The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Most honorable and esteemed member of Congressman

Most honorable and esteemed member of Congressman,

According to the Gallup poll, 83% of the people are unhappy with what Congress is doing today. The rest simply have no clue.

At no time in history has Congress ever had a lame duck session so adamant at working against the wishes of the people.

At no time in American history has forces within been so close to collapsing the economy and fundamentally changing our people driven based republic and land of the free to a misery ridden dictatorship.

Never before in the world have we seen such treacherous, treasonous and criminal methods used to illegally push bills through a Congress in total disregard for the people wishes and their freedoms.

It would seem as though nearly everyone in Congress, the Dept of Justice and the White House has been bought and paid for or part of the grand plan and are going to do what they were bribed to do, nation and people be damned.

If I didn’t own a calendar, I might have thought that I was living in Berlin in the 1930s and just experiencing déjà vu.

The list of damning things that Congress is trying to do now is far too long to list here and I am suggesting to you that it all needs to come to a stop before we lose everything.

Can’t you see that what Congress is doing will destroy not only our freedom; it will destroy our way of life, our economy and toss the worlds economy into chaos?

Can’t you see that if Congress succeeds in passing all of the nefarious bills that there will be no place to hide, no place to go, little or no food to eat?

Can’t you see the riots in the streets, throngs of roving thugs looking for food to steel because they are starving?

Can’t you see the civil war that could result from your inept actions?

Ask yourself this Congressman, where will you hide when the shit hits the fan?

One very concerned, perplexed and outraged citizen.

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