The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter to our leaders

The Honorable Jay Inslee, Senator Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and all of our nations elected leaders.

Do NOT raise the debt ceiling.

The American people are growing more and more sick and tired of politics as usual and tired of trying to tell their elected officials that we do not want more debt. We do not want more taxes. We do not want more government. We do not want more laws.

In fact what the average American, and I'm not talking about those who are on the government dole and welfare, wants is less taxes, less government, less government spending and debt, fewer laws and for government to get the hell out of our hair so that we can get back to making a living.

Government is the biggest obstacle to America becoming prosperous again.

Half of America has now figured it out that the international bankers are working to destroy our economy, and the country along with it, in order to create a "One World Bank" and create the "New World Order" (One World Government).

If you should fail to heed the wishes of the American people and fail to try and help stop this insanity, where will you hide when the other half finally catches on? And they will.

These may seem to you to be strong words, but these are the words of a very concerned and angry citizen and I do not stand alone.

These are very trying and dangerous times and we need to know, that our duly elected officials who have and are sworn to obey, uphold and protect the constitution are indeed doing just that. Where do you stand?

And looking at things from this side, it is quite obvious that most elected politicians have repeatedly broken their sworn oaths of office and have little or no regard for our nation’s laws, namely our constitution.

I plead for you to not be one of them.

I also plead for you to get into action and stop the assault from these foreign bankers and restore common sense to American government and to restore our constitution.

Please spare me from yet another pre-canned form letter on how you have fought so hard to find employment for the vets or insured that the toddlers have enough milk at school.

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