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Monday, August 8, 2011

Charity stops here

Charity stops here

Americans are a very charitable nation and there are a number of charitable organizations that have been around for many years helping out those that really are in need.

Charities range from the many local churches to highly organized institutions that work on a global scale such as the Red Cross. My first pair of eye glasses came from the Lion’s Club and I was glad to reciprocate and became a member of the Lion’s latter on.

President Grover Cleveland was asked to appropriate money for the great Texas drought, known as the Texas seed bill, but refused, citing the limited mission of the general government and arguing that private charity and already-existing government programs should furnish the necessary aid.

The result of this was that private charity actually came up with far more amount of money than originally requested.

When government becomes a charity organization a number of undesirable things precipitate as a result;

It is no longer charity, it is a tax.

Folks have less money to give to charity.

Folks stop giving to charity because the government has taken over the responsibilities.

Less of the money from folks actually gets to the intended recipient because government mishandles the funds, looses it to waste, fraud and graft, turns the process into a nightmare for the intended recipients and gives much of the remaining funds to folks that have learned how to milk the system and often don’t even need it.

In order to pay for all of the new government employees, (parasites if you will) and new government departments, it taxes the working class to the point that it drags down the economy thereby further reducing the money that may have been given to charity.

Government taking over where charity once reigned is a part of the government growth process and the demise of the American dream and where government has control over how and where charities operate it is akin to putting the fox in the hen house and handing out swastikas and riding crops to public servants.

Americans are great, their government, once it started ignoring the constitution, sucks.

Solution; un-elect and/or imprison every member of Congress who does not follow the laws and spirit of the constitution and let charity, (capitalism, not corporatism), and common sense work its magic again.

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