The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, December 10, 2010

The revolution has begun

Nothing short of an asteroid falling on capital hill this week will save us from the greed of the criminally active participants of Congress it seems unless we can find a way to overturn every damned dastardly deed performed by the lame duck Congress.

It is nothing short of infuriating that after the American people have clearly shown Congress their utter dissatisfaction with Congress that these lawmakers continue to completely and blatantly ignore the wishes of the people and continue with their tyrannical and nefarious ways.

This gathering of maladjusted malevolent minded gangsters is the worst examples of corruption ever witnessed since the coronation of the insane African Idi Amin Dada but yet they are far more dangerous.

We know the lame ducks are out of reach as far as the voters are concerned and that they will continue to try and repay their supporters but how can the non lame duck members justify their actions and expect to be reelected again?

It really makes you wonder how in the world these lawmakers can expect to not receive the wrath of the people for their actions, but then perhaps they know something that we don’t know. Perhaps they believe that if they get enough of their myriad of mind boggling and lunatic bills passed, they will become immune to the wrath and anger of the scorned citizen. Considering at how much freedom these bills will take from us, that may be a factor worth considering.

We have sent a barrage of E mails, letters and phone calls to these lawmakers and it has slowed them down, but we can only wonder at what powers that Pelosi and Reid have over them that they just keep on going forward as if in some kind of trance. Is it Voodoo?

If the news media were to witness the activity, of the past couple of years, anywhere else in the world except the US, they would have long last labeled it as a coup attempt or at least an attempt to destroy a country and bring it to its knees.

The revolution has already begun and the far left (Van Jones) is now clamoring for a violent end of the republic. Let them fire the first volley lest we be blamed for insurrection and terrorism.

Keep your powder dry.

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