The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Obstruction Of Justice

Obstruction Of Justice

One of the tools that law enforcement officers use to obtain incriminating information on a suspect, or PERP as they like to use the term, from another unwilling citizen is to use a legal extortion practice known as “obstruction of justice”.

The threat of jail time has probably put more people in jail than any other method used by a police force irregardless of whether the coerced information was factual or not.

What is really amazing about this is the fact that our citizens are overcrowding the jails guilty or not, innocent or not but at the same time the fat cats and scallywags are blatantly thumbing their noses at the constitution, the people and the law in general with complete immunity.

If and when this country ever comes back to its senses and undertakes the job of arresting and prosecuting the folks who are perpetrating the biggest crime of all, namely the trashing of our constitution and treason, there will not be nearly enough prison space to begin to house them all.

The persons who are guilty of treason number in the hundreds, however the folks who are complicate of obstruction of justice number in the thousands and perhaps even the tens of thousands if you include the mass media.

As with most Ponzi or otherwise criminal schemes, there is usually the fall guy who takes the heat allowing most of the rascals to escape the noose and this seems to be the case with the latest scandal with the BATF and their sinister plot gone amiss.

The head lines was supposed to have read, “US arms supplied by Texas gun dealers found in hands of Mexican drug cartels”, instead this arrogant and rogue government department got caught red handed with both hands up to their elbows in the cookie jar. Of course Kenneth Melson is the fall guy but he will be replaced by one who is even more inclined to oppose citizen owned firearms.

So it would seem that only the lowly citizen who toils daily to pay for our government system is the only one who has to worry about the consequences of “obstruction of justice”.

If the law “obstruction of justice” applied evenly to all citizens including those in Congress, the Justice Department, the White House and the media, most everyone from the POTUS himself down to the janitor in the news room would be in jail for this crime alone.

When the shit finally hits the fan, will Obama, Pelosi, Reid, holder and a host of other notorious scallywags get their just due or will they be the ones to jump onto the immunity bus to escape prosecution?

Friday, June 24, 2011

We're going to need a bigger cage

The POTUS thought that his shiny and newly minted birth certificate would be an end to the problem. They even managed to buy off Fox News and Bill O'Rielly, however they should have done a much better job at printing up a fake.

Fact is though that the president has committed many crimes that would or should have put him in prison and get him impeached many times over but the fake birth certificate should make it a slam dunk, providing that someone will admit that they know that it is fake.

What really is bothersome and tragic is that so many know these things but are afraid to speak out because the first one always gets the bullet, so to speak and no one wants to be first.

Fact number two is that the president couldn't have pulled this off by himself and needed plenty of help. These folks will be discovered, sooner or later if not already and when the shit hits the fan we will need to build a bigger prison to fit them all in.

Starting with the White House and Congress, working our way through Obama's cabinet and scouring the main stream complicit media will be a momentous undertaking and as you can see it will take some doing to get it done.

I think that most everyone knows that the president is a fraud and needs to be removed from office before he destroys the country, but given how involved that the media and Congress is and are up to their ears in the farce, makes it problematic because you need Congress as the instrument to investigate both the White House and Congress. Then to top it all off, you also need the media to cover how the media was completely complicate in the farce from the very beginning.

It would seem that the remaining question is; who is going to take on the Herculean job of cleaning up this mess?
Will we have to give Congress an amnesty to get them to clean up the white house and the justice department?
When the top law officers in the nation all become criminal, who gets to arrest them?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

At What Point will you say No More?

At What Point will you say No More?

According to some polls taken, Obama still has a strong favorable following and I find it very difficult that his approval rating can still be so high.

Apparently the media has done an excellent job of hiding the facts the past couple years or so because any one paying any attention at all would find it impossible to keep up with all of the various and nefarious deeds that this president has done.

Apparently Bush was the perfect cover for Obama’s continuing debasement of our freedom and our country and Obama likes to hide behind Bush’s failing at the same time that he is expanding upon these very same felonious deeds.

At this very moment there are hundreds of videos, thousands of blogs, hundreds of unreported or under reported criminal Obamananigans and yet the main stream media continues to wear self imposed blinders and demonize any one who questions the loss of their freedom.

