The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it over now?

These days if you mention to someone that we really need to find a way to keep or regain our freedom and to rid ourselves of the vermin that have established themselves in the white house and congress not to mention all 50 states, you will get the reply, it is to late, we have already lost our freedom.

I personally find this attitude not only disgusting but very saddening. I find it sad for all of the children that may never know freedom because we were and still are too busy with other affairs to bother ourselves. I find it appalling for a once proud nation of proud people who have sent so many off to war, first to fight for our freedoms and later to fight for some political gain or corporate profit. I find it disgusting that anyone would knowingly raise a child and knowing that he or she will be enslaved by the very same hypocritical nation that proclaims democracy and freedom to the world.

I say to these people who have resigned themselves to whatever fate that may befall them, “why not just get it over with now and move to Kenya or maybe just jump off the nearest building”, wouldn’t that be better than to remain in a country that will set you to chains?

I don’t understand it, how can a nation once filled with brave men who would never have stood still for even a second for any of the shenanigans going on now in our capitals, go along so meekly and willingly to their demise and certain slavery?

I ask these questions and yet I know the answer in part at least, because I have watched this process for many years and have tried for as many years to warn people about what I referred to as the vanishing American.

I have watched the press, our public schools, universities and our entertainment media all play the role of indoctrinator and I will have to admit that they have succeeded beyond any degree of measure. They have succeeded in turning the young against the old, blacks against the whites, Democrats against Republicans, one religion against another and on and on. Divide and conquer has been their second, only to indoctrination, greatest strategy.

Worst of all, they have changed our history to reflect our forefathers as the root of all of their problems. They have succeeded in convincing our young that you have to have big government with big handouts in order to survive and to succeed in life. Perhaps our lifestyles have contributed to that as well and because it is becoming exceedingly more difficult to be self sufficient these days.

It is so ironic, that we have heard so many times that history always repeats itself and sure enough it has, yet no one will admit that our government has accomplished exactly the same thing that Hitler done only a few generations ago by using the very same principles and techniques. I ask you; just how smart does that make us?

I refuse to buy into the, it’s too late to do anything now, crap. Imagine George Washington overhearing one of the generals saying that or one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence voicing such an opinion. Come on, it’s time to cowboy up and decide whether or not you are willing to become a slave or to fight to regain your freedom once again. After all, is slavery worth living? Perhaps our new leaders will be a more gentle kind of dictator and give us a more gentle kind of slavery.

The job at hand is a simple but very hard one to do. Yes we can do it, but you have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that failure will lead to the same dismal result as doing nothing at all. We have to forget and get over the notion that a vote for anything else but one of the same old parties is a vote wasted. We will have to be convinced that a vote for anyone in any of the existing parties is indeed a wasted vote and has been so for some time.

Yes the established and corrupt members of congress have stacked the deck against anyone not a member of one of these two established parties, yet we can overcome this rigged deck of cards if we decide that we will have to educate enough voters to what the score is and just how important the stakes are and then act upon it with vigor and perseverance, until the job is done. Failure to do this within the next couple of elections will most certainly doom this once great nation because very soon our election process will become nothing more than a show put on by a dictator.

I urge everyone to at least get involved enough so at least become educated and to know what it is that is gong on now. I further urge everyone to vote for someone who actually has your interest at heart because he has the same concerns as you do. I urge everyone to check out the various tea parties and especially to check out and to vote for the candidates chosen by this non partisan group of concerned citizens.

We have run out of time, you no longer have the luxury of indecision or procrastination and if you are the type that chooses to ignore politics entirely, you will not have stuck with me to this point anyway.

Welcome aboard.

One very pissed off citizen wanting his country back.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arguing with idiots can be frustrating

Arguing with idiots can be a frustrating job and we sometimes wonder about the value of it.

Case in point; after a long and frustrating attempt to point out the evil of too much government to a fellow friend, I finally asked him just what would it take before he would become convinced that government was becoming to big and no longer served the interest of the people and that we were about to lose our freedom forever. He responded that we had never had any freedom in this country and that it was all just an illusion.

Well I have to agree that our freedom has become more of an illusion of late but I still believe strongly that we did indeed start out with our freedom. But my friend pointed out to me why he believes that we never had freedom thusly. I quote, “Because the slaves of the South were not given their freedom the very day we won our independence from England, we therefore never really had freedom in our country”.

