The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, September 28, 2012

Do or Die; or "The Zombies are Coming"

Do or Die

When Obama first stepped into the limelight and snagged the attention of disillusioned Americans and hypnotized them with his seemingly reassuring and caring voice, I went from just being someone who had been voicing concerns, over the years, of lost freedoms to a real concern that my predictions were at last visible on the horizon.

I warned folks to be very wary of the “Hope and Change” slogan and that the change would very likely be something that would turn out to very disagreeable in the long run or even sooner.

Even I have been stunned by just how fast things can go so badly wrong and get completely out of control and at how helpless we all can become by the actions of, not just one evil man, but by the carefully orchestrated efforts of an evil underworld empire that has been at work setting up the insidious instruments designed to destroy America, its Constitution and Bill of Rights and the economy, all the while putting in place what would be needed for a total coup of the United States of America.

At this point in time, only someone that lives off the grid in a cave somewhere would not know that America is in grave danger and that our economy is collapsing along with our freedoms. However there are those that I term as “willfully ignorant” and actually work very hard at remaining that way. For those that are that way, I can only feel sorrow for what they are about to receive when there is no longer need for pretenses by those who stole the power from the people.

It is inconceivable that an evil and clandestine organization could have the patience, organization and funding to implement such a devastating plan over a period of time that spanned more than 70 years in the making but yet it has finally happened and now the last remaining gates are being closed on what used to be a free nation. Where is James Bond when you really need him? Where is the press?

During the past several years I have set my career of knife making mostly aside to try and educate those that need to be aware of the dangers in order to try and save our beloved country and our freedom and it has seemed to work to a degree.

Today there is finally a wakening across America and the increase of concerned folks is staggering. Yet there is still a staggering amount of folks that are still “willfully ignorant” and complicit including members of the media, the school system, much of government, most of Hollywood and banks and corporations.

In order to flesh out this article of concern, would take volumes of books and one only need to look around to see the many books and articles that are already written about this very subject. You are either aware and highly concerned, scared to death, living in a cave or are a willfully ignorant and complicit zombie.

Let’s pray that most of the ignorant zombies stay home on what may be our very last election day.

Do or Die; or "The Zombies are Coming"