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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Government Banking has gone too far

Government Banking has gone too far

Government has gone too far, the other day I was kind enough to exchange some pocket change for a five dollar bill from a Canadian visitor and then, later on, found it impossible to spend it. I took it to my local bank and asked if I could exchange it for American money and was informed that I could not simply exchange it. Are we at war with the Canadians again?

What I had to do was have them do the exchange rate, and I’m certainly glad that they were kind enough to not charge me shop rates for the time it took to do the paper work. I actually came out 4 cents ahead but they then informed me that I could not have the money in cash as they would have to deposit it in my bank account. I guess it must be considered as income.

What bothers the hell out of me about this is practically everything.

For starts, I was unaware of this new banking regulation and I wonder how it got passed with nary a mention anywhere.

Second what is the premise for this intrusive regulation? How is this going to make my life any better? When, how and why?

Third it seems more to me like the ever tightening noose of the tax man out go extract every penny from the working stiffs that they can.

Of course I can surmise the response to this from the government as being necessary to stop some illegal drug traffic or terror threat but it stinks to high heaven along with the majority of the crap that our Congress bestows upon us.

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