The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How do you report a crime in progress?

How do you report a crime in progress?

Dial 911 or call the media and try to find someone who gives a shit?

I can think of no better reason for the American people to ensure that their firearms are in good working order than the numerous and various crimes being committed by the politicians of the day.

Corruption has worked its way so thoroughly throughout Congress, The Department of Justice and the White House as to leave no path for reporting an instance of high crimes or treason. Corruption has also threaded its way throughout most, if not all, of the states as well and has led to the same sad state of affairs.

When the incumbents can operate under complete unrestraint and have no reason to fear the law, or the people, then we will be left only with tyranny as the rule of the day.

The vote is the only civilized way that the people can keep control of their freedoms and once it is gone, there is no civilized way for the people to have a say in how they want to live.

Today our freedom to vote has been usurped in some states and the White House is working hard to enact a change in the overall voting process by installing the, communist dominated, SEIU as the key organization charged with controlling the nations voting processes. In fact the SEIU has already been installed in some states such as Nevada to ensure the re-election of Harry Reid.

I pointed out several times the way that the Washington ballot was put together was a recipe for disaster and voter fraud. Surely anyone can see the fault with the Washington ballot as any one, including yourself, handling your ballot can change it after you cast your vote.

There is evidence that this has already happened in the State of Washington and perhaps in several other states as well.

Those incumbents that are setting us up for the fall should try to visualize what it can be like when the American people no longer have a civilized way to voice their opinions and use their votes to try to enact a civil outcome.

Americans declared war on tyranny once and fought England to a standstill. Americans have tasted freedom and they will not settle for anything less without a good fight.

Yes we have lost much of our freedom and it has angered most Americans. The only Americans who do not support freedom are the ones who are so young as to not have experienced it and have been led, by the public institutions, to believe it evil.

Keep your powder dry

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