The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A letter to Congess on the "food safety bill"

I'm upset with the underhanded way in which Congress passed the unnecessary Food Safety bill.

If you voted no for the so called "food safety bill", congratulations and thank you. If you voted for it and or any of the other horrible bills, being forced upon us by a lame duck congress, shame on you.

How on earth can anyone justify passing a bill that is considered dangerous and scorned by the majority of Americans by hiding it in another bill that had its innards removed to deceitfully make room for this so called "Food Safety Act" and a horde of other atrocious and audaciously costly bills that will, at best, break the US bank.

How can anyone, even in Congress, consider this bill a valid law when it was passed by the most fraudulent method ever conceived by man. If this method was used by any citizen for some personal gain, it would have landed him or her squarely in jail for fraud and no judge would have seen it otherwise.

If you supported this bill or its method of passing, how can you look any citizen in the eye knowing that you have started yet another bloated federal program that will inevitably destroy a competitive free market and worse yet reduce the quantity and the quality of our food supply.

There is no good reason for this bill and it can only have been hatched by someone out of pure greed and disrespect for the people.

Is there no level to where Congress will stoop in the pursuit of a dollar?

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