The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Common Interest of Concern

We have a common interest in a very grave situation of high priority and concern.

Hi, I’m Lyle Brunckhorst of Bronk’s Knifeworks and I have been a knife maker for about 36 years.

I wish that I was writing this letter for the sole purpose of finding more sales for my custom knives such as the Xross Bar Lock series but actually I’m writing this letter because seeking new customers may soon be of very little concern to any of us.

Our nation is on the very brink of total collapse and even if it is by mere incompetence it makes no matter, something must be done and fast

Some of you may find this as quit a surprise and will tend to disbelieve what I’m about to say out of sheer shock and yet others will have deleted this by now because it is either to painful to think about or because they are still drinking the “koolaid” so to speak.

Please stay tuned and do everything that you can to help forestall the horrors of what is coming because the time is now very short. And yes we can still make a difference but we can not sit idly by and hope that someone else will take care of things for us. Only we the people can because your elected leaders have chosen to keep things as they are in order to keep on stealing from you rather than to do their sworn duty of protecting you.

The next few days and weeks are going to be the most important days in American history since the war of Independence as the primaries and caucuses play out and the established crooked “banksters” and entrenched officials are working hard at keeping things just as they are, corrupt beyond imagination. Sorry for the flame but it is true.

Some states have adopted the caucus over the primary and most citizens are clueless as to how they work, and this is to the advantage of the entrenched who want you to vote for their pet choice, not the best choice to restore sanity to the nation.

I don’t care if you are a republican, democrat or independent, there are bad candidates in all parties and determining the best candidate is not an easy task as the media, (I will explain later) is complicit with the entrenched and the stacks are very high.

Your job is to find the best candidate that will at least try to restore and to preserve your freedom because all the blather about creating jobs is just blather and meaningless nonsense. Notice the every subject under the sun but nothing about freedom lost.

As you may have guessed by now, the one and only candidate running for president today that has in the past always voted for freedom and has stuck to the Constitution and vows to rescind all presidential executive orders and to repeal the bad laws passed lately by the present administration, is purposely and viciously ignored and denounced by the media.

And yet in spite of that, he has the most active and enthusiastic support by the citizen of any of the candidates but needs our help to overcome the media blackout and boycott.

I have watched the erosion of our freedom for many years and have tried many times to remark about it with little or no avail, but now the evidence is so obvious that once the facts are brought to light there can be no doubt, things are not right in America.

The plain truth of the matter is that the facts are much stranger than a science fiction novel could ever be and to see the unvarnished truth is almost too unbearable and difficult to believe or to even ponder but what seems to be the unbelievable and the unconceivable is becoming the new America and it is now happening at a rapid pace.

Please do not take my word for anything, I’m just a knife maker with no political or journalism experience but I have been observant ever since my tender years in school.

A historical list of nefarious actions

I can not even begin to print or gather all of the evidence of what sinister people are trying and succeeding and doing to America, it is simply too overwhelming, but here is a short list and my estimation of what is going of happen. Don’t look for any of this on the news; they won’t report it because they are complicit with it all.

Franklin Roosevelt brought about the “New Deal”, our first real warning of things to come.

Franklin Roosevelt era also brought us the Federal Reserve in 1913 owned by three international bankers, Chase, Morgan and Rockefeller.

Also in 1913 the IRS was enacted to cover for the actions of the FED. We never should have let either of these to happen.

The dollar has lost 95% of its value during the Federal Reserve era due to printing.

The same bunch of crooked bankers that own the FED bought up the controlling interests of the media to cover for their nefarious and devious actions with the FED, with politics in general and to mislead the public in foreign affairs.

The same band of crooks also gained the controlling interests of Hollywood for propaganda and indoctrination via cartoons, sitcoms and movies with slanted views.

The progressive’s movement shoved government into the control of education in order to further indoctrinate our children to help facilitate the destruction of the Constitution.

