The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suggestion for an Operational Guide to Responsible Congressional Operations.

Operational Guide to Responsible Congressional Operations.

In an effort to preserve the United States of America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our cherished freedoms, we the people beseech and demand of the members of Congress to pass the measures described hereafter in this bill without changes, modifications, stipulations, omissions or additional language not imperative to the spirit of this bill.

That no one no matter their stature, as a civilian, in government or otherwise has the authority to operate outside of the clear language and clear meaning of the constitution of the United States of America. That the Constitution is supreme law of the land and no one is above it including the President of the United States of America.

1. No law can be passed by Congress that can not clearly be in complete compliance with the Constitution.

2. No law shall be passed that can not be clearly read and understood by an average 8th grade elementary student.

3. No law shall be voted for by any member of Congress that has not fully read and demonstrated that he or she has a full understanding of the bill.

4. No bill shall be put forth to Congress that encompasses more than one separate and distinct issue.

5. No bill shall be tacked on as a (rider) to any other bill.

6. No laws shall be passed that uses references to another law or any passages from another printed source as part of the language of the bill. The entire language needs to be contained in the bill without reference to any other source.

7. That no new bills shall be offered without at least one old antiquated law being nullified and no law shall be passed without at least three laws being considered for nullification.

8. That all laws need to be reviewed for revision or nullification and rewritten and passed again by congress with new and clear language if the law should still have merit.

9. All laws need to be reviewed to determine if the law is in contradiction with the constitution and nullified if found to be so.

10. That no law that is contrary to the constitution shall be enforced by any official and that the citizen has a right to challenge any law that appears to be contrary to the constitution.

11. No law shall be passed by congress that would benefit any member of Congress.

12. That any member of Congress shall be expelled with out any further compensations or benefits should they be found guilty of violating ethics, receiving gifts, favoring any person, party, firm, organization or candidate with public funds, campaign funds or favors. That any member of Congress shall be expelled with out any further compensations or benefits should they be found guilty of violating the constitution.

13. No member of Congress shall vote for any issue that would benefit any person, party, firm, organization or candidate that contributed more than the nominal amount for campaigns.

14. That members of Congress should be treated to and receive the same compensations, access to health care, pensions and wages as the average citizen of the United States.

15. That Congress no longer has the power to set the congressional pay scale and that this value shall be decided upon by the people.

In the complete spirit of the American experience, we the people further beseech congress to do the following things, in as short a space of time as possible, in order to replace the United States of America to its original state. Because of the scope and the shear size of how much damage our congressmen have done over the past years, this list of suggestions would, by necessity, go one for many hundreds of pages suggesting that it may well be far easier to scrap the whole tangled ball of wax and start with a fresh slate saving only the constitution and the bill of rights.

16. Repeal and nullify all unconstitutional laws and all government departments not necessary to the essential and immediate wellbeing of the people as follows.

17. Abolish the Federal Reserve banking system and the Internal Revenue Service.

18. Abolish the Public School System and de-fund any College or University that uses federal funding.

19. Remove government involvement and regulations in any commercial operations such as corporations, utilities, banks or carriers.

19.1 Make it a crime for any corporation, organization, union, church, or other enterprise to submit, change or influence any legislation that would benefit them unfairly in the marketplace. i.e. It is a common practice for corporations to allow, foster or even create legislation that directly makes it difficult for the smaller companies to survive the new restrictive rules placed upon their industry, whereas the larger corporations have the resources to easily overcome the burdens that they have placed upon themselves.

These bills are usually touted, to the public, as a means to save the planet and rein in and control the very corporations that in fact receive the above mentioned benefits. Corporations have been using the Audubon society and other save the planet organizations for years to their benefit and they get all this benefit for free because the American people willingly hand the “Save the World Groups” millions of dollars every year thinking that they are making the world a better place.

20. Reinstate the gold standard.

21. Remove oppressive regulations governing commerce.

22. Review all government departments and the merit of their existence and abolish all that are not necessary to the immediate wellbeing of the people.

23. Only allow immigrants who embrace the American way of life, learn our language and swear complete allegiance to our flag.

24. Resolve ourselves to tending to our own affairs and refrain from military action except in the event that America is under attack.

25. Return to being an independent nation and develop our natural resources in order to stop our dependence on foreign nations that do not have our interests at heart.

26. Eliminate all present federal taxes and derive federal funding from a small portion of state imposed property taxes that is already in place saving the government the need to fund a burgeoning bureaucracy.

27. Dismantle the Federal Register. The Federal Register is probably one of the most insidious instruments ever used against the freedoms of the American people as it allows the government to enact rules simply by publishing them to the register without the knowledge of the people.

