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Friday, August 12, 2011

Yesterday’s Presidential Debate

Yesterday’s Presidential Debate

If nothing else it was highly entertaining but fairly informative as well.

Herman Cain hardly got a mention by the pundits but in my opinion he was the clear winner for the simple reason that he was crystal clear. It reminded me a little of Ross Perot in the fact that no one could even think about questioning Herman’s clear, precise and unarguable message of what needs to be done in order to survive.

Why is it that the medial and the media pundits would rather gush about some politician’s stature and fund raising abilities than someone who can talk sense for a change?

Some pundits claimed that Mitt Romney was the overall winner but I did not see it that way at all. Yes he does manage to keep a stately posture that could be construed, by some, as “Presidential Looking”, but he was really best, in my opinion, at dodging the questions and issues like a really good politician that he is. If that is being presidential, then let us please elect some red neck this time around who has some appreciation for the constitution.

Mitt did offer up some kind of a seven point plan than seemed to me as political rhetoric and at least one of the points must have distracted me because all I got out of it was “ that awful compromise word again.

Newt Gingrich was quick to answer the question about his staff quitting him and his lack of campaign funds and he is a very good speaker and a very intelligent man. Newt knows his way around the barnyard and has a gift of bringing different factions together. My main concern with Newt is that he is too much of a professional politician or “establishment Republican” and very well could be controlled by the Washington Mafia Banksters.

Michele Bachmann came off as one who does not waver on her principles and does not believe in “COMPROMISING”, yea for her; please give her an A+ for that. She, like most of us, realizes that to compromise it to compromise.

She took on Tim Pawlenty and pointed out his shortcomings and his similarities to Obama, ouch. She was also good at fending off the rebuttals fired back at her. Pawlenty mainly attacked her track record of not getting things done. The truth is Bachman fought all the right battles but was not supported by the “mostly corrupt Congress”.

Ron Paul was feisty and as unwavering as usual about auditing the fed and everyone there agreed with him on that issue, what were they going to say after all? Ron like many other folks is my hero as he has consistently fought Congress for our freedom and for economic sense.

Ron Paul also has my vote on foreign affairs in that he would prefer to get the hell out of other folk’s business and stick to our own knitting here at home. Others there pointed out to him that we had to do something about Iran’s desire to acquire nuclear arms, but Ron stuck to his guns and pointed out to them that we were the ones that meddled with Iran in the first place when we installed the Shaw as their new dictator. The military complex will not be supporting Ron Paul. Too bad.

Pawlenty’s past remarks about how big government was here to stay caught up with him as well as some other socialistic programs that he supported. Michel Bachman had him mostly defending himself all evening.

Jon Huntsman must be really proud of himself as that was about all that he could manage to say all evening. However I never seen him give me any reason for me or anyone else, for that matter, to be proud of him.

Rick Santorum appeared to be intelligent and well read on the issues but totally lost me when he said that compromising was the only way to get things done in Washington. Again, “To Compromise is to Compromise” and we have very nearly compromised away our entire freedom already and personally I don’t want anybody compromising away what damn little I have left. Damn the politicians who can’t get that fact straight in there greedy and stupid little heads.

This poll was from The Blaze

Ron Paul                    30.77%
Newt Gingrich            20.92%
Michele Bachmann     17.15 %
Mitt Romney              11.6%
Herman Cain               8.4%
Rick Santorum            5.47%
Not sure                     4.54%
Tim Pawlenty              0.73%
Jon Huntsman             0.39%

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