Progressives infiltrated both political parties in order to gain full political control.

Political parties moved to shut out third party candidates after Ross Perot nearly wins election.

Bush starts first Iraq war to take heat off his son for raiding S&L institutions

1992 Agenda 21 or the global “sustainability” act will revoke citizens land ownership.

The Twin World Trade Towers are hit by hijacked airplanes and blamed on Usama bin Laden in order to dupe Americans into accepting the “Homeland Security Act”. This is only one of a series of the various “False Flag” attacks to dupe Americans in accepting various wars. The end point of this is the price of gasoline and government control.

Obama creates the monstrous Obama care plan that will complete the demise of the constitution once it is in place in 2013 and America needs to act fast to repeal it as once it is in place it is undoable.

Obama is shrinking the military and at the same time making war on Iran, Why?

Obama Plans to Slash Defense and Fight “Numerous” UN Wars at Once.

Obama is trying to pass SOPA and now other acts in the guise of protecting the web from piracy and the internet corporations are fighting it. Is this internet censorship and control?

Obama’s detention law for dissidents is enacted in the name of protecting us from terrorist from abroad and from within. Mostly it is intended to quell a revolution stemming from the demise of American freedom and rights.

The never ending assault of the first amendment right of free speech.

The never ending assault of the second amendment right to bear arms. At the moment there are about a dozen different actions to take away our only defense against tyranny.

Obama care is funding Obama's personal civilian army, called "Ready Reserve Corps" it is authorized in Section 5210, Page 1312 in "The Affordable Health Care Act". He has said that he intends to have a private army as large and as well funded and armed as the military. Why?

So what is happening and why?

This is only a very small fraction of what has and what is going on in Washington and unless one is completely deaf and blind, the handwriting is basically on the wall for everyone to see and the message is that America is over as we knew it and how our forefathers intended it to be.

Obama is not incompetent, he is very brilliant and has accomplished pretty much exactly what he set out to do but he has not quit finished his plan yet by any means as his only explainable purposeful action could only be explained one way only, he intends to pull off a coup or at least destroy America with his attempt.

These are very strong words and paint a very scary scenario but I don’t know how to say it plain otherwise and if one takes the time to look at Obama’s actions and ignore his rhetoric, unless you are comparing his flip-flopping lies, it adds up to only one thing.

Yes it is unbelievable that our mighty America, the strongest nation both militarily and economically that has ever existed on earth is coming to an end and very soon if it’s inhabitants don’t react and very quickly. Let us hope that it isn’t too late already.

How did it happen?

For starts the average American started taking their freedom for granted and trusted that their elected officials would not crap in their own nest, but they were wrong as greed led to corruption in government and with the advent of prohibition, America got used to organized crime and it moved right into the White House and Congress.

Second the World bankers never got over losing their grasp over the colonies and their American holdings and have worked ever since to destroy the American Constitution that was their most serious obstacle. Hence the creation of the Federal Reserve in order to successfully restore the international bankers hold on American economics.

The progressive movement has been working to make America more like Europe

The formation of environmental groups was funded by “international bankers”, why?

So intertwined is a maze of bankers, mobsters, drug cartels, corrupt officials, the military complex, the environmentalists, progressives, career politicians and world wide concerns all working behind closed doors to make deals amounting to billions of dollars and using Congress to pave and smooth the way with laws that have nothing to do with the citizens concerns.

Now along comes Obama, supported heavily by the international bankers (George Soros) (all strictly illegal) etc. and the time is now ripe for the coup. Why not? Congress is so hopelessly corrupt that they can not call the kettle black. They have to go along with it or face the unimaginable charges or black mail.

Fact, very little is known about Barry Soetoro alias Barrack Hussein Obama because he has spent millions of dollars covering up all of his records and can not produce any proof of US citizenship.

I’m supporting Ron Paul as he is the only man that stands by and for the Constitution.

After you do your own research, I think that you draw the same conclusion.