Abolish the SBA and most other federal agencies.

Abolish all departments that no longer have reasons to exist such as the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Department. After all, all three of the controlled items listed in the departments name are legal substances.

Stop the war on drugs. The war on drugs is one of the most destructive actions that the US has ever taken on and the government needs to take a page from the book on prohibition of alcohol. The government will never win this war and the only reason that the government is still fighting it is because that there is so much money to be made by it.

Give retirement benefits to only those who have a perfect track record of supporting the constitution.

Enact term limits.

Make it a crime to submit any kind of legislation or other rule making process that would be contrary to the wishes of the people and or the constitution.

Automatically rescind any law, rule or regulation that is habitually disobeyed by a substantial portion of the population.

Make it illegal for any candidate to use false malicious misleading information to smear an opponent for his/her political gain. Using such tactics would automatically remove the candidate from the race and face prosecution.

Civil asset forfeiture corrupts our police and needs to be abolished.

Using any police force to fund any government department should be considered illegal as it encourages the governments to use excessive police actions against the people.

Using cameras to issue traffic citations should be abolished and using cameras in public is a direct conflict with our rights to privacy.

Add the list from Clint Didier’s list to this list such as.

GOP Pledge to America

GOP Pledge to America Final

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tea Party and our perspectives on politics

The Tea Party, if nothing else, has changed or at least keenly sharpened our perspectives on politics and highlighted the ugly and repulsive fact that politicians are politicians and that interprets mainly into thieves and charlatans are thieves and charlatans no matter what the uniform or badge is that they wear.

However if it were not for Obama’s very prime example of what tyranny looks like all wrapped up in his pretty but conspicuously mendacious package, we would not have been spurred into this heightened degree of concern and flurry of Tea Party activity.

If both parties are equally greedy and as self serving as the other, then the only real difference is that one party is openly pushing socialism, as if they actually thought it to be a good thing, and the other is pretending to be conservative as they stealthily steel candy from babies.

It never ceases to amaze me at just how low long time incumbents will stoop to getting re-elected to office. While in office, they would rather allow the country to go to hell than to stop the insane shenanigans and power grabs going on under their noses as they go about business as usual, steeling our money and freedoms.

In the case of Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, she would rather take the chance of the Senate seat falling to the Democrats, who are willing to toss out our freedom, in exchange for non-existent handouts, than to bow out to Joe Miller, who defeated her in the primaries.

Her decision to change parties and run as a write in truly shows that she is in the game solely for herself and country be damned. The only thing that she could hope to accomplish would be to lose the Senate seat to the Dems. Let’s hope that enough Alaskan’s see through her self serving shenanigans and elect someone who will go to Washington and help clean house.

I won’t say that all politicians are bad because there are a few like Ron Paul who have been leading the charge against government abuse and corruption of the Fed but Republicans do not take a back seat to Democrats when it comes to greed, graft or corruption.

There may actually be a few Democrats that do support freedom and the Constitution but most know that it would be political suicide to do it openly and yet there are many Republicans who openly claim to support the Constitution and the Tea Party because it is expedient for them.

A lot of folks still don’t get it when it comes to the Tea Party and this is where many Republicans go wrong in their thinking. The Tea Party aligns itself more to the Republicans only because of the conservative bend but the whole idea of the Tea Party is to try and save the country and preserve our freedom from all who would destroy it, irregardless of party ties.

Yes indeed, America is under a direct and deliberate attack from within. It has been for sometime but the present administration is trying to finalize the outcome with a frenetic haste. The government is at war with its own population because it has fallen into control by those that hate every thing that America stands for. They have gained this control by lies and deceit and they will stop at nothing to gain complete control over America.

It makes no difference whether the (liberals, socialist, progressive or what ever else you choose to call them) fundamentally changes our country to Marxism or whether the Republicans (who claim to be conservatives) destroy the country in some other similar or different fashion. Frankly I think that progressivism exists in both political camps and uses subtle differences to keep us looking at the wrong issues.

It is very difficult for us to believe that so many politicians could, with few exceptions, be so oblivious to what they are doing. One could only think that greed is so overall powering that it clouds the thinking of men and corrupts completely to such an extent that they no longer care to know that what they do is treasonous and destructive to their very own country and countrymen. Greed is greed and wrong is wrong no matter what the flag is that they are carrying.

There is undoubtedly a great ground swell brewing and it has had some very interesting effects on unseating incumbents already and we are still in the primaries.