I know that there are some who condemn our forefathers for not including the slaves in their immediate game plan, and spread this malicious nonsense but they are wrong. In fact, if these folks would complete their education and discover the true facts, they would be far more apologetic and extremely thankful that they do now in deed have their freedoms and it is properly due to the efforts of our countries founding forefathers. We would never have gotten the South’s support to become a free nation in the first place if we had not taken the path that we did, which however, did lead to the eventual freedom of the black slaves as envisioned by our forefathers. If it had not been for this, we would all still be slaves.

Yes, we have had some troubling times and hardships bringing this country to where it is today, by hard work and sometimes by fighting for our preservation and there are those who are not as enthusiastic about our successes as the rest of us and would bring us down to their own miserable level and others for pure greed.

There are those who use any and every skullduggery to implement their wishes for gain and these folks do not mind fueling the fires of racism to accomplish their goals even if it would destroy the very country that they live in under its umbrella like protection.

Over the years, these greedy treasonous perpetrators have indoctrinated and infiltrated every aspect of our community with misguided but perhaps well meaning folks who in turn spread the misguided myths spun by the spin doctors who would transform our once free country into something more socialistic. If my friend would be right and he is not, it would still be in our best interest to fight for our cherished freedom and carry on the well spoken words of Patrick Henry. Give me liberty or give me death.

America in trouble.

America in trouble.

Today America is at a crisis that our past and present administrations have perpetrated on us and the world shaking unthinkable moment of America losing its freedom draws very near. It is an abomination that our freedoms may actually be swiftly taken away by a few corrupt rascals who can not even get their own Democratic party stuffed Congress to get on board with their treasonous plan. I guess that maybe we should not complain too much however, because we’ve all seen it coming, didn’t we, for some time now and no one really stood up to stop it.

I guess that I’m one of those who are mostly to blame for this mess because I have seen it coming for quite some time and yes I have raised my voice to cry out this message many times over the years but I did nothing that would actually stop it.

I once wrote when I was much younger, “It was not the stroke of a pen that set man free, it was the strike of flint on frizzen, the smell of acrid smoke and the battle fields soaked with the blood of brave men fighting for their freedom that set man free.”

Yes, it is good to speak out with concern and to voice your anger over unrighteous deeds, but sometimes your words fall on deaf and uncaring ears or to folks that do not want to be bothered with such things and would rather remain naïve. I mean after all, thinking about such things can make your head hurt or give you heart burn or make you sad or worried or something else awful. Hey, lets tune in to the game, see there is nothing bad going on.

So the question ultimately becomes, when do we stop trying to reason with unreasonable men, voicing our concerns to deaf ears, arguing with naive idiots or waiting for our elected to do the job that they were elected to do, like protecting our constitution instead of destroying it. Yes indeed, when do we instead take certain and corrective action?

Our lawmakers have sent our manufacturing base overseas.

Our lawmakers have made it impossible for small business to compete with foreign markets and manufacturers.

Our lawmakers have turned our schools into zombie yards where hindering the gifted is preferable to educating those with learning disabilities and the priority of the day is the indoctrination of and the preparation of our young for tomorrow’s new socialistic order.

Our lawmakers have grown our government to astronomical, freedom robbing proportions that the overtaxed citizen can no longer support.

Our lawmakers have not only allowed the government to become corrupt but have actually contributed to it with unconstitutional legislation.

Our lawmakers have enacted laws that have brought us to the brink of a police state.

Our lawmakers have built for themselves a comfy bed of roses and given themselves special retirement and medical benefits that only royalty of the past have enjoyed and have failed to look out for the very folks that they are supposed to represent, the voting public.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who have the best interests of America and the American people in mind.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who are not funded and therefore not indebted to any political party or any corporation or any other special interest group.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who are not seeking to be professional politicians, but who are willing to perform their civic duty of protecting our constitution and serve a one term office.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who know that Americans are smart enough to take care of themselves and can and will rebuild the greatest nation on earth if left alone, without government interference, to do the work necessary to get the job done.

After many years of shouting into the wind, It gave me a rekindled spirit to see the many, albeit splintered, tea party movements across the land and the result that it has had on some folks in office, even though so far arrogantly ignored by the “congressional rascals” and their “chief in white house rascal”. However the most promising movement that I have seen so far is the GOOOH.COM non partisan effort that could have a real significant impact on returning government to the people. This is the group to watch or better yet join and contribute to.

