The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disdain for the American People

Dear Congressman,

I want you to stop what you are doing and think about the damage that your actions have done and will do to the country and the economy if you continue to support the Reid, Pelosi and lame duck sham now taking place in Congress.

I also would ask you to reply to me just how you perceive your actions in Congress is helping to preserve our freedoms and bolstering our economic environment and just how you can vote for something that is obviously unconstitutional?

For those of you who have shown your disdain for the American people and accepted “bribe” money in exchange for your vote on various nefarious bills such as the so called food safety bill, I can say only one thing. You have won the “Incredulous Greed and Dubious Politico Award” and the tea party will not only watch you closely, from now on, we will see to it that the nation stays informed of all of the politicians who voted against the will of the people.

Our nation is struggling economically and also trying to keep its freedom by fending off these despicable bills before Congress. Personally I would not want to be on any such list, that was contrary to keeping our freedom or hampered our economic efforts, once and when these deeds have destroyed our nation.

Fact 1: According to Glen Beck, Monsanto foods contributed $120,000.00 to the Washington state members of Congress, namely Jay Insley, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, to sway (bribe if you will) them to vote for the so called Food Safety Act. How much Monsanto has given other members of Congress is a good question.

Fact 2: George Soros has been buying large amounts of stock from Monsanto to the tune that it is George’s second largest investment in his portfolio.

Fact 3: This bill will only accomplish three things, cut the level of production for food produced in America, raise the price of food above the means of the average American and give Monsanto a monopoly on our food supply.

Fact 4: This was tried years ago for the very same reasons as proposed today and it is called the FDA and the USDA and I’ve been around long enough to know that food was much better and safer before we got these two monolithic departments. I also know that is put many small businesses out of business because of the difficulties in dealing with government red tape.

What’s in it for Monsanto? Well I have seen many such shenanigans pulled over the years by corporations and it always come out the same. The large corporations help put the bills together to ensure that it is something that they can comply and live with but would make it very difficult for the smaller firms to comply. The next step is to fire up the tree huggers types and get them to carry the fight to the people, even if you have to fund them in some underhanded way. Can you spell Monopoly?

Here is an excerpt from the Glen Beck news letter: “Not realizing the mic was hot, a Democrat Senator voiced frustration with the way the Food Safety Bill vote went down. He referred to the whole system as being rigged, that no one even get a chance to talk about it before the vote was jammed in. You already knew the system was rigged - this is merely confirmation.”

Last questions;
Are you going to vote for all of the nefarious bills before congress?
Are you going to support all of George Soros’s shenanigans?
Do you no longer believe in your country and the freedom that it represents?

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