The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Incorrect usage of government

An example of incorrect usage of government and is just one small reason, out of many, why America is going to hell in a hand basket.basket.

Obama has heralded the corporate/government partnership as good business for America. This unholy alliance is in fact the bane and scourge of both freedom and sound economics in America.

Take a good look at our tax laws and ask your self why in the world would any government seeking to better the economy would support such a complicated mess.

Our tax laws were originally made to cover for the FED and later engineered to prevent taxing the extreme wealthy while extracting the wealth from those who actually work for a living. Only large corporations can afford to hire an army of tax experts in order to gain full benefits and pay only the lower intended taxes set up by and to benefit the same.

You and I as a small business can not afford to reap the same benefits and wind up packing the load, that is providing that we are lucky enough to overcome the government obstacles and become successful.

Strangling business with cruel and unusual laws has only one outcome, less business for all of us, as most businesses can not flourish without other businesses being successful. Its just the way it is and government meddling can not change the natural order of things any more that you can change the way gravity pins you to the earth.

You would think that by now that both government and large corporations would realize that once you strangle the golden goose, there will be no more golden eggs.

As I've said before, if more laws were the answer, we would all be living in utopia or in a perfect world, instead we are beginning to see what it will be like living in a perfect government made hell.

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