I like the bill board in Harford, Maryland that shows the constitution being shredded and the words “At What Point will you say “No More!”?”

This bill board can be seen at

Who, in the Seattle area wants to help me in finding away to put up one of these bill boards?

Perhaps we could have a summer event to raise funds for it, any ideas?

Keep your powder dry.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sex, Rogues and ninjas

It is ironic that we can not find a way to deal with politicians who use their powers to rob the nation blind or to destroy the citizen’s freedom, but we can destroy any politician overnight who steps out of the family bedroom to have a sexually related experience.

It is however not good thing to have politicians who can be coerced or swayed by threat of exposure, ie extortion, because of their sexual deviations as this does imperil our national security.

Further, we would like to think that our politicians are telling us the truth and when they are discovered, it is only natural for anyone to try and explain it away by lying about it. And if you lie about anything at all, you are labeled as one who will lie about anything.

Perhaps if we didn’t have such an archaic view of sex in this country, we wouldn’t have to worry about our politicians being compromised from their sexual antics. However this is something that would probably take hundreds of generations for any society to overcome and no matter how bad liberals or any other factions would like to see that happen, it will be some time yet before it does happen.

It’s too damn bad that the folks in this country, who do get indignant, can’t get worked up to the same fever pitch however, when someone either trashes or dodges our constitution, as they do when someone steps out of their matrimonial traces.

If the media spent the same amount of time following or hammering the BATFE gunrunner scandal as they have of entertaining us with the Anthony Weiner scandal or the murder trial of Casey Anthony for killing her daughter Caylee, there would no longer be a BATFE around to intimidate and abuse the general public.

However when you really stop to think about it, it may not be the public’s fault as much as it is the media’s purposeful and devious intention of drawing attention away from the reprehensible and out of control federal department that should have been disbanded the very day that prohibition was repealed.

The BATFE is a rogue department that is anti gun, anti freedom and anti American and it is high time for it to go as it serves no useful purpose.

This Department needs to be disbanded before it does another high five over a bullet ridden body that it just gunned down in a hail of bullets.

Something is seriously wrong when a police department is allowed to do its duties wearing ninja masks.

Keep your powder dry and keep a lookout for ninjas.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally someone actually spoke the word freedom

Yesterday I made the comment about the lack of the F word, the seven letter one not the four letter one, in all or most of the presidential hopeful’s speeches as if the word freedom was some kind of a dirty word these days.

This morning I was watching the news as yet another new hat was being thrown in the ring and as I ate my breakfast I expected nothing new and was braced for just another round of Rah, Rah we need jobs, Rah, Rah we need a balanced budget etc, etc, drivel, drivel.

However, when Senator Santorum started his speech he did by saying that yes it was the economy, that yes it was the price of gas, that yes it was about jobs, etc but he led it up to the crescendo and then he actually said the F word.

Senator Santorum made his opening speech on his entrance into the presidential bid and he actually centered it on the F word “Freedom”. At this point I froze in my tracks and shouted YES! Well I did wake the cat up; I’m not sure about the neighbors.

Let us pray however that he is for real and that he is the real deal. Let us also pray that if he turns out for real, that the nation will come to know it and furthermore demand it.

This nation deserves a real freedom loving president again and it deserves a Congress full of Freedom loving Representatives and Senators. Vote the phonies out of office.

This nation deserved the freedom that it once had because Americans fought for it and paid the price in blood but we are now paying for our apathy. Soon freedom will be but a distant memory for some of us and others will never know it unless we take quick action.

Perhaps, if we act soon, today’s present crop of citizens will manage to gain another chance at trying to keep its freedom.

We were warned by our forefathers that if we grew lax in guarding our freedom that it would be taken from us, and I hope that by now we have learned our lesson well, and well before it is too late to recover.

Yes let us hope that Rick Santorum is the real deal and can regain our freedom in a peaceful manner. Only time will tell, if he is, and we have so little of it to spare.

Let us all hope that we will never have to pick up the musket in order to remain free.

However, Keep your powder dry and don’t vote for someone unless they do use the F word with genuine passion and conviction.