The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Committee

Super Committee of, by and for the Super Unconstitutional, the Super Incompetent and the Super Corrupt

Imagine that some unknown character somehow managed to get elected president of the most powerful country in the world which has for a greater part of its life been a country of free men.

Now imagine this same country now being told, by this largely still unknown and growingly disliked character, that a handpicked dozen of the most corrupt bunch of folks in the country are going to be placed in position to determine the monetary fate of their nation and probably the fate of many other things as well.

Actually this is one nightmare that I, and probably most of us, would not choose to witness or partake in, if we had a choice in the matter, but unfortunately it is what it is, another part of the ongoing coup attempt or one of the many parts of the worst and most unusual cases of idiotic coincidences in history.

Also while the country is writhing in the crippling grip of uncertainty, this same character, who would be likened as king, does not even act like he has a clue and refuses to call Congress back into action to try and come to grips with our plight.

Everyone knows that we need to take some kind of immediate and positive action to stop the deadly spiral of our country to its doom, but he, the imposter in chief, languishes on vacation satisfied with his latest victory. He is also extremely cozy with the idea that he can just coast along and watch his work come to fruit as he strings us along for the next year and more before he can be kicked to the gutter. By that time the damage will be enormous and very difficult to recover from.

Some will disagree with me on the basis that Obama will want to be reelected and that kind of action would spoil his chances and yet others say that Obama is not evil minded but only in over his head. Either way, he certainly has to go and soon, and either way we need to find a way to circumvent his actions, whether they are by evil design or by super incompetence.

I’m going to send this same message to my WA members of Congress, I will refrain from calling them my representatives because apparently they have yet to demonstrate that they know what it means to represent the community that elected them.

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