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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Please Congress, don’t do anything more, let’s have no more Lame Duck Congressional caused damage this year. We can not afford it and we can not tolerate it any longer.

Net Neutrality is an issue that is important to everyone who uses a computer online, owns a cell phone or who communicates by any digital means.

I have had a great interest in net neutrality for some time now as I, like many others, rely on the web for a good part of my daily business.

The phone companies and the cable providers are our pipeline to the web and we all are stuck with having to pay these utility companies for their services or we have to go without access to the World Wide Web.

The fight now ongoing in Washington is over who has the authority to levee not only access fees but who has the authority to limit the use or speed of the internet due solely on your ability and willingness to pay additional and exorbitant fees.

This would destroy the internet as we know it where we do experience the last vestige of freedom and where we are all equal on the playing field. It would destroy the freedom of expression and our ability to voice our opinions to others in a broad way and meaningful way. It would be corporatism at its worst.

On the other hand, I fear the FCC as much as I do the mega cable and phone companies and given today’s corrupt Congress, justice dept. and administration, I would have great fear as what they would do to the free internet if given a chance.

What is the lesser of two evils; having to pay more for services, having certain web accesses blocked and taking a back seat to the corporate world that can pay for more and faster bandwidth or having the government’s finger resting on the “kill the internet button” just in case someone uploads something that looks to be not in the best interest of the people (make that government)?

Personally, I would rather wait until we have a more accountable and rational Congress that would take more time and actually read the bill and consider the consequences than that of a totally irresponsible Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Lame Duck, ram it through and worry about the fallout later, Congress.

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