The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tipping Point

Tipping Point.

Seems as though every day brings out more craziness both in America and around the world and I don’t know which is funnier or sadder, the complete chaos in Congress or the riots in London. Both are equally appalling and apparently caused by the same lack of respect for reasoning, greed and downright childishness.

As I write this, the Congressmen who were thrown out of power, because they were not doing the bidding of the American people, are working overtime, as belligerent and irresponsible lame ducks, to do as much damage to the country as they possibly can. It’s like the bad half of a school class throwing a tantrum and tearing up the school because they didn’t get what they wanted, except these bad boys and girls, just like the spoiled brats that they are, are destroying our country and our freedoms right in front of our eyes and they know that we can’t do one damn thing about it.

At some point in time, you simply have to stop and ask yourself, what in the hell will it take before folks see how things are starting to fall apart simply because some of us are foolishly willing to trade their freedom for the chance that some slick talking future wanabe dictator will be a kind and gentle dictator and spread peace and harmony around the world. Yep that happens all the time.

Why can’t these poor folks figure out that even if they do succeed in getting their dictator who promises them equal pay, cheep rent and free candy, that it will immediately fail because as soon as the new dictator does come to power, the rich soon will no longer be rich anymore and the dictator will have no where to find the taxes necessary to dole out to the poor except from the poor who put him in power. Hey that will work out well, the poor giving to the poor.

Many folks still believe that the USA is too big to fail and that this sort of thing will never happen here. Everyone needs to stop, and stop now, and think just what it would take, think about what event would have to happen before you reach your tipping point.

I have already witnessed mine. What’s your tipping point?


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