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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going All the Way Home To Freedom, It’s Now or Never

Going All the Way Home To Freedom, It’s Now or Never

In talking to folks about the difficulties that we and the nation are facing today I realize that there are many folks who are still asleep and those that would prefer to remain asleep. They won’t be sleeping long.

I also see something else as well, there are many folks who think that if we merely fix the economy that we will be back in the chips again and we will continue on down the happy trail once again. Sorry, it isn’t going to happen but there is hope.

I think that it is going to take much more than just somehow creating jobs. Creating jobs will not be possible without first creating an atmosphere of confidence in both the business world and with the American consumer as well. They are going to need some good reasons to expect improvement and to become, once again, confident.

Uncertainty is the number one job and business killer at present and it comes mainly from how government has botched its ability to spend within its limits and also how government has interfered largely with business with useless and crushing regulations and laws. Most of these laws are written or sponsored by corporations for their own greed.

These bad laws not only destroy business but it also destroys personal freedom as well and that is probably the most unreported, covered up and overlooked problem in our nation. There are many other bad laws that need to be purged as well.

No one wants to use the F word in politics and that is probably out of downright embarrassment and fear, and they should very well be embarrassed and they should be fearful because once the masses finally get mad enough for the loss of their freedom, all hell will break loose. What might be the spark that sets the people off is anyone’s guess but should the masses run out of food or some other item of need that will be spark enough.

The Tea Party may be the one thing that has actually kept the cork in the bottle as it gives the masses some directed relief of their pent up anger and a feeling that something of good is happening, at least hopefully.

And hopefully the Tea Party will take advantage of the fact that people are now finally concerned and will keep on pushing for reform, but I certainly hope that it does not fall short and only try to accomplish economic reform because that will be folly.

The time is right for the Tea Party to take a firm stand and to not only take on the economic problems of the nation but to charge on and to not only rid the nation of the corruption and the corrupt but to also reintroduce Constitutional law and freedom by simply challenging every law on the books and give each one the constitutional smell test.

And for anyone who still thinks that politicians have the answers or are the only ones who can get things done, I offer this, there is absolutely no reason for any compromise in the above unless you are willing to deal with the corrupt and to therefore compromise your freedom. Compromise be damned.

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