Words of wisdom. Author unknown

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

Friday, February 19, 2010

Joseph Stack's manifesto

It's not that I condone or support this type of behavior any time that the government deals with us in some typical and equally frustrating manner, in fact I don't, however I'm quite sure that many Americans have fantasized about performing a similar action, themselves, when they have been wronged by some tyrannical government agency. Most of us, however, learn to get over it and go on with life and suppress our pent up anger.

One thing is certain however, Stack is spot on when he said that it would take this kind of violent action before anyone in government, or or in the civilian sector for that matter, to take notice that someone might have a beef that should be taken seriously. And this is the saddest yet very important point, no one in government, elected or otherwise, ever takes notice of an atrocity perpetrated on any one citizen or on citizens in general by the government. On the contrary, they all work very hard to either suppress or minimize all complaints and if that fails, even place the victim in jail.

Further, both the government and the media will work hand in hand in order to show us just how unstable and crazy Stack was so that government can go about their business as usual and continue to perpetrate their fraudulent and tyrannical justice on the American people.

It is indeed sad that it takes action of this magnitude to even get any small notice and attention of such horrific deeds, let alone receive any form of justice.

For Joseph Stack's manifesto check out the following link.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nullification holds real promise or change that we can all believe in.

I can not quite figure out why Sara Phalin would support a candidate that does not support the constitution although he does claim to be a renegade and would liken himself to be shown in the same glow as the tea party folks. Sorry John, but any one who advocates gun control and would place any limits on our freedom of speech is not a tea party member or a friend of America.

I have defended Phalin in the past because I liked her gutsy upfront character and the fact that she could demonstrate her ability to hold her own and win against the oil cartels. I liked her because she comes off like a real self reliant type of hardy stock that would fight hard to keep her freedoms to pack a gun, say her piece or pray to what ever religion that she chose.

I liked Phalin because she could relate with the common man of America and she was one of us who worked hard and used what ever it took to earn a living. Yes she was one of us and she was also a self reliant proud Alaskan. I liked her because I was raised to be a proud self reliant Montanan and I tend to like others who are the same. I don’t much like folks who think that I or someone else owes them a living and wants the government to provide for them by taking from me and others in order to do it.

I watched Glen Beck interview Sara one evening and at the end of the interview, I seen the cloud of doubt come over Glen after he asked Phalin if she thought that she was ready to be president.

I can see why Glen might feel this way, because it does not add up to a good tally. Given what we think that we know about Phalin, it seems very strange that she does not promote the folks that would insist on any candidate’s full support of the constitution. Nor does she support the audit the Fed rally cry or Tim Cox’s replace the whole damn house movement. No it seems like Sara has chosen a path more centered and the one thing that bothers me greatly is her clinging to the coat tails of the GOP.

The most frightening thing about all this is the fact that Phalin wants to become head of the tea party movement and still remain a member of the GOP.

Three very disturbing thoughts come to mind about this scenario;

One she is being duped by the GOP and once she should secure the presidency, she will be owned by those very same folks that the tea party movement is trying to rid themselves of.

Two she is being duped by the GOP and during her run for the presidency, she will be thrown under the bus by design and we will have a second term of Obama.

And third she has been bought by the GOP and will fall into lock step to the same tune of the progressive movement albeit to a more sedate pace than the present administration

The Republicans have demonstrated to us, very well and many times over, that they are not to be rusted any more than the Democrats, and we know their agenda well, and that they will show us a deceptive facet of being conservative all the while they are doing just the contrary to their promises as usual. The Republicans have demonstrated, beyond a shadow of doubt, that no one in government is immune to corruption.

If all goes well, we will toss out a great many of the incumbent and corrupt congressmen and we will celebrate in the streets afterward, but it will be all for naught if we do not immediately proceed to nullify all unconstitutionally made laws over the past couple of centuries. And I would even venture to guess that it would be far much easier to start all over again rather than to try and sort out the swill from the not quite so swill.

Nullification holds real promise or change that we can all believe in.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Divided we are conquered

I find it very interesting that those in power have found so many ways to divide us into opposing groups in order to prevent us from catching on to them and throwing them out of office. I would sincerely like to see the American people joining together and fighting the vast corporate and government corruption in a unified manner.

I was in hopes that the tea party would unify all of the splinter groups and become the one great front capable of renewing our freedom and I think that it still can. However, we need to prevent any one special interest faction such as the GOP or any other progressive party from gaining control of the tea party and using it to elect yet another obama or bush man. I fear that this country cannot survive even one more term with a progressive in office.

