The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slogans For Freedom

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."

And given the wholesale acts of corruption coming out of Congress, they have very good reasons for wanting to enact gun controls.

Bad criminals go to jail, the best go to Washington.

Live free or die fighting.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Another letter to my congress persons

Please repeal the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

I have read all of the reasons that you thought that this bill was good for the American people.

You are wrong, no one in their right mind would support this budget busting, freedom robbing and food price increasing bill with the potential to monopolize the entire food industry.

If you think that government can protect us from corporate carnage, please explain why it is that corporate carnage really got rolling after the FDA was established. And why would we want another FDA to duplicate the FDA?

The Government and the corporations who use the government to kill small business competition have done quite enough damage to our nations food supply in terms of quality and in fact have made our food sources less safe in the process.

Are you working for George Soros or Monsanto?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Most Dangerous Book in the World

The Most Dangerous Book in the World;
“The Federal Register”

The Federal Register is one of the least read and best kept secrets in the US and by far the most insidious book ever devised by government.

The Federal Register is the least known book in America but yet creates the most damage to personal freedom.

The Federal Register is also the largest book in America and would take a truck to haul it around in all of its volumes. Each year the government adds many more volumes to it.

The Federal Register has a definite beginning but it has no end and there is no end to the enormous damage that this book has caused over the years and will continue to cause for Americans for generations to come.

Originally the register was somewhat benign and was used mainly to communicate, things like department rules, between different government agencies. But soon these rules started encompassing the general public and the register became a way to make government rules that would have been far too unpopular to work their way through the lawmaking process.

Today, the present and past administrations as well, are using the federal register to make end runs around the Congress in order to pass unpopular rules that are treated as if they were laws of the land, even though they are very often unconstitutional and deemed both undesirable and unnecessary by the people.

In fact many of the knee jerk rules enacted by various departments have proved to have either the opposite results intended or some other negative result that the general public has to suffer under.

The way that the book works is if a proposed rule or regulation is written and published in the register and goes undiscovered or unchallenged for 30 days it becomes a rule or “Law of the Land”.

In the past 87 working days the federal register added over 25,000 pages of proposed rules and regulations to the piles of volumes already in existence. That is a stark difference from the one volume created in the first year that it was enacted in 1935.

No damn wonder that most folks consider just about everything to be illegal these days.

Now if you’re into book burning……………

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bad law for knife owners and makers

To The Honorable Sherry Appleton,

Concerning house bill 1006

I have been a custom artist knife maker for the past 35 years of which the past 20 years or so has been full time.

I have made a wide variety of knives from hunting, fishing, every day carry EDC, Bowies, folders, swords and etc.

I have also taught many would be artist how to make a knife the proper way so that they would be able to carry the fine craft and tradition forward.

I have attended many knife "art" shows over the years and have seen the artistic bar raised to exhilarating heights. I have also promoted a couple of knife shows and I started the Professional Knifemakers Association over 20 years ago.

Although I can understand, to a small degree, of what you might be trying to accomplish with this bill, I can also see great harm in passing a bill with such a broad and sweeping spectrum.

I can assure you that in the past 35 years of making and selling fine knives of all types, none of the knives that I have ever sold were used in any commission of a crime or even been owned by some criminal.

I can also assure you that the millions of knives made and sold by reputable manufacturers in the United States and overseas have seen wide use and acceptance with very little misuse by the general public. Your broad scope with this bill would affect millions of knives that are now widely accepted by the general public and would render a great hardship on manufacturers, makers, retail stores and the general citizenry of this country.

It would make no sense for someone of bad ilk to purchase an expensive knife to use for some criminal offense when there are so many other options at the criminal's disposal such as a (sharpened screw driver or nail, etc.) and I will further assess that those who do make, collect and use knives of quality are among the finest people on the face of the earth and I personally know a great number of them.

I have spent the past 5 years or so developing a new series of folding knives based on a new patented locking system. The Xross Bar locking system was developed, by me and my engineering partner Dan Perreault of Thinking Blade, for the specific purpose of making the worlds strongest and safest folding knives.

Although most of the knives designed around this lock are of the EDC or collectors corner, one of the knives developed is a tactical version and it is intended for the collector, the service man and the police force. Most models are intended for the sportsman and the everyday carry pocket knife and were designed for one handed opening operation. Today any knife that requires both hands to open is not sought after by anyone and will not sell to the general public.

The way that the vast majority of modern folding knives are designed and made today makes them prone and inclusive to your broad and sweeping description of a gravity, assisted opening or inertia knife. Are you suggesting that the state of Washington make the vast majority of manufactured knives illegal in order to try and curb crime that would be committed by the use of some other weapon anyway?

Your bill could render the past five years of work and the money spent on securing the patents a complete waste and place my business in jeopardy and at my age it would mean disaster for my family. If you would take the time, you will find many other folks like me making knives in the state of Washington and across the country.

Please reconsider this bill and think about all of the knife maker artists in the state of Washington before you make such a dreadful mistake.

Please think about the general public and the effect this will have on everyone and their freedom.

Please we have little freedom left and we would like to retain as much of it as we can. Criminals will always find a way to get what they need and will not heed your shiny new law, after all, they are criminals.

The one thing that your bill would do if passed would be to create more criminals. We have enough now.

Sincerely Yours

C. Lyle Brunckhorst

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living Constitution?

Living Constitution?

Watching Fox interview Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich this morning about the constitutionality of the so called “Healthcare Act”, he proudly whipped out a copy of the Constitution and said that he carried it with him everyday and then he referred to it as the “Living Constitution”.

Well we all hope that the constitution is not dead yet and we hope that it is indeed alive still, although perhaps not so well these days, but that is not what he meant. The Constitution is too limiting for some folks, who think big government can solve all of your woes and they would have you believe that it is something that can be changed to suite the times, so to speak.

I know just how much of a pain this document is to the progressives and how bad these progressive thinkers would love to trash or at least change and minimize the guaranties of the Constitution, but I would like them to point out to me the living part of it.

Where is the paragraph, located in the Constitution, that Thomas Jefferson wrote, or some other signer wrote, describing just how exactly anyone like the Congress, the Administration, the Justus Dept. or the people, for that matter can change it?

It’s not there; our forefathers would have never taken the chance of that falling into unscrupulous hands.

But then perhaps that part was written with a magic, invisible ink known only to the sacred keepers of the “Progressive Secret Decoder Ring Society”. I wonder how many box tops of “Crunchy Obamiogrits” that I would have to send in with my $5.00 in to get my magic decoder ring?

To conspire against the Constitution would be considered by any prudent man or woman to be nothing short of treason. Why is it then that so many members of Congress, the Administration and the Justus Department are not afraid of the consequences of their criminal actions of ignoring and flaunting their disdain for the supreme law of the land?

If the people, themselves, do not find a way to bring these criminals to task, who will?

Obamunism anyone?