It has ruffled many feathers in the Republican ranks and they are not happy about losing their seats at the money trough. Some have even complained that it will hurt the chances of regaining enough seats in Congress to overcome the Democratic stronghold, as if they really care. To this I say that they have not gotten the point yet and if you are a member of Congress and you can not see the point as well as the average outraged American, it is high time to be unseated and to lose your stanchion at the slop trough.

It is time for Americans to put aside their differences and to refuse to let the status quo incumbents and treasonous power robbers divide them. Usually the first battle plan is to divide the enemy camp and then conquer, don’t let that happen to you.

It is time to stop letting the non issues and the unsolvable issues, like abortion to divide and distract you and to influence and waste your vote, these are mostly smoke and mirrors and are used mainly to prevent you from discovering what is really going on behind closed doors in Congress.

It is time to put your religion aside and to start thinking with logic. Yes we may still have the right to worship as we choose but who cares if our forefathers were religious or not, they made it very plain and clear that we should separate church from state.

It is time to stop listening to the racial nonsense, that divides us and time to start thinking again like Americans. If race was still an issue in America, we would not have Obama in the White House now.

It is time for us to go to the polls this fall and to vote for America, not for some party line and to replace all those politicians who have turned their backs on the people in order to stuff their pockets.

It is time to wake up your neighbors, friends and any others who are not yet awake and let them know that this fall is their chance to become a part of history and our last peaceful chance to retake back America. This fall will be historical, let us hope that it is positive for freedom.

Yes the Tea Party has come a long way in a very short time and this is good testament to the fact that America is awakening but it would be a very poor and dangerous time to sit back on your laurels and rest because the enemy has smelled blood, has been rebuked and they are desperate to finish the job of destroying America and replacing it with Marxism.

It has been said, that there is a possibility that only 35% of the voters will turnout for the next election, and if that is the case Glenn Beck says, we (as a society) deserve what we get. I can’t help but agree with him, so please don’t just go out and vote for me or the Tea Party, get out there and do it for your self. Vote for freedom.

I want to leave you with just one last thought, this country has been through a lot and we have not always treated everyone with the respect that they have deserved, however the way that the progressives are trying to rewrite history is downright repulsive and incorrect. As a whole this country as an experiment in freedom has proven, beyond any doubt that freedom and capitalism is by far the best and only way for America to go.

It has also shown us that as individuals who want to remain free, it is up to each and everyone to safeguard and cherish that very freedom dearly.

Capitalism does work, what does not work well is when the people allow the government to meddle with the free market.

What does not work is when the people allows the government a free hand to climb in bed with corporate concerns and use the system to unfairly hamper competition.

It is up to us to make sure that our elected and appointed officials own up to their sworn oath to abide by, uphold and protect the Constitution of the United State of America.

It is also up to the individual as the people, to nullify, disband or tear down a government that has become unresponsive to the people’s wishes and to form a new government in its place.

Go vote this fall, damn it, it is going to be much easier that way.

But just in case that enough folks don’t vote, keep your powder dry and your gold well hidden.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seeds of doubt and charlatans

Seeds of doubt

While doing my stint in the service I was stationed with a fellow from Indiana who was as good at holding his own in any discussion as any one that I ever knew.

He was likable, funny at times and was always using the old saws like “The lord made little men and big men; Smith and Wesson made the equalizer”. He had the ability to look credible because he could always quote something that no one, in that crowd, could dispute.

Later as I was thinking about him it was apparent to me that his lightning quick responses were often facts that were generated instantly out of nothing but thin air and delivered with enough authority as to be perceived as plausible. After all if you have never heard of Dr. Knowseverything from the University of Instawisdomness, how would you know that what he could have never said could be true or not? And this is how some folks can plant the seeds of doubt in your mind, even when you knew that you were right, long enough to win an argument.

However time usually shows these charlatans for what they are but then again time is often against you when important decisions are to be made.

This fellow from Indiana stayed in Austin Texas after his Army stint and went to work for the fire department and I have often wondered if he retired as a fireman or did he put his special talents to work and aspire to a higher status in the local government.

Folks that know will be quick to agree that communication skills are important in getting ahead in life and this has been born out many times as I have noticed that often the best story tellers are the most successful in life. Communication skills are dear to those that need to sway folks into purchasing something and to those who need to get everyone on the same page with some endeavor.

Folks that use these skills to do honest and good work is a blessing but far too often folks use these skills to cheat, steal and enslave their fellow man. Most of us have more than enough street smarts to fall for the con on the street but then we often fail to see how the media and the politician uses the same cons. The question here is; are we that naïve, as a whole, or are we simply just too busy to worry about what we perceive as being something not within our immediate control.

