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Monday, December 27, 2010

Adding things up

Adding things up

The more that you try to get things to add up, these days, the harder it is to come up with the sum until you realize that you are not working with the proper information or on the right problem.

To the majority of folks who do try to stay up with things but only get a smattering of the news and mainly from the lame stream media, things seem to be totally chaotic at best.

First off we have a world full of strife, danger and treachery to deal with on a daily basis to keep us tuned in to the ongoing barrage of news along with the juicy tidbits about such things as the Prince’s fascination with Monaca’s knickers and the famous stained blue dress from the oval office to keep folks entertained and coming back for more.

Now try to figure out what Washington is doing in response to the world’s chaos and nothing makes any sense at all. Even after listening to hours of explanations as to what was said, what may have been meant by it and what the significance of it could be, it all still makes no meaningful sense.

Congress goes to work, one day, and before you know it, you have to have a trillion dollar government department with a 5,200 page bill to run it in order to make sure that everyone has access to health care. In the end it boils down to forcing the folks to purchase insurance at a higher premium and 5199 pages of other stuff, not read yet.

Thanks to the sneaky shell game swindle of the century, we will now have an additional bloated government department to ensure that we are protected from our food sources. Weird that the last bloated government “FDA” department failed to provide us protection with their failed government regulations, but somehow this one can? It’s crazy and in the end; we probably will all starve to death due to the government’s involvement.

Although no one in the nation has yet to complain about the cost of access to the internet, the FCC will now protect us from the big corporations that we were told would start limiting our access and upset the level playing field. I just can’t wait to see what kind of hoops that we will all have to jump through now in the name of preventing terrorism or maybe some other ism. Shouldn’t Congress wait until there is a problem before diving in to fix it or is it that the FCC is planning to be our next problem?

In the middle of a conflict we suddenly need to address the concerns of the gays in the military. Well I’m liberal enough to know that gays have the right to enjoy life as well as the next person, but I’m thinking back to my military days and I don’t think this is such a good idea, and why the hell now?

With most of the State and local governments going broke, why in the hell are our president and his conies trying so hard to force union labor on the nation’s police and firefighters? Are they trying to bankrupt the states on purpose?
Considering our ridiculous dependence on foreign oil, why is the president now trying so hard to sneakily place most of our oil and other mineral reserves under government control by making these lands some kind of national park?

Having learned years ago that blowing vast sums of cash does not work out when the economy is in the tank, our leaders are working hard at spending as much money as they can get their greedy hands on and have placed not only the nation in a position that will be tough to recover from, it has placed the world’s economy in a very bad predicament as well.

This is only a very short list of so many bad bills that don’t add up but will guaranty the demise of a free world country but room would take up far too much space.

To further the anxiety, The National Republican Senatorial Committee was charged with the responsibility of getting three different, republican nominated and Tea Party backed, members elected to Congress, Sharon Angel, Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller but instead it looks suspiciously flawed to the point that you have to wonder if the RNSC threw the Tea Party under the bus in favor of electing the candidate’s opponents. Reports on the ground report NRSC recommendations and strategy severely damaged these candidates’ chances.

Throw in a president that promised to bring Americans together but has indeed divided the nation to nearly the point of another civil war. And throw in a president who promised change and hope but gave us chaos and grief with little hope.

To watch the various institutions operate today is bewildering at best and after the charades are played out by the Federal Reserve, Congress, the White House and the other factions of government, nothing seems to make any sense at all.

To make any kind of sense of what is going on in this country and with Washington; one must dig hard for the truth and wade through many acres of swamp to find hard solid ground. In your quest to find the truth, expect to find many stone walls, road blocks and unexpected turns.

To really discover what does add up, you must hear what is not said, see what is not shown, you must read in between the lines, follow the money and it will all come clear.

To make the task simpler, ask your self this; if I wanted to destroy a nation, out of revenge, and make billions or trillions of dollars doing it, how would I go about it? Do this and things start falling into place and it all adds up to a perfect sum. Greed reigns.

Keep your powder dry

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