The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Atrocities Abound

Atrocities Abound

We now have a government that no longer even pretends to listen to the people and everyday it gears up even more for what they know is coming, a revolt of the people.

Fema camps are springing up; the government is arming the police with military equipment and training them to fight in our own cities against the so called (Home Grown Terrorists) such as our returning veterans, gun owners, anyone who believes in freedom and anyone who clings to the Constitution or the bible.

Our manufacturing has either been shipped overseas or is being legislated out of business with high taxes, numerous, erroneous and insidious laws and yet the banks and Wall Street are making out like bandits while the dollar is crumbling by the criminal FED.

Taxes are skyrocketing; the government is spending our children and our grand children into poverty and contriving new internet taxes that will finish off commerce. The IRS is out of control and being used by political factions to annihilate the opposition. We have new government agencies that are nothing more than police state organizations to wield complete control over the people. We have agencies that are in bed with private corporations to spy on the every move and transaction of the people with no checks in place.

We have elected officials who break any law they deem necessary for their own greed and continued entrenchment in power. We have a president who broke every rule in the book to get elected and then contrived voter fraud to get reelected. We have a president who acts like a Monarch and thumbs his nose at the laws of the land and has placed America into serious jeopardy constitutionally, politically with treasonous foreign policies and by destroying our won militarily.

We have a system now where the Justice system is rife with corruption, the courts are broken, the legal system is corrupt, Congress is corrupt and inept and yet the people have to toe the line or suffer from an over zealous legal system out to coerce every dollar they can from the backs of the honest citizens.

And yet people still believe in the government to take care of them. People are telling me that Obama has had some tough breaks and is merely the brunt of racism and capitalism even though he has signed over 1,000 freedom robbing executive orders into law.

After trying for the past 5 years or longer to warn the people about what I knew would be happening today, if we didn’t stop them, I can now only think of but one thing to say to these people now;

What action or event would have to take place in order for the people to wake up, take notice and admit that something was indeed wrong in America?

I’ll bet that event has already happened and they just haven’t taken notice of it yet.