain the workings of our political process any other way is an impossible task.

Congress pretty much has only one goal and that is to ensure reelection and they have the nation’s resources at their disposal to accomplish this single task. In fact Congress has pretty much used their lawmaking processes to their very own advantage to retain their seats in Congress.

The results of years of self interests in Congress has culminated in Gerrymandering districts, purchasing votes with tax dollars, making campaign promises that they have no intention of keeping and a myriad of other nefarious activities including but not limited to receiving campaign funds or should we say being bought off.

Most of us have the misguided, sugar and plumbs, vision of Congress making various laws that are necessary to keep us safe and our country somehow running. However when it comes right down to it, Congress does not make laws, special interests and corporations usually do for their own vested interest and they then send in the, ugh shudder puke, lobbyists to sell the package to the members of Congress.

Now the members of Congress may have no interest in these special interest or corporate backed or written laws, but they do have other interests and they do have a need for money in the form of campaign funds and special favors. This is where it gets complex and so hard to follow the money trail but the concept is still simple, Congress is for hire to the highest bidder.

You can not have a Congress that is for hire and still retain any form of freedom in a country because sooner or later it will trash the very concept of freedom in return for monetary or political gains.

At this very moment Congress is being shoved by the White House and special interests into blatantly trashing the Constitution for their own personal gains and they have the audacity to tell us that it is for our own good because after all, freedom was never ours in the first place and the wealthy got it on the backs of the poor and downtrodden.
This is assuming, of course, that greed or lust for political power is the only factor in the equation. What if we suddenly find ourselves with someone in the White House who thinks that America is not such a great nation and needs to be changed in order to better conform itself to fit in with the rest of the world, especially the Middle East?

What if the man in the White House thinks that the Constitution is simply a bad piece of paper that restricts all of the good deeds that a sitting president would want to impose on the population, for their own good of course?

What if the man in the White House decides to hurry along his envisioned inevitable demise of the dollar so that we can implement a new world banking system to replace the old and broken Federal Reserve?

What would happen if we somehow got duped into electing a president that held America in disdain and wanted to punish all America by destroying both its economy and the people’s freedoms?

What if outside banking interests have seen and are using a golden opportunity to gain both vast fortunes and complete control over a country, if not a good share of the world, by setting up a president more than willing to be a puppet?

What if these bankers have already bought and have complete control over the main stream media?

What if these same international bankers are the head of the biggest mafia ever envisioned in the world?

As you can see, getting a handle on the problem is not that difficult. However finding a solution to the problem is yet another thing.

They already have a good share of the money in the world and that makes them very difficult to fight as they can certainly buy off politicians faster than you can vet them and they can sway what ever powers needed. Having that much money and being international citizens makes these guys virtually untouchable.

If America is to survive as a free nation, the 2012 election had better look like a magnitude 10 earthquake in Washington and the freedom loving citizens, of this country, had better be prepared to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers at Valley Forge.

It is up to us to preserve freedom; neither the government nor Congress will act in our behalf because they are already acting in behalf of the Washington Mafia.

They have proven this many times over, by their shenanigans, and the fact that they approved of extending the so called “Patriot Act” is in itself alone proof that we are of no consequence to them. Keep your powder dry and store up some grub. It’s a coming.

Washington Mafia means business

Ten Million Dollars: That's how much establishment candidate Mitt Romney raised in one day a couple of weeks ago from well-heeled party bigwigs for his 2012 White House bid.

In a time where our very freedom is at stake and is about to expire from the shenanigans of our very own government, we need some good and courageous men to stand up and face the enemy.

We know that the problem at hand is the Washington Mafia and that the only solution is to wrest back the control of our country from this criminal organization.

Our only non violent hope, of recovery and preservation of freedom, is to elect enough honest and courageous men to Congress and to the White House to overcome the criminal clutches of the powers at hand and to clean house and stop the downhill spiral.

One thing that you can count on for sure is that the Washington Mafia will try every deviant thing in the book and more to try to ensure that a member of the club will be running against Obama. We must not allow this to happen as it will only perpetuate the inevitable albeit somewhat a little slower.

This coming election has several possible candidates that show promise of trying to turn things around and bring our country back to some sense. I do hope that we do wind up electing one of them.

As I have written earlier, Newt Gingrich is a politician first and always and I can’t help but view him as one of the members of the Washington club and now that Newt has stumbled, the club has offered up Mitt Romney and funded him handsomely. And just to make certain that the playing field is loaded up with options we also have New York Mayer Giuliani in the running.

As you can see the Washington Mafia means business and I fear that both side of the aisle will work to trash the right people. I hope that the American public can see through and beyond this ruse and elect one of the courageous hopefuls who are not yet inducted into the Washington Mafia.

It is never easy to tell who the right person for a job is because there is no penalty for lying as a candidate and you can not hold anyone’s feet to the fire and that is a shame.

I seriously hope that we will have a chance to vote for someone like Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Herman Cain or some other non politico candidate.

One thing that you can count on, these candidates will be fielding fire from both sides and the shit will be flying high, fast and furious.

Keep your powder dry and stock up your larders.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Laura Ingraham Show - Black Chamber of Commerce CEO blasts "Marxist," "brownshirt" Obama

Asking ourselves; questions of grave concern

Asking ourselves; questions of grave concern

I often wonder what it would really take for folks to finally become gravely concerned about the future of their country and their freedoms that so many of us seem to take for granted.

I therefore challenge every able thinking individual person who lives in this country to simply try and answer the following questions just for him or her self.

What event or string of events would have to happen to make you become aware that the sitting president and/or the Congress or factions of Congress were possibly committing acts of treason and as a consequence your freedom was in jeopardy?

At what point would you determine that a sitting president or a member of Congress was either over his/her head, functionally incompetent or simply outright criminally intent?

What would be the one deciding factor or string of factors that would tell you that a sitting president or a member of Congress was not in tune with the country and the citizen’s wishes and needed to be removed from office?

What would a sitting president or member of congress have to do before you became concerned enough to call for their impeachment or their arrest in the case of high crimes and/or treason?

Should an event, or string of events, happen that would become of grave concern to a US citizen, at what point in time then should these citizens take action? Should we wait until we hear our neighbors take up the battle cry or should we become activated and try to spread the word to our neighbors and/or try to correct it?

The eight percent or so of the people, in this nation, who would vote for any one that would purposely destroy the constitution and the freedoms of the American people, need to not bother answer these questions. We know what their misguided answer would be.

As for myself, I have long ago witnessed the string of events that have given me great concern about the future of our country and these concerns are for many of the members of Congress and a number of our past presidents, especially the present sitting one, that should have been ousted years ago or perhaps even arrested for criminal activity.

I honestly believe that these are fair and important questions that desperately need to be considered and pondered over, by all of our citizenry before they vote.

We need to remember that united we stand and divided we fall and we need to ask ourselves why is it that our leaders, present and past, are working so hard to divide us?

Our country is divided and while we quarrel over whose fault it is that the ship is sinking, our leaders are quietly scrambling into the life boats as they denounce the obvious.