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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Case for Freedom

The Case for Freedom

Our generation has witnesses some great and exciting discoveries over the past several decades and some have been a boon for business and mankind and yet some have been abused by government to rob the people of their freedoms. Technology was also used very expertly to elect to the White House a man who had no qualifications or skills and apparently no American past nor any love for America.

In 2009 the nation succumbed to the siren song of “Hope and Change” and the “hope” was nothing more than a fleeting false glimmer that was quickly dowsed by the tyranny of “change”.

Technology has given us the one remaining path to educate the masses of the very things that the media would withhold from you, the internet. Let us hope that it does not get taken over by the same folks that control our media.

We have witnessed the nation’s first downgrading of the S & P rating and the nation will reel to its consequences for some time to come.

The citizens have lost billions if not trillions of dollars of their personal wealth, their homes and have lost most of their retirement savings. For some, the needed resurrection of American freedom and prosperity can not possibly come soon enough.

We have witnessed the greatest assault on our freedoms since our rebellious split from the British Empire but this time it is from within and with the help of outside money and influence.

From the assault on our constitutional rights to the assault on our economy we are under siege and we are fighting battles on many fronts and the enemy is often aided by our very own government and we are often victim to the same.

At this time we are fighting multiple wars on different fronts and not really winning any of them and in fact we are losing ground, especially the war on drugs that one could easily suspect that it is being kept very much alive by those who would profit from it.

Our own government agencies are perpetrating acts of lawlessness in hopes of using the media’s spin from it to bolster falsely implied ideas that guns are falling into the hands of drug cartels because of the loose gun laws of our nation.

I guess that we are to believe that these billion dollar drug cartels couldn’t possibly get their felonious hands on guns if it weren’t for the “shady” gun dealers near the Mexican border is such states as Texas or Arizona.

The fact is the gun dealers have actually balked at selling the guns to these gun runners because of their concerns for the law and how they may be used, but were harassed anyway into complying and were reassured by the BATFE that the guns would not be used to commit crimes. How plausible is that? And why is Holder still stonewalling and claiming that no one in the administration, Congress, the Justice Department or any one else in government was aware of this ridiculous and idiotic perpetration of fraud on the people?

You know that the people are finally paying attention to the follies of failed government programs because of the rise of the Tea Party and its many satellite groups of concerned citizens.

Ask yourself why the media and the Administration are trying so hard to paint the Tea Party as evil, ignorant and unwashed terrorist menaces to society. Are they really that scared of these ordinary but hard working and concerned citizens?

Yes they are because the Tea Party could and hopefully will bring the corrupt part of Congress and establishment crashing down and out into the limelight for everyone to see.

We are about to either reelect a president who is out of touch with both reality and the nation’s people or someone who is again going to promise you hope and change.

All of Obama’s opponents will be trying to convince you that he or she is the only one who can get jobs back, the nation rolling again and bring you the right hope and change..

Some of these candidates are even placing verbal attacks on the FED because we the people are finally catching on that the FED is a major part of the problem and has been over the past decades since its enactment.

Only one of these candidates has a track record of actually working over several decades to audit the FED and bring out the dirty truth, the rest are simply trying to jump on the band wagon and steal his thunder for their own.

I think that we would all agree that getting the governments spending under control and creating jobs is among the nation’s top priorities.

Following close behind is what to do about things such as the multiple wars that we are fighting and can not afford, the immigration problem, saving Social Security with out bankrupting the nation, eliminating the IRS and enacting a fair and sensible tax among other things.

First off, no one will be able to create private sector jobs without somehow coming up with a plan that will reassure businesses that the economy will recover enough to provide them customers.

Second, we need to be aware of what it is that curtails consumer confidence and destroys businesses and the economy as a whole.

Third, it would seem the most reasonable route to prosperity is to remove that which does destroy or harm our consumer confidence once that we know what the culprits are.

America was born a republic with the successful bid for freedom following the Declaration of Independence and enacting indisputably the worlds best ever written document, The United States Constitution.

Following the birth of our nation was a very strong and prolonged stretch of prosperity for the nation and the nation’s people. Never has a nation become so strong and prosperous in so short of time nor has a civilized nation’s people been so free.

The nation has had some tumultuous times due to the very nature of the seedier side of some folks who would use any ruse to grab both wealth and power and sadly we failed to listen to the warnings of our forefathers about those who would try and destroy freedom for the sake of greed and power.

We have allowed our government to become corrupt to the point that it no longer sees fit to follow the rule of law, namely the laws set forth in our Constitution.

Without these laws, the nation will and has succumbed to tyranny as suggested by the founders and it is due primarily to our inability to pay attention to the nefarious shenanigans of Congress and the lobbying interests of special interests.

It is these shenanigans committed by members of Congress with the help of the lobbyists that are now prohibiting our businesses to thrive.

It is these shenanigans committed by members of Congress that are destroying your personal freedoms as well as our ability to make a living.

It is these shenanigans committed by members of Congress that have to be stopped and reversed in order to get our consumer and business confidence back so that we can get our nation back on track.

