The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Insidious Blackmail and Extortion Method of Governing.

The Insidious Blackmail and Extortion Method of Governing.

The FAA has lain off airport controller workers just days before the ridiculous impending debt fiasco in hopes that we will panic and cave in to demands for a higher debt ceiling.

If these guys were really serious about saving money, they could start with de-funding and repealing the TSA, move on to the BATF, the DEA, the Dept of Energy, the Obamacare fiasco and hundreds more unnecessary and nefarious federal departments and programs that have no significant public value but continue to shred our freedoms and bleed us to death through ever higher taxes to keep it running and ever expanding.

We have seen this ploy used before and it should be treated as the crime that it is and the perpetrators should be arrested and jailed. Where does it say in the constitution or any where else that elected and non elected public officials have the right to break our nation’s laws in order to force their will on the public?

If the members of  Congress all took their sworn oath seriously, they would be doing just that and we would not have a House and Senate full of scallywags and hucksters and the present sitting president would either be in jail or long ago impeached.

How can our government expect the public to respect and obey the millions of bad and useless laws, when they themselves can not abide by the nations primary laws set forth by a band of very intelligent and freedom loving patriots?

Of course the so called “mainstream media” will go on reporting about how we need more laws because if we don’t hurry up and pass them, someone will try to duplicate the bomber, shooter from Norway but they will also go on failing to report the highest crimes of the century perpetrated by the bankers and the media themselves.

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