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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Missing in Action Candidate?

Another Missing in Action Candidate?

Rick Perry is another missing in action candidate in that he refuses to get on the record of being for or against anything.

It is sad enough that he refuses to address any of the freedom issues as do the majority of worthless and gutless politicians but he is apparently a flaming hypocrite on the second amendment issue as well.

Yes he does own guns and yes he does go the shooting range instead of the golf course but yet he will not fill out a very important survey from the National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Candidate Survey. In fact he refuses to even pick the registered survey mail up from the Post Office.

What I’m not hearing from Rick Perry is deafeningly loud and crystal clear, he is just another dime a damn dozen politician that will probably get the nod from the Washington Mafia and also the votes from voters who are all too easily influenced by the lame stream media, who would have you believe that the candidates that are real choices for your freedom, have no chance at toppling the Obama fascist regime.

We are still being flimflammed and it is time for Americans to start realizing that this is the time to wake up and stand up. It is now or never. The coup is on.

Obama’s fate may already be sealed but simply getting rid of Obama will not bring back our freedom. In fact if we fail to pay heed and very soon and allow the election of another establishment picked candidate, we may as well just resign ourselves over to serfdom and get used to being nothing more than subjects of the King.

In fact if we are so stupid to let it happen, get used to the idea of bending over and grabbing your ankles whenever you hear the command.

I can clearly see the vivid image of two lanes of moonlight traffic over the Mexican border, the Mexicans that are heading North to get free offered food stamps and other goodies from the great Obamason provider in chief and the Americans sneaking South to escape the wrath of the “great distribution equalizer” before he rips the very shirts off their backs.

For more about Rick Perry and his refusal to uphold the second amendment.

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