If you have ever wondered why no one, especially the media, has expounded very much on these and other issues or have never mentioned in public the demise of the American freedom, it is mainly the fact, look it up for yourself, that the controlling interest of the media is owned, lock stock and barrel, by the same set of nefarious rascals that own the FED and also own many members of Congress as well.

As Ronald Reagan was famously quoted and correct in saying, Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is the problem. Our forefathers were smart enough to know it as well and history has also proven that fact many times over.

The solution is really simple; restore the Republic and force government to once again abide by the Constitution and we will not only regain our freedom back but the economy will once again find its own way of not only surviving but it will find its own way to rebound and thrive again.

How and where do we even start to get back on track and regain our freedom and our beloved country back?

You start by educating yourself before voting so that you don’t wind up electing a wolf in sheep’s clothing who proclaims to have the answers to getting jobs or solving the debt problem but is wishy washy on how he is going to restore your freedom again.

History has proven that the best way to conquer a nation is to first divide that nation and use one faction against another.

This accomplishes two things, first you have one faction trying to destroy the other and second, while both factions are taking their eye off of the ball and missing the real issues at hand, this gives the enemy an unobstructed opportunity to slip in and grab full control over both or all factions that are fighting each other.

An example is while you are bickering over someone’s views on abortion that the media is all a frenzy over, Congress silently, with no media interference, slips in a bill that is choke full of crap that no one, in his right mind, would agree to and passes it during the dark of night, like the health care bill.

So all the while you are obsessed with side issues like abortion, gay marriage, saving the latest snail and the many other things that the media dangles in front of you to keep you entertained, the real issues are ignored and hidden from view until one day it is far too late.

Don’t let the corrupt rascals and the international banksters distract you from the important issues and don’t let them lead you to supporting one of their shills for a candidate, whether it is for the White House, for Congress or for a political position closer to home. Question everything and never take what the media says for fact.

Some advocate that capitalism is evil and that only the rich can profit or flourish at the expense of the down trodden poor and that we need government to step in and take the excess from these rich folks and hand it over to the poor so that they can enjoy the good life as well.

Well all that I can say about that is that every one should get their wish in this respect and these folks could pack up their bags and travel to Europe where socialism reigns and see how that works out for them.

In fact however in Europe only the established rich do, in fact, have much of a chance to profit and flourish. And also if I’m correct, parts of Europe are now burning because the rich aren’t providing enough for the down trodden who are in turn rioting in the streets. Well maybe even Europe isn’t socialistic enough yet for Utopia to exist. There must be someplace on this planet where things are cozy and safe for our liberal friends and where the elves and bunnies play all day long.

Our freedom is and should be the number one priority because if we do not regain it and very soon, it will be too late to do it peaceably at the ballot box and believe me, we do not want another civil war, least ways not the shooting bullets kind of war that some radicals from mainly the violent left extreme would love to see. And maybe even a few from the right who have had it.

Our freedom should be priority number one because it is the best and only way to get the economy rolling again and maintain any sense of longevity in the market place.

Our freedom should be number one priority simply because we are Americans and there is simply no other way to live in America.

There are going to be those that will say that we can’t go back because it will be too complicated and too difficult to unravel all of the laws that have been enacted over the years.

For those who would be swayed by that foolish argument, I suggest this; it is a real mess of tangled and unintelligible crap that needs to be flushed but it will be simple because we could easily keep it simple and simply repeal any and all laws that can not pass the Constitutional smell test. Is this simple enough for you?

Further we need to pass some few freedom insurance laws starting with the one thing or bill at a time law and not allow any new bills to be considered by Congress that can not be read and understood by the average American high school student.

That any bill would only include but one subject with no riders attached to it.

That all bills would be written in its entirety in plain and understandable English and not be referenced or have the inclusion of or to any other piece of legislation except to the Constitution and only as a way to its clarification for its constitutionality.

That all bills be read out loud and thoroughly understood by all members of Congress before any vote can be taken on the bill and that any member of Congress can ask another member of Congress to explain the bill to ensure that he does indeed understand what he is voting on.

That no bill shall be considered by Congress that is born by or proposed by any lobbyist or special interest group and punishable by law by expelling from Congress to those who would take monetary gains or favors to the consideration of any bills put before Congress.

This is what you should demand and expect from your candidates who would ask for your vote and who would represent you in Congress. To ask for less is irresponsible and in fact would be asking for more of the same kind of Congress and tyrannical government in the future.

There is no short cut to prosperity and please don’t fall for some slick politician who says that he has the magic bullet. Make any candidate explain his plan in detail if he should portend to have a simple answer and does not include the fundamentals of the necessity for both freedom in the market place and for personal freedom.

You probably will not get a chance to ask your candidates these basic but important questions, but their omission speaks much louder than words ever can. Watch and listen carefully for the omission, especially of the freedom word.

There is no substitute for freedom, government handouts lasts only as long as government is able to take the profits from the working folks or borrow funds from others. Sooner or later they always run out of other people’s money and places to borrow from.

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