The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The world has now become a most dangerous place.

The world has now become a most dangerous place.

Even though, they know, that we are on to them and their shenanigans, lies, deceits and treasonous maneuvers, they still keep moving forward with their insidious plans of dastardly deeds, as if it didn’t make a damn difference that we know what they are up to.

And the reason that they don’t care is because they are used to getting away with every rotten task they perpetrate against both unsuspecting and the other fully awake Americans who are helpless to stop the tragedies.

I don’t know how much stock to put into the idea that ISIS might be able to destroy an entire city, but I do know this: it play straight into the hands of those who are very anxious to see big government gain complete dictatorship control over the people.

I also know that ISIS was allowed to form under the watch of Obama and was probably armed by the sinister shenanigans perpetrated at Benghazi. And Obama has said himself that he supports these same Muslims as his own brothers.

So if and when one of our cities are attacked in a big way by ISIS, the question will then be; was it allowed because our government needed it to further its own design for a complete dictatorship takeover, as many believe the 9/11 event was, or simply because Obama is the most incompetent ass in the universe?

It’s not bad enough that the world is wondering what in the hell to do about the extremist barbarians who are creating the extremely dangerous situation in the middle East, but now we have to contend with extremist in America as well, who are hard at work trying their best to turn blacks against whites, liberals against conservatives, the religious against the non religious, the never ending controversy on abortion, the young against the elderly, rich against the poor and on and on and on.

Apparently it is civil war that these extremist are vying for and that along with the ongoing attack on our economy and the dollar will be the end of America, And with the wide open borders, we will be soon overrun by the same people that have sworn to kill every non believer in the entire world, namely the proudly claimed brothers of Obama.

I am sickened by the actions of our corrupt and despicable Congress who have allowed this monster in the White House to break every law in the nation with impunity and establish a dictatorship via executive orders that you know that he has not written himself but are contrived by forces not friendly towards America or her love for freedom.

Impeach every damn one of them that you can and then vote out the rest of the treasonous bastards. It is our only and last chance and hope.