If you fall for everything that the media or some politician will tell you, you are naïve. If you perceive what the media or some politician is telling you are bullshit, it probably is bullshit. Remember though that sometimes bullshit seems very plausible on the surface.

It is very easy to understand just why it is that most Americans believe that any thing that comes out of Congress is going to be bad and it always is.

So the really, and I mean really big question is; if we fully expect a candidate to lie about his campaign promises, and they do it with complete immunity, why on earth would we ever want to elect this man or woman to office? It just does not make any sense.

What does make sense, and this may be the only solution to regaining the freedom back in America, would be to refuse to vote for any candidates who will not agree to stand behind his/her own words and sign a contract to that effect. This contract would also include that if he/she should ever not abide by, uphold or protect the constitution of the United State of America that he or she would immediately resign from office or suffer severe penalties.

Our forefathers handed us our freedom, the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. They also gave us the right to fire and or nullify government if it should ever get out of hand and become tyranny.

Demanding that our candidates sign this contract with America is probably the most expedient and quickest way for the people to regain control of our government and is certainly preferable to taking up the very arms that our forefathers sought for us to keep in case of tyranny.

However in case that they refuse to sign; keep your powder dry.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Integrity is something that has been part of me all my life and a good share of the folks that I grew up around lived their life by it. I may have my weaknesses and failings but I like to think that I have the same good integrity that I was blessed to grow up with.

A lot of folks however, I think, are confused by what the word means and try to interchange the meaning with godliness or faith in their religion. Where is it written or chiseled into stone that you have to be religious in order to have integrity? Where is it written that those who attend church on a regular basis are more trustworthy than those that don’t?

Yes I have known men and women that were religious and whose word was something that you could count on or put in the bank. To me these folks do indeed walk tall and I easily can put up with the fact that they believe in and have great faith in something that I can not blindly accept.

On the other hand, I have seen many so called god fearing people that I would not trust for an instant and if fact when someone greats me with the “I’m a Christian” thing, I cringe, check the security of my wallet and then quickly extract myself from his or her company.

This nation is covered by churches from sea to sea, in every town and nearly on every block. Millions of folks go to services regularly and many donate up to 10 percent of their income to the church.

Then why is it that, except for maybe one or two folks, that our congressmen have become completely void of any shame, or acknowledgement, of the terrible things that they do to the citizen and the USA in their nefarious quest for greed.

Is it only the fear of the law that keeps us from degenerating into a pack of ravenous wolves and from devouring each other?

Are most folks who run for congress completely devoid of integrity in the first place and only attend church for self serving appearances?

If so then it seems as though we are doomed because congress seems to be exempt from any prosecutorial proceedings and make up the self benefiting laws as they go along.

However there might be one way that we could get back on course again and it would involve the legal system that would be difficult for congress to thwart. It would take some doing and would by necessity involve the people at large to facilitate and/or support.

The plan is simple; ask all candidates who are running for office to sign a binding contract with America that would remove them from office immediately should they ever stray from their sworn duties to uphold and protect the constitution or should they ever be discovered to be steeling from the people.

We do have such a plan in operation thanks to the efforts of Tim Cox of

Please join us for all of our sakes and save America.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who inherited what?

parmajohn, Author

Posted on The Blaze/October Surprise, September 3, 2010 at 7:34pm

Who inherited what?

I send this along in case you missed seeing it when it came around awhile back.

The Washington Post babbled again today about Obama inheriting a huge deficit from Bush. Amazingly enough, a lot of people swallow this nonsense. So once more, a short civics lesson.
Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress,and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democratic Party. They controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

For FY 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets..

And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete FY 2009. Let’s remember what the deficits looked like during that period: (below)

If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets. If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th.

There is no way this will be widely publicized, Unless each of us sends it on! This is your chance to make a difference.

October surprise?

Nothing Obama will do would be a surprise unless he actually did something that was good for the country, like resign.

Well we can expect one thing for sure from Obama, more campaigning, more lies and more BS. We can also expect to see the great one reading, with his chin held on high, from his indispensable and trustworthy teleprompter, his Heart Felt “Cold and Calculated” Bularky.

He will let us know that he is going to fund the SBA again but he won’t tell you that the SBA is a worthless organization designed to appease the populace and that it is used primarily to reward cronies who kick back some of the funds or otherwise give support. He will give us a small token tax break and throw more money away (read crony again) on some insane projects.

