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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Progressive and Decadent Side of the GOP

The Progressive and Decadent Side of the GOP

Most of us, I’m sure, had hoped that the last election would have sent a clear message to the members of Congress that America is not happy with business as usual and most of us, I’m sure, are extremely disappointed that many of the GOP members did not, or rather cared not to, receive the message.

The majority of Congress once again ignored the clear and loud demands that the Tea Party folks have insisted upon and you can better believe that there will be hell to pay in the next election. That is providing that the gangsters in power do not find a way to usurp the voting booths as promised already by Obama. If that happens, you may as well stoke up the smoke poll and go hunting.

For most people, it is unthinkable that the GOP would have made such a “behind closed door” deal with the, so called, tax compromise. What compromise? It would have cunningly and deceptively given Obama practically everything that we have been trying to stop Congress and Obama from doing to us, in exchange for another short extension of the Bush tax relief. No one on this planet would have considered that a good trade unless you are one of the dyed in the wool Marxist, Progressivism extremist.

One more shenanigan like that one and the Tea Party folks might not be able to constrain themselves until next election time. You can bet on one thing however, this latest antic by the “Progressive side of the GOP” has shown them up for what, many of them, really are and brought them out into the open where we can see their decadent stripes and this unscrupulous deed will greatly swell the ranks of the Tea Party and instill them with renewed vigor.

You have to ask yourself; how can men, or women, fall to such depravity.

The only bills currently put forth in Congress worth considering or considered non harmful to mankind are the ones put forth by the Tea Party folks and are the ones least likely to see the light of day.

The most dangerous animal on the North American Continent is not the feared Grizzly bear, it is a lame duck Congressman.

Keep your powder dry.


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