I find it both humorous and objectionable that the left will accuse the Tea Party folks of being racist when in fact many of the folks that comprise the Tea Party are of all colors and persuasions, except for socialism and fascism, of the universe. In fact the lefts best defense is the offensive practice of divide and conquer with the race card being of highest value to their cause.

We do need to find a way to replace all of the incumbents in office with dedicated folks that will work tirelessly to repeal such things as the National Firearms Act of 1934, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, the federal reserve, the IRS and many more freedom killing acts that have been perpetrated against the American people over the past 100 years or so.

The following is a quote;

"As long as gun-rights advocates don't see the direct threat to all our civil and financial liberties that inevitably follow from the drug war -- and as long as opponents of the drug war fail to understand the evils that predictably come from a war on guns -- Americans will continue to see their priceless liberties steadily stripped away by both programs, in all their unconstitutionality and immorality." By Anthony Gregory

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Putting America Back On Track.

Or rather; how do we rebuild a once great nation out of the rubble and ruins that congress has created?

Some will argue that America was never a perfect union of free men because our beginnings still had slavery in the South. That our forefathers were nothing more than renegade misfits who kept mistresses and evaded paying taxes to the king and that we allowed corporations to seize control of government, etc and on and on.

Truth is; we did have the greatest and most free nation that was ever established on Earth and we still can, providing we take quick and serious steps to recapture our freedom and rid ourselves of all unconstitutional law and all other laws passed with intension to benefit special interests.

Truth is; we need to stop thinking in the same way that we have allowed ourselves to descend into in the past 40 years and that has become; which is the lesser evil of the two? We need to start thinking more like our forefathers did, get some backbone and come to the realization that if we don’t take bold steps now and fight for what we once had until we restore our nation back to its original but better condition, we will forever become the downtrodden, pathetic wretches and a third world blight.

Truth is; free, hardworking people who were left alone to overcome fear and hardship made this country great and prosperous, not government.

Yes it is true that some folks do not have the ability to fend for themselves and some would probably starve without help. This is the realm of the church and private charitable organizations to lend their hand, not government. People are charitable and generous and tend to help in ways that government agencies cannot comprehend. Government agencies do not help the needy; they create the needy to help themselves. Once an agency is created it has to grow and it consumes greater and greater amounts of cash and creates greater and greater numbers of victims who can no longer survive without their daily doses of government heroine.

Truth is; Americans are beginning to catch on to what is going on and the awakening, angry masses are swelling ranks, although somewhat splintered into nearly ineffectual groups. These grass root groups appear to be forming on many different topics or agendas and when they coalesce into a unified group, there will be hell to pay in Washington.

Monday, February 1, 2010

ISF, A brand new cluster Fxxk

To our illustrious but naive leaders;

After more than a week of trying to arrange another shipment of a product, That I have spent much time and money promoting, from an overseas company, we have terminated the original carrier and hope to find a more savvy orientated shipping company. It seems that this major carrier (DHL) is having some trouble in dealing with the shiny new ISF rules that are in place and importing goods has turned into a full blown cluster fxxx. Are you aware of how detrimental this can be to a small business?

I’ve been told that this new law was passed without the public’s awareness in order to protect us from some Taliban trying to import firearms into America. How ironic that this new law would seek to curb importation of an item that is found in abundance in that country.

What I’m really concerned with today however is the problems that I’m having with importing a product from overseas because some lame brained idiot passed another stupid law with the excuse of protecting me from a terrorist. I’m sick of dealing with bureaucrats and all of the idiotic rules and regulations that they can foster.

It is no wonder that most Americans dread the outcome every time that Congress goes into session. We Americans are losing our freedoms at breakneck speed because our representatives in congress either do not care about the outcome of their actions, because they are looking out for their own interests, or are so out of touch with reality in the real world that they are clueless as to how their actions affect their constituents.

You should be, if you are not already aware that most Americans do not want any part of government run health care or government run anything for that matter nor do they want to be robbed by the government to pay billions of dollars in cash to those that would benefit by the so called cap and trade scam. Stop the nonsense.

Just who in the world are you folks in congress trying to help anyway? The Taliban has already won much of the war on freedom because it is the American people who are being punished by all your knee jerk reactions. I can hear Osama chuckling from here.

Please start using more discretion with your legislation powers in the future. You’re killing us.