America did not elect a President, they elected a teleprompter that was expertly read by a black foreign born Marxist who has not a clue as to what America is all about nor does he care. Just how America managed to be duped so badly is incomprehensible and most unfortunate, however many folks are beginning to wake up from their stupor and I hope they will react in proper indigence and fly into action before it is too late..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Government regulation on our food supplies, Food for thought.

There must be an instance where the government regulations on food have actually saved someone from eating bad food, although I can’t think of one just off hand. I can however cite many instances where the government’s involvement on our food source has had severe adverse effects on our diets.

It has not escaped my observation that as usual the corporations take the brunt of the fall, and for good reasons, for outbreaks of bacterial food poisoning or some chemical intrusion of the food we eat. What is never publicized however is that in spite of the thousands upon thousands of rules and regulations that government has imposed on the food industry, it is the government that is a willing partner in crime with the corporations that create the atmosphere that this can happen.

I can remember back when the large meat packing firms convinced congress to enact laws that was instrumental in putting the Ma And Pa grocery stores, that cut their own meat and ground their own hamburger, out of business.

The great claim was that government could not control the thousands of nationwide stores who processed meat and therefore the public was in great danger of E coli or some other food born illnesses. The other claim was that government however could control the larger companies with far less government agents and the public would remain safe from such maladies.

The truth of the matter is, the small butcher shops will only work on small amounts of meat at a time and if they did receive tainted meat or did something to taint the meat, it would be sold only locally and to a very small amount of the public.

On the other hand, the large corporations, under the watchful eye of the government, will grind tons of meat, with many carcasses mixed together, at a time and when contamination does occur it often effects entire batches of meat and more often than not, will ship tons of contaminated hamburger to all points of the country and effect a large portion of the population.

Probably the worst part of government involvement with corporations is the fact that most of the food items that we now eat are not real food anymore; they are often “food like products”.

The relationships of corporations and government go way back, are very involved and mostly not in the best interest of the public. For one instance is the embargo on cane sugar that was passed to protect the sugar prices for one or more US sugar companies. The result of this higher cost of sugar, and this is the primary reason that the bottling corporations find it more profitable to use corn syrup to flavor their bottled beverages, have been found to make the end users obese.

In fact if you pick up one of your favorite food items in the grocery store and try to read the label it can become difficult to identify the actual food in the box, not to mention that most of us do not recognize many of the listed ingredients as food and probably would rather not ingest them if we knew what they were. We no longer eat food; instead we eat food like products everyday.

It is true that some of these added, non food, ingredients will help to preserve the food but many others are more like food replacements that we are now becoming to learn as not beneficial to health. Couple this with misinformation about some of our favorite foods, in order to scare us into buying food like products, that are not as nutritious as the real item, and you have fraud at its very worst. Just to give you one example, some folks, who are trying desperately to shed some pounds, will shy away from eating anything that has a trace of fat in it and instead consume products with corn syrup. The end result is that they continue to gain weight.

These scenarios could not exist without the reprehensible associations of the corporate world and the government.

So the question, you would think, should be, is government actually protecting us from bad food and those ungovernable Ma and Pa businesses that are out to profit from unsuspecting shoppers or is it that government in its shear enormity, that could not even begin to run a cool aid stand and make a profit, is to blame along with their corporate cohorts?

If you take a micro second, or even a month, to think about it, you will have to come to the conclusion that it all boils down to how Congress works. Congress it seems has only one objective, that is for congressmen to make as much money for themselves as they can get away with before their constituents catch on and vote their asses out of office.

Until the time that we can hold our leaders accountable for their nefarious actions, we will go on losing our freedoms, paying higher and higher taxes, losing our properties, eating foods of less nutrient qualities, coughing up more money for necessities and becoming the serfs and slaves of the state.

Most of the laws passed by congress should be considered as criminal acts and most of the lawmakers who voted for these criminal acts should be regarded as criminals and enemies of the state and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

How can a nation hope to have law abiding citizens when in fact the leaders and government servants who are either elected, appointed or hired have no regard for the laws of the land and in fact use the legal system to further their own gains?

How can a nation hope to have law abiding citizens when in fact there are so many thousands of unconstitutional laws as to pose a formidable gauntlet for all of the citizens in every aspect of their lives?

Many folks, way too many, blame the corporations for all of their woes and look to the government to solve their daily problems and provide for their protection and wants and needs. This is pure folly and should we ever be able to take control of government again and set things straight, the government would once again have the position to enforce the laws on all corporations, government heads as well as the citizen equally.

If this should ever come to be, government would have a far different role and would allow, or rather insist, that the corporations compete on merit rather than use the system nefariously to crush opposition and perpetuate fraud on the consumers.